4 Lane Slot Car Race Track Sets

4 Lane Slot Car Race Track Sets – The Incredible Victory 400 Features, NEW Quad Wireless Controls, NEW Adjustable Voltage Power Pack, Automatic Lap Counters, 4 X-Traction Electric Race Cars, NEW 4 Lane Turns & Components and 36 Feet of 4 Lane Race! The largest Auto World set available. PERFECT pro starter kit. Approximate Track Size: 102″ x 50″.

NEW X-Traction Ultra-G self-designed vehicle. Four cars so fast they leave the others on the starting line. Four cars in a corner like nothing else. Four cars with the look and feel of the real thing.

4 Lane Slot Car Race Track Sets

NEW four lane racing. Perfect for the family. Great for neighborhood groups or locked car clubs. Hot competition on four tracks. Strong and solid tracks make for smooth clean racing. Simple protective frame to prevent twisting and driving accidents. Features separate lap counters for each track to avoid confusion.

This Cool Slot Car Racing Video Makes Us Wish We Were Tiny

NEW Wireless remote control with full speed range. Four racing-proven triggers, perfectly suited for all types of slot machines. Recognized by “professionals” as the best controllers in the world.

NEW Power pack adjustable voltage. It allows you to increase or decrease the power output of your racing equipment. Simply turn the dial on the unit from 9 to 24 volts. Lowering the power will slow down the speed of the arcade cars, which is desirable for beginners. An increase in power will allow more speed, more suitable for advanced runners.

Silver Screen Machines – Thunderjet / 4gear – Issue 31 | SC358 | Cars Worldwide Sale Price $3599 $35.99 – $13999 $139.99 Regular Price $4599 $45.99 Save $10

Stacking Rack (6 Pack) | AWDC017 | World Car Sale Price 1699 $16.99 Regular Price $1899 $18.99 Save $2

Just Got A Big Lot Of Oldschool 1/43 Artin 4 Lane Track!

Display Cabinet (6 Pack) | AWDC008 | World Car Sale Price 1699 $16.99 Regular Price $1899 $18.99 Save $2

Lockable Six Car Showcase | AWDC003 | Cars World Sale Price $1359 $13.59 Regular Price $1599 $15.99 Save $2.40

IWheels Hot Wheels Tribute – 4 Speed​​​​​​​- X-traction – Version 1 | SC382 | Auto World Sale Price $3599 $35.99 – $3699 $36.99 Regular Price $12799 $127.99 Save $92 This is an AFX Super International 4-track complete and ready to run electric racer with all new Mega G+ cars and two tri-power packs. The Super International 4-track system is the ultimate value in arcade racing. With the included 86 track parts, you can create at least 18 different track designs for a 4-track race.

Four ultra-realistic Formula One cars mounted on the new Mega G+ chassis, four AFX120 controllers, two Tri-Power packs and 50 feet of the best track money can buy – all this and you can build 18 world-class race tracks with this kit Wow!

Afx Super International 4 Lane Slot Car Track Set

And now, like all new AFX kits, the Super International includes the Mega G + Race System: the easiest system to learn and the easiest to drive to the limit. More fun guaranteed!

This new system, along with TWO Tri-Power packs, adds a whole new dimension to the fun! TPP’s three power levels allow new drivers to learn to race without frustration. And adjusting the level is as easy as flipping a switch on the side of the pack.

All of this just adds to the already great value. With 86 lanes, you can create at least 18 different layouts in a 4-lane layout! Of course, you can also design your own layout. You have everything you need to build almost any type of 2 or 4 lane track, all in one box. If you want to buy all the tracks, cars and accessories in this set separately, you can pay more than twice as much. That’s what we mean when we talk about value.

And don’t forget, this is AFX, the highest quality HO slot racing system you can buy anywhere. After all, this is a brand that created a hobby and then spent nearly 60 years perfecting it. Would you expect less? Quality, performance, innovation and value, that’s why AFX is the leader in HO.

Vintage Childford Super Racing 4 Lane Slot Car Scalextric Set

This is a Slot Car system that ensures a perfect balance between traction and speed. The result is a set of cars that are easier to learn and easier to drive, so you’ll have fun faster and have more fun longer.

We achieved this by redesigning our famous Mega-G chassis, designing a new power supply and precisely pairing it with our updated AFX120 controller and our exclusive Tri-Power package. With decades of lock car innovation and over a year of testing behind us, we believe the Mega G+ Race System is the best lock car system you can buy.

This new chassis is the heart of the Mega G+ Race system. Not only is it faster and better handling than the competition, it’s now even smoother, more stable, more intuitive and more fun to drive than any car we’ve ever built.

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