Abogados De Inmigracion En Los Angeles

Abogados De Inmigracion En Los Angeles – Our immigration attorney team provides legal services in and around Los Angeles County.

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Abogados De Inmigracion En Los Angeles

You will receive a professional and honest response from a lawyer and his team, if you have a problem they will let you know and they will not waste your time or money.

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Representation by a lawyer or immigration lawyer is important, because in many cases of immigrants who appear in court without legal representation, they end up with very unfortunate results, because they do not have the legal knowledge and experience necessary to do so. court hearing. , because there are many layers between defense, giving evidence and many other activities that are becoming more complicated. That is why it is very important to have adequate representation because your lawyer must be with you in all stages, in order to achieve a good result, whether in defense of eviction, change of status, family requests, removal or termination. , VAWA AND Visa, because your safety and that of your family depends on it.

Immigration attorney Mariela Camisassa has a team of immigration attorneys who defend and represent immigrants in immigration court. Additionally, he has over 35 years of combined experience in the private practice of immigration law. The practice they use is very proud and professional, because each case is supported by all the legal tools available in the law, because immigrants are not prosecuted, to stay in the country legally in the country of any family that needs it. . Living in America


Immigration What visas or immigration benefits qualify for permanent residence without family petition?

Abogados De Inmigracion En Los Angeles, Orange County Ca

VAWA is a protection for immigrants who have been abused by their spouses, parents or children.

The visa is granted to immigrants who have committed violent crimes on US soil and have cooperated with US authorities.

SIJ visas for abandoned or abused immigrant children, known as special immigrant status;

We provide services in the various cities of Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside, Orange, Oxnard, Bakersfield. Immigration laws are constantly changing and if you have not yet qualified for permanent residency in this country, it is very likely that you will now, so consult with a qualified immigration attorney about your situation before asking if you qualify. FREE FIRST CONSULTATION! Copyright © 2022, Los Angeles Times | Terms of Use | Secrets | CA Collection Notice | Do not sell my personal information

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Lizbeth Mateo, an undocumented immigration attorney, is seen entering a courthouse in downtown Los Angeles. “I’m conflicted about going,” he says.

Attorney Lizbeth Mateo walked into Los Angeles immigration court Friday morning to represent a client she has in common.

Mateo was wearing a dark blue suit, carrying a briefcase full of court documents and appeared before an immigration judge. He’s not protected from being caught and fired like his other clients, but that’s not something he thinks about at work.

The rhetoric of politics has done much damage but failed to stop progress, a point worth remembering in our troubled times.

Abogados De Inmigración Con Experiencia En Pomona, Ca

Mateo explained to the judge that his client, a middle-aged man who has lived in the United States for thirty years, has a daughter who is becoming a citizen and has agreed to support her father. The man also has an asylum claim.

The judge, with his schedule full, set a trial date for next January. In California, there were 178,000 delinquent cases last November, with more than a million people nationwide.

Mateo says his character is not visible in court, and he doesn’t know if the judges or other lawyers know that the smart and polite 34-year-old has no life.

“I’m reluctant to go,” Mateo had told me.

Brian D. Lerner Experto Abogado

I had heard about Mateo and decided it was a good time to visit him. With Donald Trump in the White House and an election year upon us, immigration will continue to be at the center of national political debate in 2020. And California will continue to be dismissed by critics as a carnival of pro-immigrants.

Where an unlicensed person can become a lawyer, thanks to a 2014 state Supreme Court ruling.

“While Donald Trump is focused on the wall, California will remain focused on opportunity,” Kevin de León said in March 2018. help below. students with college income.

At the same time, De León said that Mateo “captured the values ​​of California and the American dream”, calling her “a brave, determined and wise girl, at great risk, dedicated to fighting for those who want the right place in this country”.

Abogados De Inmigracion En Los Angeles California

“I said death threats, everything,” says De León, who is now campaigning in Los Angeles.

However, she assures that she still supports Mateo, and that she “lives the courage of her convictions” and speaks her stand instead of hiding in the shadows.

Lizbeth Mateo says her immigration status is being contested in court and she doesn’t know if judges or other lawyers know she doesn’t have immigration status.

“Some people are really angry and saying bad things,” said Mateo, whose critics found him on social media and called his office to abuse him and make physical threats. “They said ICE is coming, they’re going to attack me, and they’re hoping Trump will send in the military.”

Conoce Las Ventajas De Tener Un Abogado De Inmigración!

But Mateo is not someone to be intimidated easily, and his story helps explain his thinking.

She grew up in a time and place, in southern Mexico, where few women attended college, but she was determined to break the chain. Some of the aunties tried to get her to cook and make tortillas, but she was more interested in going to the library.

In sixth grade, the teacher gave a math test and told Mateo that he failed. As he left, the teacher asked him if he really thought he answered the question wrong.

Mateo remembers a teacher telling him, “When someone says something bad to you and you know it’s good,” you have to stand up for your work. “

Abogados De Ciudadanía Y Naturalización De Inmigración En Los Angeles, Ca

He was 14 years old when his parents decided to risk crossing the border in search of better opportunities for Mateo and his two brothers.

He says they had many relatives in California, some of whom are here legally. He felt the plan was for his parents to earn money and then return home after two years.

But they stayed. Lizbeth goes to Venice High, struggles with English, can’t understand L.A., and is a bad girl at first.

“I couldn’t stand being in school, I didn’t understand anything and I felt alone and stupid. In Mexico, he came out and always raised his hand and answered questions,” said Mateo.

Abogados De Inmigración En California

María Peniche, left, Lizbeth Mateo and Adriana Gil Díaz — who staged an all-party protest with five others at the U.S.-Mexico border in 2013 — greet immigrant rights organizers in Tucson shortly after federal officials freed them from prison .

“I remember one day I came home crying and told my mother that I wanted to go back to Oaxaca and live with my grandmother. She said it’s okay, we’ll tell you. We’ll take it back if that’s what you want. . But we have to wait because we don’t have money.”

But he persisted, his father telling him that school was the most important thing and that he didn’t study too much to go to college. He felt discouraged when he realized that his college options might be limited because he had no papers, and he briefly considered joining the United States Navy.

But later

Esta Abogada De Inmigración Comprende A Sus Clientes. Ella También Es Indocumentada

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