African Treasure Slot Machine

African Treasure Slot Machine – Treasure Ball offers a number of progressive jackpots and bonus credits that you can win with any of the features. When the progressive treasure ball feature is randomly activated, the game’s dragon character ignites the digital jackpot machine’s drip chute in a swirl of flames. If you hit a number, that number of random prize balls will be awarded. The correct number of prize balls will fly out of the machine and open to unlock instant credit and instant progressive wins. Plus, it’s included with many of Konami’s most popular slots! This linked progressive game is compatible with most KP3+™ base games, including Sparkling Roses™, Dragon’s Law Twin Fever™ and Chili Chili Fire™. The Treasure Orb is found in the Concerto Opus cabinet and has a progressive bonus that can be activated randomly. Also, the more a player bets, the more chances they have to win the progressive jackpot! Watch the video here >> THE GAME Progressive game rule 1: The number in the circle indicates the number of balls that appear. Progressive Game Rule 2: The player can select any ball to win one of five progressive or credit prizes. The player can also press OPEN ALL to display all the balls on the screen. Progressive Game Rule 3: The Treasure Ball feature ends when all the balls on the screen become free. The TOUCH DASH base game: The more a player bets, the greater his chance of winning the progressive jackpot! THE MOST IMPORTANT FEATURES OF THE GAME 1.) 2-level linked progressive, 3-level independent progressive. The progressive bonus is activated randomly. 2.) Multiple progressive jackpots and bonus credits can be won on any feature. 3.) The more a player bets, the more likely he is to achieve a progressive result. The maximum bet (100 credits) unlocks a BIGGER progressive jackpot 4.) Compatible with all video games developed on the KP3+ platform, except those games that require the top of the window display or the built-in progressive game. You can download the brochure HERE >> For more information about Treasure Ball, contact our sales team at #EM#696f646c446c68736d7b6d6a61687d216378#EM#.

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African Treasure Slot Machine

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