Apps You Can Actually Win Money On

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During this pandemic and my maternity leave, the economic situation has been quite volatile and unpredictable. In our family, even though we get investment and income support for maternity leave from my company and a little bit from the government, we still feel the pressure when times are tough.

Apps You Can Actually Win Money On

Thank God for our amazing internet, we have been searching the internet for ways to earn extra money on your smartphone! It’s great for busy moms and even dads to find their fingers and download to their smartphone to earn more money and rewards every day! You will have more strength for your beloved husband and children, family and friends!

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Whether you’re a business mom/dad, career-oriented mom/dad, stay-at-home mom/dad, freelance writer, or blogger mom/dad, you’ll find that these powerful programs will open doors for you to smile and be more satisfied. of their life and their work!

Here is a Healthy Mum & Bub approved list that I get money and rewards from all the time:

A very well designed survey app, very intuitive and easy to take surveys wherever you are.

This is a great platform to get rewarded for your opinion. By downloading the app, you’ll gain exclusive access to its mobile-only paid surveys and join a global community of experts.

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The rewards are very high compared to many other survey programs and companies. And even if you don’t qualify for certain surveys, you’ll still get 10 cents (I’m talking AUD here). You can get great results for complex surveys, like AUD$20 for a large survey I took. Then you will definitely be rewarded for your time and investment.

There are 3 options for receiving rewards: bank transfer, PayPal or gift cards. Once your earnings reach AUD$20, you can redeem your bonuses.

This survey program gives you $6.25 (I haven’t counted yet, but it will be USD) when you first sign up.

And my favorite part is its daily signup bonus. Even without completing any surveys, you will be rewarded for daily check-ins.

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You can conduct high-value surveys, best match surveys, affiliate surveys, or brand surveys. You can also get your money back.

I sincerely say that surveys earn little compared to Pureprofile and there are many cases where you don’t get any profit after disqualification. But checking your daily income is so easy and takes almost no time. Check-in is now part of my daily morning routine. Come on, us busy moms.

The Earn app is perfect for gamers or moms who love to play games. The advantages of this program are that you get credits every day and for game lovers it is just heaven to earn money by playing.

You can also earn credits by sharing your link on Facebook or signing up for other promotional activities that appear on the App from time to time.

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It also has the ability to earn credits by completing surveys. Although my honest opinion is that it would be better to earn money for surveys in other high paying survey programs.

Reaffirm that players will be worth their time and again won’t feel guilty about playing for long periods of time.

The fun part about Toluna is that as a Toluna influencer you can share your thoughts and be rewarded with fun polls. These fun polls take seconds and are perfect for busy moms and dads on the go. You can also make good money on surveys, especially complex ones.

Points can be redeemed for gift cards, great products and cash. You can also keep the conversation going on social media by sharing your polls and topics on Facebook and Twitter.

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You can also upload photos from your trip and create your own questions. It’s just a fun community where you can turn on the bulbs of your ideas and get rewarded at the same time.

This is a very simple survey program. Simply take surveys and get rewarded. You can keep the earnings for yourself by receiving them as PayPal cash or donating them to charities. You can also earn more by referring your friends.

The advantage of Attapoll is that it has a very low withdrawal limit of AUD 5.00, so you can withdraw money quickly. Also, you can check your time as it has long, short and medium polls.

One small downside is that the more surveys you take with Attapoll, the more likely you are to get frustrated with some surveys that I think are unfair. Also, this is still one of my favorite programs to get paid for surveys.

Earn Money From Your Data: 20 Apps To Make Some Extra Cash

The main feature of this survey and quick survey program is that there is no withdrawal threshold.

Surveys can also be long, short or medium length so you can control your time.

The app itself is simple and has a simple interface, perfect for all of us who love simple, light and easy to use apps.

In addition to earning PayPal cash and gift cards, you can also top up your wallets with cash back and transaction savings.

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One of my favorite apps to earn money and rewards! Getting paid just to listen to music and watch video ads is no dream at all!

This is one of the best ways to listen to music offline, it’s a 100% free music app that will never charge you for a subscription.

You can enjoy music from over 100,000 stations from all over the world. If you like mixes, you can start recording and playback those recordings anytime for free offline without WIFI.

Earnings are Pay Pal Cash USD and amazing products. You can also increase your earnings by using a Bonus Bucks gift card to earn 50% faster or by completing activities, offers and surveys.

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It’s great that now, when I want music to accompany me while blogging, studying or doing housework, I can just turn on my favorite music with the amazing Current Music app and moreover, I earn money and rewards in the process. listen to music and watch video ads.

To join Current Music, visit Start listening to music and earn up to $600 a year. Download now and share with your friends to get instant cash!

Wow, you said you made money selling photos you just took with your smartphone?! You are right! With this amazing app called Foap!

Turn your photos into money! Upload your photo collections and sell them to famous global brands. There are several ways to sell your photos. The most popular way I use is to simply sell foam at the market or join Foap Missions with brands like Pepsi, Absolut Vodka, Air Asia, Bank of America, Nivea, Volvo and more.

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Foap also distributes your images through partners like Getty Images to help you sell even more photos.

The exciting part is that it’s free to join Foap and you get a 50% commission when your photos are sold on the Foap marketplace and each mission is rewarded with a tidy sum! Paying is easy with PayPal Cash!

Oh yeah wow, my family and my husband have continued to receive money from this wonderful program. At the time of this writing we both have bailed out hundreds from various stores, name it Apple, Amazon, Dominos, Baby Bunting, Pizza Hut, Groupon eBay Australia the list goes on!

And guess what, the amazing benefits are pretty amazing, like eating pizza from Pizza Hut absolutely free and paying for psychology, childcare and child awareness courses for just AUD $7. My husband kept talking about the amazing money which never gets for Apple products! And my God, if he can translate his baby’s words, he’ll tell you how excited he was to get his money back for his Baby Bunting goodies! Our whole family is always happy when we mention Cashrewards to our friends and family!

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In addition to cash, you earn extra money by referring friends and family. The bonus credit at the time of writing is AUD$20.00 if a friend or family member signs up and spends AUD$20.00 or more per transaction. And why your friends and family will love doing it, because they’ll earn money too

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