Bass Pro Ice Fishing Rods

Bass Pro Ice Fishing Rods – Fiblink Saltwater 1pc Jiging Jig Spinning Rod

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Bass Pro Ice Fishing Rods

An ice fishing rod is essential equipment for fishing in extremely cold weather. These rods are about 18-42 inches long and produce light to medium action.

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Although the basic structure is the same, there are many different modern ice rods on the market. Because of the variety, narrowing it down to one or more ice fishing rods can be a daunting task.

This article provides information to make your selection process easier. He reviews some of the best ice fishing rods and offers a buying guide on how to choose the right one.

The Fiblink 32″ Graphite Rod features a medium weight rod. It is light, strong and responsive. The workpiece is made of graphite. Five aluminum oxide guides are attached to the workpiece, including the front guide. All cables have a stainless steel ring. The rod has a cork handle that provides a firm and comfortable grip for easy handling, while still being sensitive enough. The rod is reel compatible and the handle has a very strong reel seat. The manufacturer provides a 1-year warranty. This rod is available in two other sizes: 24″ and 30″.

The Berkley Cherrywood HD Ice Fishing 27″ Reel is very light and best for catching smaller fish. Its workpiece is made of 100% fiberglass. It has a cork handle that houses a graphite spool seat with sliding rings. It has two stainless steel guides and a tip guide.

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The KastKing Konvert 27″ Twin Tip Ice Sticks come in two options: Medium and Medium Light Glass and Medium and Medium IM6 Light Graphite. Both are two-in-one rods, the only difference is the hollow material. The workpiece and tips are made of 100% glass, while the other has the workpiece and tips made of graphite. The rod is light but strong. It is also very sensitive, but can hold strong hooks well. Graphite rods have highly visible chartreuse tips and glass rods are bright orange. These highly visible spikes allow you to fish even during a storm or at night. Each workpiece has five guides, including the tip. The rod has a pencil-shaped handle made of rubber-reinforced cork. The handle is reel compatible and has high strength reels. When it comes to guides, each type of KastKing Konvert Twin Tip ice rod has two different tip sections that offer medium action or medium lightness. You can choose which tip to use based on your preferred rod for bait delivery and fishing technique. These rods are easy to pack and store because they retract slightly from 27 inches to 17 inches. They can be fished in ice shelters and cabins. They come with a convenient travel case and a clear storage tube.

The Snitch Ice 13 Fishing 20-inch medium-light rod offers the best features. With fast tip technology and flexible core tip for increased sensitivity. Its blank is made of solid graphite, and the plug is made of cork. The solid graphite blank has a strong backbone that can hold heavier hook sets and withstand the stress of struggling fish. This rod also has an integrated reel holder. It has a single guide and a stainless steel tip. Also available in 25″ and 30″ sizes.

The St Croix Avid 26” ice rod is designed for catching hollow fish. Its construction features strong Xtreme-flex glass preforms that are flexible and resistant to freezing or shrinking even at very low temperatures. It also features Kegan drag and guide eyes that are lightweight and low profile for fatigue-free fishing for longer periods of time. The handle is extremely responsive and made of carbon, providing a solid and balanced control. It is uniquely handcrafted for superior performance and durability. It is versatile as it can be used from shore, lake or rivers. Also available in 18″ and 30″.

This Microtec Walley 13 Fishing Ice Fishing Combo is the newest rod model from 13 Fishing. Available in one size and with a rotating spool. The spacers are made of fiberglass and the handle is made of cork. It has stainless steel guides with polished inserts. The rod is extremely flexible and has 3 + 1 loops. The auxiliary winch has three stainless steel ball bearings and a quick reverse gear. Its coil is made of anodized aluminum. It has a soft handle.

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The HT Enterprises 18-inch Ice Popsicle sticks out in blue with an orange tip. This is a fast acting ice rod. It has a comfortable cork handle with rings for attaching the reel. Orange tips ensure good visibility. Ideal for riding lures on target fish. Available in 18″ size only.

The 24-inch St Croix Legend is popular for its flexibility and durability on the ice. Gaskets are made of precision tapered solid carbon. The tip features a black anodized high tension stainless steel impact indicator for superior performance. Its handle is made of EVA. It has excellent sensitivity, so you can easily detect even the smallest bite. The medium performance ice rod features a spring loaded bobber system that is fully adjustable and adjustable for increased sensitivity. The guides and black rings are made from Pac Bay minimally anodized stainless steel. This rod is also available in medium light, medium and light 30 inches. It is light and strong, making it perfect for fishing small to medium sized fish. It comes with a 1-year warranty.

The Fiblink 1 Piece Jig spinning rod is specifically designed for vertical spinning, although it can be used for other techniques as well. It features a 1-piece hollow design made from graphite fiberglass for incredible tensile strength. The workpiece has 6 + 1 loops, and the frames and inserts are made of ceramic. Ceramic is also great for use with braided lines as it creates little or no friction. It has an EVA handle with hand protection. The handle has an aluminum alloy reel seat. The manufacturer provides a 1-year warranty.

The Abu Garcia Veritas 25″ Ultralight Ice Rod features a high density hollow graphite 24-ton split handle. It is reel compatible and has a micro-click reel cover. Its 4 + 1 guides are made of smoked stainless steel and the inserts are made of aluminum oxide. It is extremely light and even children can use it. It is compatible with Abu Garcia bait reels.

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Rubber and cork provide a firm grip. The plug is most popular among experienced ice skaters because it consistently directs vibrations through the gaps. Some high-end ice rods have graphite handles for added sensitivity. Choose rods with gaps that extend towards the handle, as their counterparts do not transmit vibrations well enough.

When choosing the type of handle, consider whether you want it to have reel mounting options such as saddle locks or adjustable rings. The ice rod can be used with bait or spinning reels. A spinning reel is suitable for smaller fish, a baitcasting reel for larger ones.

Don’t miss outdoor fun in the cold season. If you love fishing, whether it’s a hobby or a sport, you can keep up with it. All you need is a good rod, bait and lures and of course warm clothing.

Different ice fishing rods vary in length, rod performance, and reel compatibility. You may need several ice rods for each run, as one rod can be ideal for catching smaller and other large fish.

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The best ice rods are very light, have a visible tip, are made of quality materials and are strong. Whichever rod you choose, make sure you are using lines that are compatible with the fishing capacity of that rod.

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