Best Bank Of America Savings Account

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Best Bank Of America Savings Account

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How To Open A Bank Of America Checking Account

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Chase and Bank of America, two of the largest national banks in the United States, offer similar bank accounts. There’s no clear winner between the two, so your choice may depend on which account you want to open.

Below, we list winners for checking, savings and CDs between Chase and Bank of America. We also compared the credibility of each institution.

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Chase and Bank of America have multiple checking accounts, but we compared two popular accounts that charge the same monthly fee.

Chase’s sign-up bonus and minimum deposit don’t make it any better than Bank of America, but Bank of America makes it easier to waive its $12 fee.

$34 overdraft and low balance fee (free if you spend $50 or less at the end of the business day)

Bank of America Preferred Funds waives the first six monthly payments, and you can waive that payment until you turn 24. Bank of America also offers cash back rewards at select retailers when you have this account. If you don’t qualify for either bank’s monthly fee waivers, you can choose Chase because of its lower fees.

Bank Of America Savings Account Rates For October 2022

No additional withdrawal fees if you have a balance of at least $20,000 or are a Preferred Rewards customer

It was a close game, but it was the little details that pushed Chase over the top. While both banks have terms of up to 10 years, Chase typically offers a higher CD rate, and if you have a checking account, you can get a relationship rate.

As for which bank is more reliable, there is no clear answer yet. J.P. Morgan Better Business Bureau (Chase’s parent company) rating and Bank of America A+ rating.

A good BBB rating indicates that a company responds effectively to customer complaints, has honest advertising practices, and is transparent about how it conducts business.

Bank Of America Savings Account Rates

Although both banks have excellent ratings from the BBB, they each have their own histories. Here are some of Chase’s success stories over the past few years:

Chase’s latest scandal revolved around trade and investment, while Bank of America’s scandal was about discrimination. The specifics of each banking conflict may influence the choice between the two of you, or you may prefer a bank that has historically been less troublesome.

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Chase Fee: There is a $3.00 fee for requests, transfers and withdrawals at non-Chase ATMs in the United States, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. ATM host/network fees still apply. ATM withdrawals outside the U.S., Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands are $5 and any transfer or check is $3. ATM host/network fees still apply.

How To Open A Bank Of America Account

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With savings account rates rising for the first time in years, this is a solid option to grow your money with confidence. Why are interest rates rising? The Federal Reserve raises interest rates in an attempt to cool runaway inflation, which directly increases interest rates on savings accounts and financial accounts such as credit cards, loans and mortgages.

Some banks now offer up to 2% annual interest income, making it an even more attractive time to put money into a savings account. (APY is the interest rate you earn.) The higher the APY, the more you earn over time. Although APYs have been low for the past few years, many banks have been increasing their APYs. But the other big banks haven’t made a move yet….

Bank of America continues to offer relatively low APYs, even with tens of thousands of dollars in your savings account. But if getting better rates isn’t as important as having physical branches across the country or having all your finances under one roof, then Bank of America might make sense for you.

Read on to learn more about a Bank of America savings account, how much APY you can earn, and how it compares to other banks.

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Bank of America has only one savings account: Savings Advantage. The base APY is 0.01%, but if you qualify and sign up for the Preferred Rewards program, you can earn up to 0.04%.

Preferred Rewards Tiers: Preferred Savings Gold Tier, Preferred Savings Platinum Tier, Preferred Savings Platinum Rewards Tier. The only difference is the amount of APY you can earn.

Note: Rates as of August 31, 2022. APY varies by region and Bank of America savings accounts may not be available everywhere. You’ll need to check the index on the Bank of America website for your options.

Savings Advantage is Bank of America’s standard savings account. You’ll earn 0.01% APY per month (lower than the average APY for savings accounts) plus compounded interest. You can open this account with an initial deposit of $100. You will be charged an $8 service fee if you do not meet any of the criteria listed by Bank of America, such as having a minimum balance of $500 or connecting to a preferred Bank of America relationship bank.

Best High Yield Savings Accounts Of January 2023

However, Bank of America will waive the fee for the first six months of opening a new account.

If you have a higher balance, you may be eligible for Preferred Rewards membership, which allows you to earn higher APY on funds in your Preferred Savings account.

To qualify for a higher APY account, you need a Bank of America checking account and any balance in your Bank of America account (for example, a three-month average daily balance).

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