Best Cooling Mattress For Side Sleepers

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Best Cooling Mattress For Side Sleepers

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No one wants to sweat while sleeping. Hot sleepers can witness sticky sheets and waking up in the middle of the night to turn on the fan. Body heat can have a negative effect on sleep. If your body heat is keeping you awake at night, it may be time to invest in cooling sleep gear to keep you cool.

Cooling mattress pads can help you stay cool and change the firmness and feel of your current mattress, which is a secret weapon if you’re shopping on a budget.

Mattress industry brands promote innovative cooling features that remove heat from your bed. The reality is that not all cooling products really work as advertised. Most just regulate the heat without cooling you.

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We’ve reviewed the best cooling mattress toppers on the list, so you don’t have to. Let’s check out our favorite picks.

Saatva is a reliable mattress brand known for its quality products. The mattress cooling pad you get is no different. it’s 3 inches of comfort foam with an added layer of cooling graphite designed to transfer heat away from your body while you sleep. This refreshing mattress topper offers a medium-firm foam feel that limits movement well, which is a bonus if your partner moves around a lot at night.

In testing, we found that Saatva’s Cooling Graphite Mattress cover did not have a degassing cycle. It has mattress straps that hug the corners of the bed and prevent it from moving at night. Although this cooling mattress topper isn’t freezing cold, the graphite technology used by Saatva keeps our team from overheating all night.

The care instructions for the cooling surface of the Saatva mattress are only intended for spot cleaning. Do not machine wash or dry clean. However, thanks to its pressure relief, graphite-filled design and medium-firmness profile, the Saatva Cooling Graphic mattress is our pick for the best cooling mattress.

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If your mattress is too firm and you want to reduce the pressure a little, consider the Tempur Adapt + Cooling mattress cover. We think it’s one of the best mattresses for back pain thanks to its 3-inch thick profile that feels cool to the touch.

We think it’s one of the most comfortable cooling mattress toppers on the market, which is no surprise from a mattress giant like Tempur-Pedic. If you want to wake up cool and pain-free, we think it’s hard to beat the Tempur Adapt Cooling Cooling Topper. This refreshing mattress topper has a removable, machine-washable cover that also steps it up in the cleaning department.

Talalay 100% Natural PlushBeds Latex Topper does not use cooling technology. Instead, it’s made from natural latex, which is naturally cooler than foams. It has an open cell structure that removes body heat from the body and redistributes it over the entire surface. With its natural latex design, we believe it is the best hypoallergenic cooling mattress on the market. It is naturally antimicrobial, hypoallergenic and resistant to mites and mold.

This cooling mattress is very dense and firm, but provides enough pressure, which is essential if you sleep on your side. We think it’s a great option for warm sleepers who want to extend the life of their mattress.

The Best Mattress For Side Sleepers In 2022

We love the versatility of the PlushBeds Natural Talalay Latex Topper. You can choose between 2″ or 3″ height and full-scale durability. You can also add a matching organic cotton top for an additional fee. We tested the surface of a medium-strength three-inch cooling pad and found great pressure relief without letting the body sag too much.

Who is it best for? People who want to spend a lot of money to change the feel of their mattress.

Slightly thinner than the other cooling mattresses on this list, Brookline’s Down Alternative Topper is one of the best cooling alternative mattresses you can buy. It’s also great if you’re on a budget.

This cooling mattress topper has a soft microgel design and a padded top that distributes the cushioning evenly over the entire surface. It has an attached skirt instead of straps, so it acts almost more like a mattress protector than a top. It doesn’t give you other options to relieve that much pressure, and if you want to change the feel of the mattress, it doesn’t either.

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However, the down option is ideal for allergy sufferers or those who do not want animal products in their bed. This cooling mattress topper is breathable, antibacterial and hypoallergenic.

Who is it best for? people on a budget who don’t want to completely change the feel of the bed.

If you like memory foam and are looking for some serious compression, you’ll love the Nature’s Sleep mattress. This is our pick for the best cooling memory foam mattress.

The topper on this cooling mattress is three inches of foam wrapped in a soft topper that wraps around the mattress. Contains AirFlow Gel memory foam, which guarantees excellent cooling. All foam is CertiPUR-USA certified, which means it’s made without ozone-depleting substances and meets third-party emissions and sustainability standards. This cooling gel mattress is the ultimate cooling memory foam mattress topper because almost anyone can sleep on it for side sleepers, back sleepers, and stomach sleepers. It’s almost more affordable than the other options on the list.

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It takes several hours for the Nature’s Sleep blanket mattress to completely unfold, as indicated on the package.

GhostBed should be on the best cooling mattress list because it is one of the only mattress brands that offers a true cooling mattress product. Sophisticated design and the GhostBed Memory Foam Topper is the most stylish cooling mattress you can buy.

This refreshing mattress is divided into five sections of waves, sounds and swirls with different textures and firmness. This is not a new concept. it’s the zoned support that mattresses like Casper and Leesa use. Basically, this cooling top is a little firmer where your body needs extra support or padding.

The strategic cuts and carvings in the GhostBed memory mattress promote air cooling. Not to mention the GhostBed. It also has covers with deep pockets that double as waterproof mattress protectors. Overall, we like the best cooling mattress topper because it molds to your body and keeps you cool. It’s a hot dream.

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The Cozy Earth mattress is a hypoallergenic, temperature-regulating mattress made of 100% bamboo-derived viscose. While it’s not technically a mattress topper, it’s still a great choice for hot sleepers or those who live in humid environments. Cushions are similar to mattresses. However, they are generally thinner and are designed to increase comfort without changing the appearance of the bed covering. The Cozy Earth mattress pad is one of the best mattress cooling pads because it has deep pockets that prevent it from sliding off the mattress while you sleep.

Our team’s first impression during testing was that this cooling mat felt high quality and soft. It regulates the temperature but does not touch the ice. You shouldn’t expect your cold as soon as you sleep on it. However, it can distribute your heat better than a mattress.

Who is it best for? people on a budget who want to add comfort to their bed without changing its feel.

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The Brooklyn Bedding Deluxe Mattress Protector, while not a mattress protector, makes this list of the best cooling mattresses because it was inspired by the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe Mattress Protector. Waterproof, hypoallergenic and made from high-quality cotton, the cooling mattress pad is a great choice for hot sleepers who love the feel and firmness of their current mattress. they just want the temperature benefit.

Designed to transfer heat away from the body, the Brooklyn Bedding Luxury Mattress Protector is super soft and cool. It is machine washable and fits all medium mattresses between 11 and 14 inches thick.

If your mattress is too firm or you want to add another layer

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