Best Way To Hang Drapes

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Best Way To Hang Drapes

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Design Tip: How To Hang Curtains

When it comes to shelters, well-chosen; Well-drawn canopies serve many functions: they control the sun’s light and heat; Provides privacy and contributes to the appearance of the entire room.

“When choosing shelters, What we always deal with is function,” says Virginia Toledo, co-owner and creative director of Toledo Geller Interiors. “Do we need privacy in this room? Do we need protection from the sun?” The answers to these questions will determine how heavy your curtains are and whether you should consider features such as privacy liners or colourfast fabrics.

Design and suspension are equally important considerations. patterns, fabrics, colors Materials—sometimes the shelters are the “heroes” of the room, Toledo says; Sometimes “they’re just another character in the play”—and the appropriate dangling helps the scene, too.

Hanging at the wrong height can make a room look shorter than it actually is, while improper installation can cause curtain rods to bend over time. But if hung properly, the curtain will look taller and last for years.

How To Get Curtains To Hang Straight (how To Train Curtains)

Note: Curtains and drapes are technically different. Both are pairs of canvas panels suspended from rods, but not fences, but fences are always lined up. However, most people, including professionals, use these terms interchangeably.

The bars should generally extend about 6 inches from the windows. The rod should always be wider than the window, as you don’t want the blinds to cover the window when fully open. “You want to keep as much natural light in as possible,” says Toledo, whose curtains only cover the left and right sides.

The width of the curtains depends on their use. Note that each curtain is called a panel.

For contemporary style, a favorite of Toledo Design Studio; Select width 1. For a more traditional look, Use width 2. “If you use full doubles on a narrow window, your drapes will be ‘heavy’ on one side of the window, which is a more traditional look,” says Toledo.

How To Style Curtains

Quick Tip: If you’re using over-the-shelf shelters, which tend to be narrower in width, Toledo recommends purchasing two sets for one window. “I put two panels on the left and two panels on the right, and now it looks fuller,” she said.

Regarding rod placement, “If you have a standard 8- or 9-foot ceiling, 3-6″ above the ledge is good,” says Toledo. This rule of thumb can be difficult to achieve with shorter ceilings or rooms with crown molding. “Crown molding as close to the ceiling as possible,” advises Toledo. Loved the place. [Looks like a boy in high-waisted jean shorts, right? It creates the illusion of longer legs, but the legs are still still. Same length.”

Likewise, For high ceilings, A drop rod can be placed more than 6 inches from the window to lengthen the room.

Ideally, you should “kiss the floor — it should touch it a little bit,” Toledo says. Curtains that are too long can fall to the floor, causing slippage and cleaning inconveniences, while curtains that are too short can make a room appear shorter than it actually is.

How To Hang Curtains Like An Interior Designer

Measure the distance from the top of the rod to the floor to determine the length of your curtains. Then adjust this size according to how you hang your curtains. Rod-pocket curtains, for example, may need a few extra inches; Curtains hanging from fabric loops may need to be trimmed a few inches to accommodate the additional length of the loops.

Quick Tip: If you can’t find ready-made garments in the right length, Start with longer garments; Go through the hanging process; Decide where the fabric will end up and take it to your local tailor or dry cleaner. The sound of coughing.

Stick ring When choosing the screws to the wall and the hardware that supports the curtain. Consider how far your window extends from the wall – the curtain needs to be fringed enough so that it doesn’t touch the edge of the window. Leave a key gap.

Especially for wide curtains. Toledo recommends installing a center chain in addition to the end brackets: “When people don’t do it and don’t think it’s necessary, over time you’ll find that the rod ends up framing.”

Are You Hanging Curtains The Right Way? Do’s And Don’ts In Curtain Placement.

Properly hung, the right shelters provide privacy, Not only does it control light and heat, but it can also improve the look of the entire room. Choosing the type and size of curtains depends on how you want them to work. It depends on the dimensions of the room and the window.

Ideally, hang on a rod about 3 to 6 inches from the window so the shade is high enough to touch the floor. Increasing the height of the eaves makes the room look taller. When opening the curtains, remember to choose a curtain that extends beyond the width of the window to let in as much natural light as possible.

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How To Hang Curtains

We’re excited to share our first recipe for 2021! Today I’m going to share some tips on how to hang curtains easily. Curtains can instantly change the brightness of a room, adding cohesion and an upscale “finished” feel to a room. However, There are a few important things to consider when hanging curtains to ensure they hang perfectly in your space. We share our recommendations below.

We’ve also linked some of our favorite curtains and blinds that we like to use in our clients’ homes.

Porsche & Co. We usually opt for neutral sheer curtains. Using bright neutrals like natural linens or whites can brighten up a room while creating a shared feel for your space. I love thicker drapes because they give the space a bigger feel. Blackout or velvet drapes are our favorite options. Below we’ve linked some of our favorite roof racks that we’ve used in our clients’ homes. We love this easy and affordable no-sew patch. It works great – you can create perfect curtains in minutes without the hassle of a professional.

Below are the curtain rods we like to use in our customers’ homes. It is thicker, Simpler in nature and superior in quality.

How To: Hang Curtains |

We hope you enjoy our recommendations. When in doubt about using blinds… I will always recommend blinds. 🙂 Happy reviewing!

Porsche & Co. And be sure to “follow us” for all the latest from Porsche Place.

Do you like what we’ve done here and here? Do certain rooms or spaces in your home need designer help? But you’re not sure how to get started.

Check out our different packages through the links below and let’s start designing the room of your dreams today. When you go to draw a pair of shelters or shelters, you can install a bracket on the outer edge of the molds that create the window.

Hanging Curtains All Wrong

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