Blogging Platforms To Make Money

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The first decision you need to make before looking at blogging platforms is the purpose of your blog.

Blogging Platforms To Make Money

Answering these questions will make it easier to choose the right blogging platform for your needs.

How To Start A Blog And Make Money

To help you make an informed decision, we’ve rounded up the best blogging platforms (paid and free) to show you the options available.

Knowing the top blogging platforms will help point you in the right direction so you don’t have to scroll through pages and pages of websites trying to find the information you need.

So you want to see what the best blogging platform is, but do you understand what a blogging platform is?

There are two types of blogging platforms – hosted and self-hosted. The difference between them is worth noting, and they can play a big role in the progress of your blog.

Best Blogging Platforms To Make Money

If you choose blog hosting provided by a blogging platform, you will have access to the tools you need to create your blog without any external resources. However, embedded blogs have limitations.

If you decide to go the self-hosted route, you’ll need to sign up with a host to support your blogging platform.

Well, a self-hosted blog offers many options for development and customization, all up to you.

Does the platform give you the flexibility to create the type of website that suits you? Can you create a great blog, stunning e-commerce website, and visual portfolio to the standards you want?

How To Make Money Blogging (in 2022)

Can the platform support your blog? Does it offer plugins and unique features to boost your blog while building a larger audience? Does the platform support you if you need advice, tips or support?

If you want to blog with monetization in mind, this will settle the debate for you in no time. Most established blogging platforms will limit you from monetizing your blog. Some people even force their ads on your blog.

It’s amazing, isn’t it? But what do you think? Blog hosting isn’t 100% dependent on you, so it’s fair game.

If you want to manage your blog for free with the option of monetizing it, self-hosting is the best option.

Blogging Tools To Improve Your Writing And Increase Your Traffic

Choosing your blog host doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, it’s very easy, especially if you choose a good platform like, a good host like BlueTand, and team up with good consultants like us! If you have these three things on your side, you will be able to create a fantastic blog that will grow with you.

Okay, so the most important thing for many people, especially those who are not tech or design savvy, is whether or not building a blog is going to be easy. A hosting platform is easier because everything is built in – security, themes, features, but they are limited.

Self-hosted platforms require external and integrated features, but the good thing about self-hosted platforms is that you can choose the one that best suits your blog.

Depending on the platform you choose, you have access to thousands of themes, plugins, and features to enhance and fully customize your blog. With a little guidance you can easily do it – check out some of our articles for help.

Popular Ways You Can Make Money Blogging

We’ve already mentioned some of the differences between hosted and self-hosted blogging platforms, but let’s take a deeper look at both.

A free blogging platform. It is a platform that allows you to create a blog or website without monthly fees. Most hosting platforms offer a free but limited version.

You also tend to run your site under a subdomain instead of a custom domain, for example Also, some free versions of self-hosting platforms require you to display your own branding and ads on your blog.

It also has over 150 million users worldwide (I don’t know how many use the free version though).

The Ultimate Guide To Starting An Interior Design Blog

One of the main advantages of Wix is ​​the easy drag-and-drop tool available for both free and paid versions.

The main advantage of using the free version is that their ads will be displayed on every page of your site. Your blog is also assigned a partial domain name like ‘’.

If you don’t want to blog as a hobby or test the waters, that’s not a problem. However, if you plan to create a business blog or website on Wix, we recommend paying for Premium.

Blogger is the main blogging platform powered by Google. It’s easy to use, making it the best choice for most new bloggers. However, as their blogs and audience grew, these bloggers moved to self-hosted platforms. Blogger allows you to monetize your blog, but it is very limited with targeted advertising. Blogger uses Google Adsense to display targeted ads on your blog so you can earn money from ads.

How To Start A Blog: A Step By Step Infographic On How To Make Real Money / Digital Information World

One drawback of using Blogger is the limited design and template options. Also, it is not updated often, so your blog can easily become outdated and unreliable.

Blogger is managed by Google, so if they decide to stop Blogger without warning, you can say goodbye to your blog., not to be confused with, is a free and easy-to-use blog hosting service. This platform is good for beginners, but it is limited in terms of design and customization and does not allow third-party plugins.

It will also display their ads on your site and you will get a subdomain just like any other free hosting service.

How To Make Money Blogging

Unlike self-hosted platforms, handles website backups and security, so you don’t have to worry about data security.

Due to many limitations, many people who start with this platform move to the popular and powerful

However, it’s not a straightforward blogging platform like the others we’ve discussed, so it belongs in its own category.

Unlike the established platforms we’ve discussed, Medium is a limited social platform/network. It has an audience of bloggers, writers, and experts. If you want to “write” and have your voice heard while reaching out to other like-minded people, this is a great place for Medium.

Best Blogging Sites Of 2022

One disadvantage of blogging on Medium is that you don’t have an audience. If Medium closes your account, you will lose all your followers.

If you’re thinking of building a business with your blog, we don’t recommend using Medium because its focus is on writing, not design. It has very limited design options and unprofitable brands.

It used to be free, but now it costs $5/mm to become a member. You won’t have a custom domain, but a username account like Facebook.

Paid blogging platforms are best for those who want to be taken seriously as a blogger or who want to earn money from their blog.

How To Monetize A Food Blog In 2022 [+examples]

There are good paid options, some of which we mentioned in the free section (because of the free options).

The best thing about paying for a blogging platform is that you’re not bound by anyone else’s rules. You will not be able to use their branding, or advertise or affiliate, which limits your earning potential. is the cream of the blogging platforms. It is the most popular blogging platform in the world and is famous for its powerful features. Many top bloggers and businesses use, and it’s easy to see why. is free to use, but you need to sign up for a hosting service like Bluehost to make it work. One of the best things about using is that you can choose the hosting service that best suits your needs. Budget, and there are a lot of them.

What Is Blogging: Pros, Cons, Guide, Platforms

If you use, you will have complete ownership of your website or blog, which means you can monetize it.

You can add features, plugins and various customization options to suit your needs. You have access to thousands of free and paid templates that you can switch to whenever you want.

There is a bit of a learning curve when working with, but it is a necessary learning curve for a powerful and professional website. We offer tons of tutorials and support to help you get your WordPress site up and running smoothly. We also provide instructions on how to get started with Bluehost and how to integrate it with is free, but you need to connect to a hosting service to get started. With our link, you can now buy Bluehost for an amazing discount of $2.95/m. You will also get a free domain name and SSL certificate.

Best Free And Paid Blogging Platforms To Make Money Online (updated 2022)

Missing is the perfect combination for a professional, high-quality blog, or just starting out

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