Break Da Bank Schoolboy Q

Break Da Bank Schoolboy Q – , Los Angeles label Top Dog Entertainment (Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q, Jay Rock, etc.) couldn’t do better than Kendrick Lamar.

. The hip-hop world was on fire and anticipating another painstakingly crafted masterpiece, and Schoolboy Q spent a good chunk of 2013 announcing that his album would be better than Lamar’s. Expected risk was then compared to predicted; Trust Q

Break Da Bank Schoolboy Q

He was honest but didn’t care to aim for perfection (just think album title). There is nothing about Q that suggests undue partner control, and if follow-up expectations are not met, it will be because it was mistaken to expect more than that. It’s likely that Cue will realize this and maybe that’s why when you sit down to listen

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, immediately tells you what kind of album it will be: “Gangsta, gangsta, gangsta, gangsta, gangsta, gangsta.”

Q’s daughter, the same one who rocks the hat on the album’s main cover, opens the album with the hilarious statement: “Rap man, my gang daddy.” basically,

It deals with the relationship between two worlds: the hat and the house; Drugs and fathers. Nowhere is this more evident than in “Prescription/Oxymoron,” which describes Q’s adventures in the drug world, first as a user, then as a pusher. Like an addict, Q is detached, unreachable: “My phone, I ignore/Calling my daughter, I press ignore,” then “My phone rings, rings and rings and rings/If you don’t sell drugs, then . I can’t hear anything.” As his daughter demands his attention in the background, Q’s infidelity is particularly affecting. Then, tiredly, he says, “Okay, I love you, Dad.” The blow is reversed. the piano. For the awakened oxymoron, which becomes painfully clear, is Cue’s necessary relationship with drugs as a support system for his relationship with his family (“In the ’80s, the second half of Take Off Your Shoes Baby mixes Cue’s trademark bouncy, understated gangster-rap lyrics. A modern beat. “Night Hell,” which wails for 12 minutes as it twists and turns. On “What They Want,” Q2 pulls Chains into his world, creating one of the best features on an album full of them. A memorable contribution. As always, TT Boi is her beauty (“She wants a Versace belt like Mistilteen”), but she also tweaks her flow to add to the album’s awesome aesthetic (“Amigos say ‘Que pasa na peso?’/Promethazine codeine, caseloads”).

From Kendrick Lamar’s ethereal take on the already-favorite “Collard Greens” to Jay Rock’s annual tradition of stealing a song from his collaborators with a few tricks (he’s featured on “Los Awesome”): “Hands the bar, always swinging, guns like dust blows up”), BJ sends The Chicago Kid Nate Dogg to “the studio,” over two perfect lines from Kurupt and Raekwon (“The Purge” and “Blind Threats,” in the same order). The single is celebratory, not the kind the “Man of the Year” music video suggests, but more contemplative. The party in “Break the Bank” is as much about the past (“Good weed, I hit it, rock rock, I sold it/Oxy, I hid it, close to my nutsack”) as it is about the future, though it’s more about the cue than in the song’s chorus. It would be hard to find a funner, who taunted his contemporaries like a real schoolboy, sarcastically, “La-da-di-do, la-di-da -di-da-do.”

Juvenile And Cash Money

It’s not a perfect album, but it’s amazing in every way. It reminisces about the past and the future, both internal (Cy’s relationship with drugs and family as the basis of his success) and external (the album combines classic West Coast comedy – celebrated by playing Kurupt and Tyler, The Creator. “Purge” – Sonorous , for a modern sound). Compared with lemurs

Unfortunately, they’re inevitable because the two share a large part of their coming-of-age stories and because Kendrick’s first Thirsty masterpiece still dominates the hip-hop scene. But if mainstream rap tried to pull it off with Schoolboy Q, it would be like going to a skinny-dipping diner in the desert and succeeding. ScHoolboy Q doesn’t dominate the charts, and probably never will. (In the past he only planned

Amos Bershad said it best in a recent profile of Q: “Kendrick is serious, his every move — sometimes even an emotional breakdown — a carefully calculated strike. Q? Q here on his phone grinding pills off his ass, flipping cars, To be high and strange and strange. In the extraordinary condition in which he is abandoned, he is excited.” It’s exciting. As an artist, as an album. Since the beginning of hip-hop, rappers have entered the stage with their members. Before Dr. Dre came to N.W.A. Before Busta Rhymes ruled the world, new school leaders did their thing. *NSYNC had millions of girls on stage screaming at them, but only Justin Timberlake achieved equal—or perhaps greater—fame as a solo artist. As for all music in general, Stevie Nicks, who appears to be a woman, drove a dirty car with Fleetwood Mac for a few years before earning eight—count’em, eight—Grammy nominations after going solo. Freddie Mercury was great before he died of AIDS. I may be off track, but my point is that when a group or group member goes off on their own, the first member to go it alone is usually the most successful. That is why Dr. Dre has his own line of headphones, but Eazy E has a crack for… oh, shit-alick AIDS, too? Person!

However, in this case, we have Top Dog Entertainment, starring its undisputed mastermind, Kendrick Lamar, who – in my opinion – is one of the few MPs in history who can be so honored without being overwhelmed. The guy spits hot buffalo coke out of his mouth while rapping. Yes, it is good, and yes, it is that good. deal with it.

Egreen’s ‘lividi’ Sample Of Schoolboy Q’s ‘break Da Bank’

The TDE booth also features MCs Ab-Soul, Jay Rock, and the centerpiece of the piece, Schoolboy Q. They’re all talented, sure – otherwise they wouldn’t be part of the black hippie tribe at all – but because they’re not part of the ‘black the hippie tribe’. Maybe his team wins because Kendrick Lamar is the best, which isn’t hard to understand because of the aforementioned Buffalo Roosters. However, after K-Dot, Schoolboy Q is next with the newly released Oxymoron, and it certainly does not disappoint.

Now, here’s a caveat: If you’re expecting an album whose primary themes are anything other than guns, sex, and drug use, look elsewhere. If the word “nigga” makes you uncomfortable, look elsewhere. If you’re worried about heavy bass, run as fast as you can.

Hard head, huh? According to the artist, the name of the album came from all the criminal behavior of the schoolboy – selling drugs, carrying guns, etc. — and it was only for the benefit of his daughter, an oft-known paradox in hip-hop. The game will therefore be perfect as the schoolboy’s daughter is the first person to appear in his album. And let me tell you it is beautiful.

Starting right after those words of warning, opening track Oxymoron punches you in the mouth with metal knuckles and rolls over your bleeding body, calling you a punk punk for just under four minutes. A simple but aggressive chorus (basically “gangsta gangsta gangstaaaaaaaaaaa” followed by “knock knock-knock knock-knock – yawwwwk!”) announces the schoolboy’s arrival to rival authorities. Brace yourselves, a schoolboy is here.

Camp Bestival And Bestival Hit By

The first verse is a continuation of the chorus in a wild festive atmosphere. With a rap style spread throughout the album, Q’s verses aren’t too low in tone, but work perfectly with the production and theme. While many rappers pride themselves on their wordplay and metaphors, many of Q’s best lines stand out for being real.

A caveat when it comes to “gangsta”: it’s uneven. I drive a ’99 Honda Accord and feel uncomfortable with people around me at bus stops. I don’t care if people are stupid. “Gangsta” gives you no choice but to scream while driving to church. yes yes yes Sometimes I wish I had a gun.

JACKET JACKET Ha-…oh. And just like that, the momentum was gone. “Los Awesome” has all the makings of a great song: Schoolboy, his TDE collaborator Jay Rock and Pharrell’s beat. Despite this, it is bad. I don’t like it. It has a voice

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