Can You Make Money From Youtube Without Ads

Can You Make Money From Youtube Without Ads – At this point, most of us have learned to live with the end of YouTube ads. This is the price of endless entertainment at our fingertips. Yes, there are ways to avoid ads. If you’re willing to pay $11.99 per month for a YouTube Premium subscription, you can watch YouTube videos without ads. For some users, the absence of ads is necessary, but the price is high. In addition to removing ads, YouTube Premium also includes offline downloads and free access to YouTube Music. But what about users who just want to get rid of ads and don’t care about anything else? Access: YouTube Premium Lite.

Over the weekend, YouTube Premium users tried to cancel their subscriptions. As they saw on ResetEra, Google tried to get the user back with the extension. Instead of canceling their subscription completely, they can subscribe to YouTube Premium Lite instead. The Lite version of the subscription, as the name suggests, removes most of the registry entries. In fact, it seems that there are only free ads on YouTube. Now YouTube has approved a new category.

Can You Make Money From Youtube Without Ads

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How To Make Money On Youtube: Ads, Sponsors And Off Site

A YouTube spokesperson told The Verge: “In Scandinavia and Benelux (excluding Iceland), we’re testing a new offer to give users more choice: Premium Lite for €6.99 per month (or the local equivalent per month) and includes free YouTube videos.”

Note that YouTube Premium Lite offers ad-free streaming on the web, iOS, Android, smart TVs, consoles, and the YouTube Kids app. Meanwhile, it does not offline, play or download YouTube Music Premium. Barebones version of the standard level.

On the other hand, a subscription account that only removes ads can attract more users. On the other hand, Youtube Premium Lite is only 5 euros cheaper than the standard level (€11.99), although it has fewer benefits. Fortunately, YouTube says that the subscription is in the testing phase, which means that there may be changes to the pricing model in the future. YouTube is still considering other apps based on user feedback.

If you live in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway or Sweden, you can try YouTube Premium Lite. Unfortunately, we’ll all have to wait, as Google hasn’t said when or which other sites will be included in the test.

Google Forces Youtube Vanced To Shut Down ‘due To Legal Reasons’

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Youtube Premium Lite Could Get Rid Of Ads For Less Money Than Premium

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Chinese (Simplified) Chinese French German Hebrew Portuguese Spanish Japanese Dutch Korean Polish Filipino Romanian Russian Slovak Slovak Turkish Ukrainian Vietnamese One of the easiest ways to make money on YouTube is to get people to watch your videos. .

Ways To Make Money On Youtube Without Ad Revenue

Yes, your channel must be monetized and you must be accepted into the YouTube Partner Program.

Many YouTube users use ad blockers to avoid advertising on YouTube videos for better viewing experience.

Say you go to YouTube to watch a tutorial on computer troubleshooting. Before you even start with the lesson, an ad pops up.

Then another ad will appear in the middle of the Guide When you try to answer. You close it again.

How To Make Money On Youtube As A Creator

So, it can be said that few people are watching ads on YouTube. If so, you shouldn’t expect to make much money from YouTube advertising.

You can’t make money without advertising. Viewers have to watch the ad for a few minutes before they are allowed to skip.

You will see videos that have thousands or hundreds of thousands of views. This video is 10 minutes long.

Does a visitor have to watch the entire YouTube video to cover it as a demo?

Youtube Video Ideas Without Showing Your Face

So, now that you know how important viewers are, you don’t have to be satisfied with channels that have hundreds of thousands of viewers.

Your income depends on your location. If you’re in a competitive niche (from a seller’s point of view), you’ll earn more.

For example, this is a technology channel. It has earned $3.42 in the last 28 days. That’s $0.00506 per view.

Your income also depends on your field of view. For example, an idea from the United States will pay more than those imported from Malaysia.

How Much Is Youtube’s Revenue

If you’re in a location with a limited number of channels, you’ll have plenty of time to set up and get attention.

For example, the cooking space can be easily started. Sometimes only one family member can have this ability.

Anyone can start a cooking channel without much thought. This is not the case in the technical channel.

Starting a channel in a niche usually attracts local viewers who don’t pay much. If you live in a high-income country.

How To Avoid Youtube Demonetization In 2022

Second, choose a niche that will attract foreign visitors. Niches that attract international traffic include technology and hardware, making money online, and educational (educational) videos in general.

Success on YouTube is largely a numbers game. If your video doesn’t get many views, then you should post more videos.


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