Can You Win Real Money On Slot Apps

Can You Win Real Money On Slot Apps – Before writing this article I think that fictitious casinos cannot compete with their real money counterparts in terms of revenue.

One game in particular changed my mind – Slotomania. This game has successfully monetized free slots for years.

Can You Win Real Money On Slot Apps

Slotomania has been on the market for almost a decade. Released in November 2011 by Playtika, this publisher features a number of successful games such as World Series of Poker and Caesars Casino.

Slotomania Monetization: Turning Virtual Coins Into $1.64 Billion

Playtika specializes in creating casino games and has dozens of games in the app store. Slotomania is a free casino slots game. Unlike other casino games on the market, players cannot use real money or win real money. This game is all about fun and adrenaline.

As you can see, a huge income Even better – they grow every year. There was also a peak like that in 2020, when the entire mobile gaming industry was booming, 2020 alone brought $332 million into Playtika’s pocket.

This wouldn’t be possible without millions of people downloading the game. The user acquisition strategy of the game plays an important role here.

Ultimately, game monetization strategies are what bring in a lot of money, however, it doesn’t work without a combination of game mechanics. data retention strategies, etc.

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Some players will love this game and keep playing. while others will lose forever To turn things in their favor, Playtika does everything to win and earn. In the first session, players receive many rewards. Since free coins at home surprise gift Continuous wins on machines, etc.

However, there is no need for instructions. Slotomania is an original game with a familiar and simple concept – spin the machine and try your luck. All tutorials complete in minutes. The game only explains the basics of the game and allows the user to discover additional features on their own.

Overall, the tutorial is good as it is simple, short and to the point. The player base of Slotomania is casual and does not need to survive with everything the game has to offer.

The game brings a Vegas feel to the player’s screen. Everything in the game is flashy and shiny, lobbies, slot machines and other features. They all come in a colorful cartoon art style.

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Each channel looks different. So players can choose between dozens of slots with different themes: from trains to chili, diamonds, wild west to pandas. In this way, everyone can customize the game to their liking.

Slotomania is designed to bring the slot machine experience to mobile and it works well. The user experience is well polished and the flow of the game is easy to follow.

The button is in the middle of the action. it can be ordered by pressing or with an automatic function that allows the machine to work Everything depends on what the player likes – fully participate in the game or demarcate and let it be automated.

The main game screen contains all the basic functions of the game in one place. At the top, players can find resources and in-game shops. Different slot machines It is located in the center of the screen and is the center of attention. All additional functions are located on the left or bottom of the screen.

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Don’t make things too complicated. The nature of slots is as simple as it should be – it’s all about spinning. win and lose

Therefore, Slotomania uses the perfect combination of mechanics that make this game what it is – fun, addictive and profitable.

The mechanics are taken from brick-and-mortar casinos and almost all slot machines use them. It refers to the rare jackpot prize that players can win with random spins.

Want to know the best part? It increases every time the player spins the slot machine without winning the jackpot. thus encouraging players to keep spinning.

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Can be found everywhere From the main mechanics to the game meta features, rewards, and even on some purchasable items Although everything does not happen by chance. But they managed to create such a great illusion.

In mobile games, the energy mechanic often means life. movement, etc. Slotomania does not have such features. But there is a function that works as an energy mechanism.

Of course, I’m talking about coins. which is the hard currency of the game when the player runs out of coins They could not play the game as if they had run out of energy. At that moment, they are faced with two choices: wait for the game give rewards or make a purchase.

When it comes to slots without real money gambling. Most people have many questions in their mind.

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Go if you like this kind of game. It makes more sense for them to go to a casino or play for real money online.

Still, millions of people play and pay for games like Slotomania. It all boils down to two things: user behavior and game offers.

The first is a normal player. The motivation to play comes from basic human nature. He likes to earn high rewards. win every opportunity and sometimes very lucky

Then there are the determined players. Their motivation to play is almost completely different. For them, it’s about games – extreme, exciting and unpredictable. These are the players that can be won from top to bottom in a minute.

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So there are regular visitors to the casino. These people play slots to hone their skills so that they can use them for real money play.

Finally, some users play these games to kill time, for example for weekend mobile gamers looking to kill time.

Basically, this genre has a dominant audience – Baby Boomers and Millennials. In fact, the average Slotomania player is 48 years old! Also, 58% of players are women.

Finally, some incentives can be applied to all types of players. The barrier to entry in the game is low. They do not require a large investment. and can play games for a long time without guilt

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The key to a successful monetization strategy is knowing how to reach different types of players. all these

This combination is becoming more and more popular in the mobile game industry. in recent years Many games have added subscription offers in addition to the existing IAP format, including Slotomania.

Hard currency of the game – Coins come with the widest range of offers. Players can choose from six different packages ranging from $1.99 to $49.99 for new players only. All offers are over 100%. People tend to like the feeling of exclusivity which makes the offer more attractive.

Players are less likely to spend money on the soft currency of the game – gems, so they only come in three different offers.

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After that, the game offers three booster subscriptions. When a player subscribes They can enjoy the benefits of a subscription for three or seven days. The cheapest three-day subscription serves as a test drive. If the players like it, they are likely to return.

All gem offers and subscriptions are in the range of $0.99 – $9.99, even most coin offers are in bundles < $10. The reason is clear. Playtika understands that players don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on a single purchase.

They also know that most of the paying audience will spend a small amount of money. In fact, the best selling offer of the game is the $1.99 package.

To be honest, many players don’t even go to the store in the game. Others may visit But they do not buy anything.

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Therefore, the game has to bring an offer to the players. It is important to make them feel needed.

To know how Slotomania did this, I was a player for 7 days.

While revving the engine and continuing Then a pop-up appeared saying “First Daily Dash Completed!”. So I made my claim.

It directs me to a gift icon that describes what happened – I participated in one.

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Additional rewards are priced at $4.99, which is the standard Battle Pass price for this genre.

The non-standard thing is the player’s journey in the beginning. In this way, the player gets a special reward from the first session. As they continue to play The game predicts that their appetite will continue to increase. which may result in a purchase

While on the home screen There is a message about free bonuses in the game store. So I went and claimed it. This is important because it’s a simple trick. To attract players to the store every day.

. After I finished and received my reward I was offered to play again. but for major prizes This will cost me $2.99 ​​after rejecting the game I requested: “

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What makes this offer interesting is that the game seeks to monetize its players through more accurate meta features.

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