Comparative Government And Politics Textbook

Comparative Government And Politics Textbook – 1. Understanding Comparative Politics; 2. Studies and Approaches to Comparative Politics; 3. Comparison of Systems: Dictatorship and Democracy; 4. The historical context of modern government. 5. Classification of political systems; 6. Development and modernization; 7. Election systems. party systems; political parties and stability; 8. Contemporary debates on the nature of the state; 9. comparative analysis topics; 10. political culture participation; Communication politics business and corporation; 11. political processes and institutions in society; . A comparative perspective.

Comparative Political Science provides an exciting and original introduction to one of the most important areas of political science. International scholars offer a variety of perspectives on the relative political methods and theories and structures and institutions at the heart of world political systems. Actors Processes and policies are explored. Along with explaining the most important themes, students are provided with a wealth of empirical data to illustrate similarities and differences in practice and to stimulate research. Comparative Government and Politics Textbook prepares you for the exam by giving you practice tests on the subjects you want to study.

Comparative Government And Politics Textbook

Dr. Arimardan Singh holds MA (Political Science), BSc, MA and Ph.D. Ram Manohar Lohia University of Awadh; During his research in Faizabad, he wrote scientific articles and articles which were published in various local and international magazines. Currently working as Dean of Rajat College of Education and Management for Women affiliated to Lucknow University for the past 6 years. This book will serve well the needs of those studying graduate and post-graduate courses in Indian universities.

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