Create A Monster High Doll Kit

Create A Monster High Doll Kit – Last week I received a comment on one of my posts asking for my opinion on Mattel’s Monster Creation series. Here’s a quick overview of the Monster High Create Monsters line.

Let’s start with the basics. Apparently some people are confused by this new line based on some of the reviews I’ve read. What is this “Monster Creation”? Create a line of animals similar to the ‘Doll Wattpads’ I mentioned a few weeks ago. The Monster High line is a great way to expand your Monster High collection and create your own Monster High characters. Most importantly? You create your own pet from scratch or add a pack.

Create A Monster High Doll Kit

At the time of writing there are two startup systems. You’ll need at least one of these starter systems to use the add-on package (don’t worry, I’ll get back to you). Each starter kit includes one bracelet, two knuckles, two lower legs, two upper arms, two lower arms, two arms, two clothes, two shoes and two wigs. You can choose a single creature (ie: wolf, dragon, anything is allowed) or you can mix and match to create your own unique beast.

Versatility Package Doll Clothes Pattern For 9 11 Inch Fashion Dolls

Please note that there is only one torso in the starter kit. You can choose an animal to make – you can’t make two dolls based on these starter kits!

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s take a look at the “extra” package. They are just that – supplements. Think of it as a playing card game. You start with a starter kit full of essentials and expand your deck with ‘extra’ packs.

In the monster build line, this “extra” means the kit does not include torso, upper arms, or joints. ‘Extras’ usually include 1 doll head, 1 pair of lower arms, 1 pair of arms, 1 pair of lower legs, 1 pair of shoes, 1 outfit, 1 wig and accessories.

So far, Mattel has released three expansion packs – the three-eyed girl, the skeleton and the bee girl.

Why Is Monster High So Cool?

I love the idea behind this kit. With shelves full of Frankie, Dracula and the Monster High gang, creating new monsters at will is an exciting prospect. For people like me who take pictures of their dolls, this idea is good to add different pictures. Here are some more pros about this kit.

I really like these settings and the overall idea. I hope 2012 will hold lots of starter packs and be fun. The biggest problem with the monster making line is the wig issue, but the wigs Monique made for the 1/6 doll seem to be perfect for these miniatures.

I love this new way. It’s fun and one of the most popular Monster High products I’ve seen.

Making a Monster High Monster line is a great idea and I hope it continues for a long time! I’m excited to share today’s guest review with you, and I’m excited to welcome our next guest, Toy Town, for another fun Monster High review. Toy Town introduced you to the Power Ghouls Cat Tastrophedoll last November, and today we’re here to take a look at the We Are Monster High set. It tests several packs with five dolls, including new character Gilda Goldstag, and one of Monster High’s shyest boys, Sloman Mortavich – also known as “Slo Mo”. Tell us more about this fun environment, Children’s Village!

Mattel Monster High Frankie Stein Doll

Hello everyone, it’s Toy Town! Today we’re going to take a look at the new We Monster High 5 Pack! I know many of you are wondering if this should happen or not, so I’ll share my thoughts on this package and hopefully help you make up your mind.

When Ghoul Spirit Slo Mo came out, many of us were very disappointed. Searching for it is like searching for the lost city of Atlantis! I find it hard to find. However, when I heard about the new We Monster High 5 Pack with Slo Mo and a new character, my first thought was “I don’t want this. I want this!” I waited months until I finally ordered it on, my sister bought it for me as a Christmas/birthday gift, and it was $60 off with free shipping ($11.40 per doll).

The front window box shows the five dolls in the package: “Slo Mo” Mortavich as the President, Laguna Blue as the President, Cleo De Neal as the Chairman, Gilda Goldstag as the Treasurer, and Sarah Screaming as the Secretary.

I expect Gulia to be the vice president. Hmm, I think she would be First Lady Slo Mo….

We Are Monster High

Behind the box is a large picture of the Disciplinary Council and their views:

When I opened the box, I noticed that there was a small instruction pattern on the side of the tab. Basically, it shows the movable parts of the dolls:

The back of the box seems like a useless step. It is made of cardboard, so it should be used for playing.

One thing I noticed: Slo Mo’s left arm is sticking out of his pack. Hopefully this won’t be a big problem in the future:

Monster High Create A Monster Review

This kit comes with one pair of plastic flags and one pair of foam rubber. Adapter not included. (Hmph! Not good!).

The “puff” handle is actually plastic, and has a little twist on the back so the dolls can put their hands on it:

Secretary shouts Let’s start with Sarah (anyone else see this comment?). Skara has the simplest form.

For her makeup, she only wears pink eye shadow and green lipstick. She is well made up and the simplicity of her makeup balances her strong face.

Monster High Create A Monster Blob Ice Girl Starter Set

Scara’s dark hair was tied in a high ponytail. I also noticed that his ears were showing, but they were not pierced.

The only difference I see between the Sarah doll version and her prototype is the length of her hair. Scara’s figure has long hair that falls down her back, with her doll’s hair falling just past her neck.

Sarah’s boots are light pink high heels with ankle straps. They are suitable for eye makeup, but again – they are very simple.

I really like Skara’s dress, it’s my favorite of all the dresses that come with the set. This is a 60’s green mod dress with a screaming face print.

Monster High Monster Maker By Hti

Overall, I love Skara’s casual fashion. It’s the perfect blend of 60s and modern. I also like the idea of ​​the “screaming girls” print; it’s perfect for a banshee theme. However, they wish they could add more details to its usage. Shoes and belts are also smooth.

Cleo wears white-blue glasses and eyelids over her eyes and lids. Its irises are gray-green in color with green and yellow bases. Her lips are red and a black belt.

Cleo still has the right hand jewelry, but this time it looks more like fruit than jewelry.

The Cleo doll model lacks photo accuracy. Cleo’s hair in this photo looks more brown than black. Also, the eye makeup in this photo shows that she has two layers of eyeliner: gold and teal. Monster High Create A Monster Design Play Set

For Cleo’s costume, she wore a short, black and gold dress with what looked like a mummy veil cut diagonally at the end. She also has a golden Egyptian necklace.

I know they’re red in this picture, but Cleo’s shoes are actually red-orange stilettos.

I expected the application and style for Cleo to be the social chair of the school. In my honest opinion, he looks like an Egyptian arsonist or an Egyptian company secretary. Flat stiletto shoes are very simple, as is a choker collar. The clothes and general makeup look good. It’s nice to see another Cleo with short hair, but future dolls will stick with brown hair like in this photo. I have to admit, this Cleo really pissed me off.

His eyebrows are indigo. She wears a dark shade of blue eye shadow, her irises are green and fire green. He had normal hair on his cheeks. I don’t like her lips; they were so pale blue that his face looked like he was sick with a deadly disease.

Skullector (doll Assortment)

Laguna’s face gets a lot of light from my camera, but I want to show that it’s not out of focus:

Laguna’s fur has a very greasy texture and some hairs are attached with strong glue and fall out. I C.


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