Create My Own Website Google

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If you want to build a simple, free website, finding the right builder can be difficult. Some only let you have one page, while others make you search through menus to learn how to use them. What if you want to drag and drop text and images into a visually pleasing arrangement?

Create My Own Website Google

Google Sites is Google’s website builder. If you’re installing Google Sites against WordPress or any other advanced website builder, it doesn’t really stack up – it’s just a small feature. But it’s still what you need to create a blog, portfolio, business site, or company website. It’s also easy for non-business users to create websites for their families, friends, and classrooms.

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Finally, you can do better with Google Sites. The Site Builder report shares examples of Google sites that look professional, such as a doctor’s site. So say:

Yes! You can create a Google site for free. And, since it doesn’t cost much, you get all its features for free.

Go to and choose one of the options above to start a new site: use a template, or start from scratch. You can switch to the old Google Sites editor at the bottom left of this page, but this tutorial will show you how to use the new editor.

Since my cats need to improve their online presence, I will create a website for them for example. As you create yours, use the Preview option in the top right menu to see how your website will look on different devices.

How To Create A Website Free Of Cost

Every new page on Google Sites starts with a pre-written header. At the top left of that header, you’ll find an Enter Site Name field. The name you enter here will be visible on your website, but you can give your site a private name on the main Google Sites page where you go to edit your sites.

When you hover your mouse over a site name, you have the option to add a logo that appears to the left of the name. It will be small, so use a simple and clean image.

Go to the bottom left of the header to change your title. Choose an image to use as your background, then choose from four header types: cover, main banner, banner, or header only. The first three options show your background image in different sizes, while the last one uses only the header text.

The lower right corner of the section has options to resize the image for better readability and allows you to choose where (center) to place your image. There is no set title size for Google Sites. Instead, it takes your photo and adjusts it to different resolutions based on where you uploaded it. I recommend using the highest resolution you can, then check how your header looks on different devices using the preview option.

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After deciding on the size of your banner and background image, create the header text. Click it to adjust its style, size, font, and layout. Drag the dots above the text box to move the box left or right (but not up or down). Or turn it off if you don’t want any text.

Want to add an image above your header image? Double-click anywhere on the banner, then use the context menu to add the URL, your Google Drive, or your computer. You can also use the middle menu button to add additional text boxes.

Click on the Themes tab in the top right menu to change the layout of your site. Each theme comes with some default color schemes and fonts.

Looking for more control? Click the + icon under the Custom tab to save your Google Sites content for later. You can change the font and color to your heart’s content.

How To Create A Free Website With Google My Business

Time to review the basics of creating websites on Google Sites. Click the Insert tab on the right bar to add the following to your site.

Like the header text, any text boxes you add to the elements have options to change their shape and size. Click the three dots at the top right of the edit bar to edit line spacing, add indents, or perform code formatting. The keyboard shortcuts you use to edit text in Google Docs also work in Google Sites.

It wouldn’t be Google if it didn’t integrate well with other Google apps, and of course, Google Sites allows you to add content from other Google tools through the Insert menu. Each Google-related option takes you to a menu to find the file or active item you want to share. Choose from these options:

Google Sites does not have a native contact form. However, you have two options to install one from an external source:

Create A Business Site For Free With Google My Business

Change your item at any time by clicking and dragging the dots above each one. New items appear at the bottom of the page, and you can drag them to create columns next to existing items.

Tip: To keep your images at their original size, drag a corner to start resizing it, then hold down your Shift key to resize it.

You can move an element to the left or right, but you cannot change their vertical position within a section. For example, I can’t list these titles between each image:

Click and drag the dots to the left of the section to move it. There, you’ll find options to change the background color, duplicate it, or remove it. Change the background color of your section to add focus and contrast.

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Done with your front page? More on the Add Pages tab on the right menu. To add a new page go to the + icon at the bottom of the menu. This button allows you to add an external link or menu category to your menu title.

Move page names around the page menu to change their order in your website’s menu. Drag a page under another page or menu category to make it smaller. In your site’s menu, a subpage appears as a drop-down menu item under the parent page or category.

Click the three dots next to the page name to make it your homepage, copy it, add a subpage, hide it from the menu, or delete it.

Tip: If you want to copy something from one page to another, select that part of your site, click

Google My Business Website Package

Now is the time to share your hard work. Click the Publish button at the top right of the screen. As you type, you can set your own custom URL endpoint. You can hide your website from Google results if you want to keep it private.

In the future, press Publish every time you make a change to your site and are ready to share it with the public. Whenever you republish a site, Google Sites will show you the difference between your new edit and the currently published site.

In the old Google way, you can share your site with others and set them up as editors or viewers. Click the People icon in the top right menu to add people and set their permissions.

If you have a lot of people working on your website, you can check the version history by clicking on the three dots in the top right menu and go to Version History. This option works similarly to Google’s version history feature, which allows you to view older versions and restore your site.

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Yes. You can set a custom Google Sites URL using the Settings > Custom Domains option. This feature allows you to add domains using Google Sites or a third party.

If you plan to use your Google site for professional purposes, a custom domain will give it more polish. Plus, getting one is relatively cheap – about $15 a year.

Google Sites does not have widgets except for the Google Apps option, but you can add any external option with an embed code. Look for the Embed or widget option. Adding articles to Google Sites can only use HTML code.

If Google Sites is the first free website builder you try, let other people see which features you like. Our selection of the best free website builders includes some great options if the simplicity of Google Sites isn’t what you’re looking for.

Create Your Own Google Logo

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