Create Your Own Holiday Card

Create Your Own Holiday Card – Want to be more stylish with your gifts this holiday season? Start any gift with these creative Christmas card ideas! Whether it’s a heartfelt sentiment or a treasured gift card (or both!), if they have a handmade Christmas card, they’ll be delighted with its contents. That’s why we’ve selected the most beautiful, engaging, and creative cards for the 2021 holiday season. Added bonus: Each design comes with simple instructions and step-by-step tutorials, so putting them together will be a breeze. Some of these ideas can be prepared in less than 15 minutes, giving you time to do other things you love – like baking Christmas cookies or decorating your rustic Christmas tree.

However, despite how easy these cards are to make, you can be sure that every extra ounce of effort you put into these cards will be appreciated. After all, a hand-drawn Christmas card sends the message to the reader that you put time (even if not a lot) into creating it, thought and care, and ultimately reminds them how much It is important to you. Whether it’s a sweet-smelling, freshly baked Christmas treat or an equally special home decor, your holiday craft project will be noticed.

Create Your Own Holiday Card

And of course, you don’t have to make all the elements of your Christmas gifts for your home. Even a store-bought Christmas gift can be upgraded into an inexpensive gift for mom or best friend by using it in a handwritten card. (Don’t forget to add a sweet Christmas card message too!)

Create Your Own Handmade Holiday Photo Cards

When flat design doesn’t look festive enough, give it a spin with these easy-to-fold 3D paper Christmas tree cards.

It’s not much less maintenance than gluing a pom pom circle to a card! Luckily, this simple Christmas card design is still pretty cool.

This DIY duct tape gift card only takes a few minutes to make, but the effect is still just as fun and festive.

These colorful Christmas cards make a perfect activity for kids as each bulb is painted with a finger print.

Simply To Impress

Send greetings from the kids or the whole family by making this Spanish Moss Wreath Accent Photo Card.

To do: Cut out a black and white photo of children, pets or the whole family in a circle. Glue to the front of the simple card. Hot glue pieces of Spanish moss around the picture to make a wreath. Attach a small bow at the bottom of the wreath with hot glue. Add ribbon and a rack to the bottom of the card.

To make: Punch a small round hole in the front of a plain greeting card. Glue a photo to the inside of the card so that it is in the center of the opening (if you want, you can glue a piece of coordinating colored paper to the back of the image to create a neat finish). Use a light gray watercolor marker to draw a trail of snow around the image. Die-cut trees, cars, and trucks on holiday-themed wrapping paper and cards. Attach a short piece of ribbon and additional wrapping paper decorations just below the image.

As soft as those new slippers you got from Santa, this card is made entirely of felt with button embellishments.

How To Print Your Own Holiday Cards

To make: Cut a rectangle of white felt. Fold in half to make a card. Experience a green tree and a yellow star. Glue to the center of the front of the card. Cut out the letters (you can freehand them or draw the letters with a pencil first). Glue the letters under the tree. Stick on small colorful buttons to imitate charm.

To make: Paint a branch on plain card with brown craft paint. Cut out the bird shape from the red tissue paper and glue it to the card just above the branch, leaving enough space for the legs. Once dry, use a black fine point marker to draw on the legs, wings, eyes and beak. For extra flair, glue a piece of ribbon along the folded edge of the card.

To make: half a small cork. Use a black marker to draw on the eyes and lash line. Attach the small red pumps with glue. Glue the cork to the plain card front. Use a fine-tipped brown felt-tip marker to draw the horns and add the greeting. Add a ribbon flare to the folded edge of the card.

Turn the humble button into a festive greeting and use it to decorate the outside of a DIY holiday card.

Handmade Christmas Card Ideas + $100 Prize Pack Giveaway & More

To make: Glue small wreath or snowman buttons to the outside of plain card. Before attaching the buttons, loop a small scarf, if necessary, trim the bottom of the button and the head of the snowman. Glue the ends of the scarf onto the card. Attach the cap to the black felt with glue. Attach a small bow made of thin red ribbon to the wreath. If you wish, write a seasonal proverb.

A sweet alternative to store-bought cards, these greetings put your tree decorating skills to work on a smaller scale.

To do: Download our photo and print it in color on 8 1/2″ x 11″ card stock. Fold the stock lengthwise, with a bony fold.

For the top left card, attach small faux beads and baubles to the tree (use craft glue for each design).

Code Your Holiday Cheers: Create Your Own Digital Greeting Card

To reproduce the medium version, cut and glue the trim (made with tracing buttons), the base of the tree and a star from patterned fabric.

Make the final card by zigzagging the length of the ribbon on the tree. Fold the ends under and glue, then try another width of ribbon to make a base, star, and gift. Or use your imagination and whatever you have to make your own unique cards.

Say it with hot chocolate (and a gift card)! This adorable gift card holder is easy to make and an easy way to spice up any last minute gift.

Do you have scraps of cotton lying around? Turn them into DIY Christmas cards in a few quick steps and get ready to impress all your friends.

How To Print The Best Holiday Card

As if making your own Christmas cards wasn’t impressive enough, this card features handmade stamps. That’s right: every aspect is created by you!

Here’s a fun and whimsical update to the classic family Christmas card. Paper doll versions, separated from your family members, make this version even more fun (and funnier).

Why limit your creativity to cards? Here, a geometric, folded envelope adds a fun and unexpected richness to any handmade card.

Simple and elegant, this card features a sweet green wreath that can be made in minutes. Typed font and kraft paper background add to the sophisticated atmosphere.

Cricut Christmas Cards Ideas

Christmas isn’t all red and green, you know! Here, black and gold take center stage for a look that’s equal parts sophisticated and fun.

This Christmas card is a magic trick – a fact that is sure to delight the children of your family friends. When you draw Santa’s line across the card, it turns red and white.

Send this beauty to your friends and family and they can cut the pre-cut ornaments out of the middle to display on their tree.

Save money – and time – by using this free blogger printable to create your own collection of beautiful holiday cards!

How To Create Holiday Card Coasters — Mixbook Inspiration

Thanks to this easy tutorial, even the most novice crafter can cut and shape a magnolia wreath or poinsettia display out of paper.

This unique Christmas card only requires two supplies and a few minutes. It doesn’t get much easier than this!

Get in touch with your artistic side! Although watercolor painting can look intimidating, the messier and more expressive you are, the better the design will look.

Reuse old paint chips to create a colorful forest of Christmas trees that you can send to loved ones.

Holiday Card 5

Give your friends and family some holiday cheer with this creation featuring a button snowman.

If you’re looking for a fun Christmas craft to do with your kids, look no further than these cute cards. Every year we make holiday cards to send to our business friends. This year I thought a card in the shape of a house would be fun (in honor of our new studio home). Today we’re excited to share a fun way with Canon USA and their Crafting Corner to create personalized holiday cards right in your home!

Step 1: Print out the house template and two 5×7 inch photos from your year. We made a collage of small memories for the second image. We printed our product on the PIXMA MG7120 on Canon 8.5×11 semi-gloss photo paper and cut it to size.

Download the house template from here. (Right click/Control + click, then choose Save Link As… and make sure you print at 100% scale)

Beautiful Diy Christmas Cards You Can Easily Make At Home

Step 2: Cut out the template and use it to make a piece of paper for the cover and cut the image into the shape of the house. Step 3: Decorate the front of your card using scraps of scrapbook paper

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