Create Your Own Name Tag

Create Your Own Name Tag – An Instagram badge is a customizable ID card that people can scan using the Instagram app to find your profile and follow you on the service. In this step-by-step tutorial we will guide you to create an Instagram name tag for your own account.

2) Go to your account by tapping on the profile icon. Then press the hamburger menu in the upper right corner.

Create Your Own Name Tag

Tap anywhere on the screen or press the button above to try other ready-made designs. Select the color icon to switch between colors. Emoji to choose an emoji design. or selfie to take pictures and try different selfie stickers.

Free, Printable, Customizable Name Tag Templates

There are two ways you can scan an Instagram badge, using the Instagram app’s camera, or you can choose to scan an Instagram badge from one of your own profiles:

3) Make sure the label you are trying to scan appears in front of you, point your iPhone over the label. Then press and hold the camera screen until the label is captured.

2) Go to your account by tapping on the profile icon at the bottom. Then press the hamburger menu.

You will see your username, profile picture and first name as defined in your Instagram settings. You can then choose to view their profile or follow them.

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We love this feature. But its usefulness is limited to people you meet in real life. Even if you post your badge on the internet for anyone to scan. But doing so can expose you to many unwanted requests from strangers.

But if your profile is open and your followers are not moderate at all. Posting your badge on social media services can help increase your following. You can also share your Instagram name tag in a post. Publish on your blog Embed in email signature, etc.

Are you an aspiring Instagram star? Does your business depend on Instagram? Either way Feel free to include your Instagram name tag in your business card design.

Stuck? Not sure how to do something on your Apple device? Let us know via help@, and future tutorials can fix the problem if you (or your company) have a big meeting. Printing your own labels can help. By printing it yourself, you can customize it according to your needs. Type as much or as little as you want. And it saves you more money than ordering pre-printed nameplate labels.

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In this example We will use this 10UP label sheet. The space between the labels allows us to print with trim. This name tag will be used for Awesome Bob’s University alumni reunions. Thousands will be there. Therefore, a name tag will be very helpful. Especially since everyone has changed a lot in the last ten years!

It’s time to start designing your name badge. The first thing to do is remove the Burris logo and the text below it. Click on the logo, hold shift and then click in the middle of the text box. Both should now be selected Press “Delete”.

Your template may appear blank. But I assure you that this is not the case. Click the top left down about half an inch You will see a blue line frame appear. Each label has its own text box. You can select all text boxes and specify an outline to make them easier to see when designing your label.

It’s time to print your name badge! this is our way how are you?

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