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We started with email campaigns, then introduced landing pages and now proudly offer a website. Well, with the new website builder, you can build an entire website right from your app.

Create Your Own Website Blog

Using the same drag and drop elements you used, you can now create a home page, various web pages and blog sections with articles. You can create your own website in no time without coding. Are you still happy? We hope so!

Creating Your Own Blog

We put a lot of effort into creating new features that help you build amazing websites. Continue to start your first website and view the site in the app. Next to the Landing Page, you’ll see a new Website tab. Click on the tab and press the orange button to create your website.

Congratulations, that’s a start. The whole process will be easy. If you have a few hours to spare today, we can have your website up and running before the end of the day!

If you think about it, a website is a collection of pages that are all linked together. The foundation of your website is the home page, which is automatically generated and ready to be filled with content when you open the website builder. To expand your website, click on the Pages area and then create a new one.

To edit pages, switch between pages in the tab bar. You can change and check which pages you are editing in the black bar at the top of the editor.

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Each page will automatically appear in the main search engine of your website. Enable this option if you want to hide it. This will just hide your page from searches, but yes, you can still link to it using our link system.

Page not ready for public viewing? This option marks your page as a draft, ensuring that its content is not publicly accessible. If you frame the page, don’t forget to hide the option so your page doesn’t show up in traffic and lead to a 404 page.

Select this option if you want to protect your page with a password. Enter your preferred password here and others can access the page only if they know the magic code name. Perfect for promoting exclusive content that people can only access by subscribing to your newsletter!

Optimize each page specifically for search engines and social sharing. This is where you can add your SEO title, keywords and description. If you don’t add any settings here, we will take your entire website settings and use them.

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Want to create a dropdown menu in your search? you can! To adjust a page to appear in the menu, drag gently on the page above it. You will see how the page is laid out on the right. In the web browser, you will see a down arrow pointing to the menu for this page.

A 404 message appears when a visitor enters a URL by mistake, the page doesn’t exist, or your page is marked as draft. With these settings you can edit the displayed message or add additional content restrictions.

If you enable the password protection option, this is where you can create a landing page to unlock your content. Keep it simple with an opening field or add an image or text.

With a website builder, you can easily build and design your website the way you want it.

Create Your Own Website To Grow Your Business?

With layout settings, you can change your layout globally so that the same layout settings are applied to all your internal pages. There is built-in editing so you can edit text content in the same way as our rich text editor.

With the website builder, you can drag and drop more than 2 blocks to create a website in no time. We have developed several content blocks, from image carousels to contact forms. All blocks are divided into categories so you can navigate between them easily. The search feature helps you find blocks quickly.

As a landing page builder, you can embed a registration form on your website page. Just drag the registration form to your page and start collecting subscribers.

Don’t forget you can add surveys or quizzes to your website! These content blocks can be found under specific categories. Surveys are a great way to get to know your existing audience and attract new email subscribers.

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Survey blocks come with a variety of question templates, such as satisfaction scores, NPS, multiple-choice questions, and like/dislike questions. The questionnaire allows you to choose the right answer, then we adjust the results of each participant. With settings, you can create surveys and question templates as you wish.

Every website comes with a blog if you want to use it. To create a blog view, after selecting Create New, select Blog. Once you start writing and adding blogs, you’ll see pages with placeholders that fill up instantly.

The main position of the posts cannot be changed, but you can click the edit icon and change the number of posts displayed per page and per row. You can also make blog settings. You can play around with the design in the settings tab.

Once you are satisfied with your design, you can save your website (print or save as a draft). On your website dashboard, you will now see a tab called Blog.

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This is where your posts will be saved. If you want to make your first post, just click Create Post. In the next step, you can add:

All these details can change later, so don’t worry too much at first. Click Next: Content to start writing your post. This is a Post editor’s note.

Anything you change in the editor is a direct reflection of how your final post will turn out.

Add your own text and change text color, size and more. Every time you press enter, a new paragraph is automatically converted to a block of text, so you can easily edit and change it. Each block of text can be added, changed and moved as you go. Just drag the entire paragraph to another location and edit your text until you’re completely happy.

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Make it easy for you and your readers to find posts related to specific categories. Click Manage Categories on the Blog tab to add a new category. Then click Create New and add a clear and specific name for your category. All your additional categories are displayed in the post settings so you can link each post to the appropriate category.

Once you’ve created your website, you can choose to publish it immediately or wait until later. If the website is not publicized, no one will be able to see it when they click on the URL.

You can make changes to the published website at any time. When you make changes to a previously published page, your new changes will be reflected when you click Update and publish.

You can spend as much time as you want updating and updating your content. When you’re 100% ready, you can update and make your changes public. The same goes for blog posts.

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You can change the website URL in the website settings or add your own domain to create a custom URL.

We’ve added options to optimize search to ensure your website is found by more people. This means you can add an SEO description for each step. You can find these settings under the SEO Settings tab.

In the Social Sharing tab, you can edit how your website appears when shared on social networks. Add a title, description and image.

You can access custom code root analysis and technology. If you want to track performance on Google and Facebook, you can track Google Analytics and Facebook or by adding custom code between the tags.

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If you do not want to track any of your visitor data, you can select the option to disable tracking here.

You can see the number of unique visitors your website receives on your website dashboard in the analytics tab. When your website has more than 1 page, you can filter each page to see the analysis of each page.

Another great feature is the clickable heat map. With this feature, you can track how visitors interact with your page and find out what content or page design works best for you. These options are available on individual pages.

You can create 1 printed website and 5 internal pages with your plan. Want to build more? You can create unlimited websites and pages by purchasing the SitesPro add-on for $10 per month. If you already have SitesPro, you don’t need to buy it again.

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To use your own domain, this can be done when using a paid plan or the SitesPro add-on.


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