Cricut Using Your Own Images

Cricut Using Your Own Images – One of the most common questions from people who have a new Cricut machine (or are considering getting one) is: Can I upload my designs to the Cricut machine? Well, the answer is YES! You can upload your pictures, designs and images to the Cricut Design Space and cut them with your machine. You can upload photos and use the Print & Cut tool to create projects with your photos! Today I’ll show you how to upload a basic image like a jpeg or png and how to upload a vector file if you have an image with multiple layers.

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Cricut Using Your Own Images

Being able to upload your own images gives you the freedom to do whatever you want with your Cricut. You can upload anything from simple, flat jpeg images to complex multi-dimensional vector files and Cricut Design Space will automatically edit them for you. print them, cut them out, emboss them, or use them however you like in your Cricut project!

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To import any image into Cricut Design Space, first open Cricut Design Space in your browser. Click the green “New Project” button in the upper right corner to create a blank project.

At the bottom of the toolbar on the left side of the project is an “Upload” icon. Click it to open the Upload tab.

From here you can upload an original image (a single-layer image such as .jpg, .gif, .bmp or .png) or a vector image (a multi-layered image such as .svg or .dxf).

I created a simple image in Adobe Illustrator and saved it as a jpg and svg file to show you how to import a basic image and a vector image into Cricut Design Space.

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Most of the images you see on the web are stock images, meaning they are flat images on one side. They can be colorful and even appear 3D, but the image itself is made up of pixels of different colors to give the impression of shading or depth. These single layer images can be created in programs like Adobe Photoshop, PicMonkey, Canva, and other simple photo editors. Photos from your phone or camera are also basic, flat images.

You can import .jpg, .gif, .bmp and .png files into Cricut Design Space and they will all load as one layer.

Here’s how to upload the original image. From the Upload tab in Cricut Design Space, click the green and white “Upload Image” button.

Then drag and drop the image file into the window or click the green and white “Browse” button to open the image file.

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After selecting the original image to upload, a preview will appear on the left side and ask you to select the image type. You can choose between:

For this example I chose “Simple” because it is a very simple design. Then click the green “Continue” button.

The next step is to “work” the image to make sure the parts you actually want to cut will make it into your project. You have three tools you can use to manipulate the image:

I use “Select & Clear” for about 90% of the images I upload to Cricut Design Space. very strong and really smart! For this example, I clicked on the background of the image and it erases the entire background!

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I kept clicking on the center of each star to erase the background of the star and I was done. Once you’ve deleted all the parts of the image you don’t want to share, click the green “Continue” button.

The next step is to decide what kind of image you have and give it a name. You can save your uploaded image as a Print & Cut image or as Clip Art. If your original image has details (like a photo of your kids that you want to print first, then cut, or something where color is important), save it as Print & Cut. If it’s just a shape you want to cut out, you can save it as a Cutout image.

Your uploaded image will appear in the Recently Uploaded Images section at the bottom of your uploaded tab. Just select your uploaded image and click the green “Insert Images” button to add it to your project!

Vector graphics are multi-layer graphic files, usually created in a program such as Adobe Illustrator. In this example, the left side of the star heart is a layer so I can cut it out of the blue material and the lines are split into two groups. Each line is on one layer so it can be cut from the red, and the other lines are a separate layer so they can be cut from the white.

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You can import .svg and .dxf files into Cricut Design Space and they will all be imported as multiple layers with each image or color layer separated into separate sections in Design Space.

How to insert a vector image. From the Upload tab in Cricut Design Space, click the green and white “Upload Image” button.

Since vector image files contain all the details of the image in the file itself, Cricut Design Space can automatically create these images for you without you having to do anything!

You’ll see a preview of your image on the left, and after it loads, each layer or color will be its own layer.

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Just upload your image and add tags if you want, then click the green “Save” button.

Select the image you uploaded in the Recently Uploaded Images section, then click the green “Insert Images” button to add it to your project!

You’ll notice that when you load the base image, it will appear black like the heart on the left, but the vector image will appear in the colors used in the original vector file. The base image will be a single layer in the Layers toolbar on the right, but the vector image will be split into groups or colors.

You can see that the colored heart is a layer, but each “shape” is independent of one of the three colors (red, white and blue). In Cricut Design Space, the different colors act as “layers”, so when you cut this design, you separate the red, white, blue, and black into four different “decorations” so you can cut in different colors or materials , if I want. . If your uploaded SVG file is monochrome, the Cricut Design website will automatically separate each element into a separate section/group in your project.

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Vector graphics are more powerful if you plan to cut multiple colors or materials because layers are automatically converted to Cricut Design Space layers. But for simple cutout projects or Print & Cut, uploading the original image works just fine!

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