Customize Your Own Hockey Stick

Customize Your Own Hockey Stick – The rod itself feels good to use, light but still plenty of power. The extra texture on the head makes me feel like I’m in control of the ball.

Our school hockey sticks don’t just look great, they also play great. The range of lengths and weights make our rods suitable for our different abilities and age groups, and we often get compliments on how good the rods are.

Customize Your Own Hockey Stick

They did an amazing job, I am very impressed with the quality of the personalized hockey stick, thank you!

Cataclysm Field Hockey Stick

Stylish and professional, this personalized hockey stick from Rage was a special gift for mom to celebrate her hockey career.

You can use our online tool above to create your own design, here’s a quick guide to get you started. If you’d like to design your own, we have a handy template you can use, and when you’re done, you can upload your design using the options above. Finally, our most popular option, just give us a brief description of what you want in a wand and we’ll design it for you at no extra cost.

NOTE: Whenever possible, use Vector graphics in your field hockey stick design as it produces strong prints. Although we can print images (Raster graphics), the final print quality is not that strong. Learn more about raster and vector graphics

You can choose from a selection of shapes to be a Basemodel of any weight and length up to 40″, Our Base Models are divided to cover different shapes (lower spring, standard, grip and closed), carbon percentage. price points. For more information on a specific base model, see this link or contact us.

Used Left Handed White Warrior Alpha Lx Pro

During the final payment, you have the option to pay in the currency of your choice. If you order more than 1 rod, we offer a progressive discount based on the total quantity. For large orders where you want to use different base models in the same order, or if you have different graphics for each rod, please contact us.

Shipping costs are now based on the item and quantity you order… So no more surprises or extra charges!

To get an accurate estimate, simply add the correct quantity to the Chart page and see the applicable discounts and shipping costs calculated automatically.

At RAGE Custom, we give you many options to choose from, but it is very important that you choose the right one. So, to help you out, here is a comprehensive post that will help you choose the “right” field hockey stick!

Stick Wrap Around Decal Graphics Configurator For Hockey And Ringette Players And Goalies All Around The World

We have a variety of stick shapes from international players to kids new to field hockey! Check this post to make sure you choose the right mold shape.

There’s a lot of advice out there on this topic, but in this blog we’re going to put an end to the “correct stick length” debate by offering the most comprehensive and accurate Choo Hockey Size Chart!

Each rod in your order has a different design and different base models! Contact us for help setting it up.

Trying to find out how to take advantage of this great discount, why not order Team? It’s easier than ever to get started with our fully managed Team Ordering service… Visit our Team Ordering page to learn more!

Manchester Flames Custom Mini Hockey Sticks

We see the future of sports clubs and retail outlets as designer boutiques and customer service centers that benefit from our back office services to delight their customers in real life! If you are a retailer, regular bulk buyer (club, school, hotel or resort) or interested in becoming a retail partner, simply visit our bulk buyer page and we will contact a dedicated account manager to discuss more information.

Who doesn’t love a surprise? When it comes to hidden fees, exchange rates or overly complicated pricing structures, we don’t take this into account.

Our website is the best way to find pricing because prices, major discounts, taxes and shipping rates are entered directly into the system. So just add what you want to order and the map page will give you the exact price.

However, depending on volume and our ongoing workload, we may deliver faster or take longer. If you have a specific date, we recommend that you contact us with your order details so we can rush your order and confirm an exact delivery date.

Custom Composite Outdoor Field Hockey Stick

Use our free Design Service and work with our design team to find the perfect execution of your vision. We want you to be completely satisfied, so we don’t limit the number of repairs you can request. Of course, if you change your mind at any time, we’re happy to redesign the entire design so we can get started and bring your masterpiece to life.

You can contact us or start a live chat by clicking the Chat icon in the lower left for help. We also have helpful articles explaining the features and capabilities of the online design tool.

We are happy to help and point out any issues or just give a thumbs up????

If we can help in any way, please contact us using the support channel most convenient for you.

Ichigio Field Hockey Stick

Designs submitted via the Design Tool or File Upload are carefully reviewed by our design team to identify any issues. This includes logos/graphics that are slightly off-center, combining color variations, ensuring that the graphics used are of high enough resolution, etc. can be imported.

And we’re going one step further… by sending you photos at various stages of production, so if you spot something wrong, we’ll fix it right away!

, so you can order 1 for the price you would normally pay for a comparable branded product.

However, there are some products that have a minimum order quantity because the cost of producing just 1 product makes it too expensive for end customers. People say they are willing to pay extra, if you want to go over the limit, contact us for a special offer.

Sublimation Embroidery Custom Team Ice Hockey Jerseys With Name And Numbers

Yes, we offer volume discounts built into the system and displayed on individual product pages, so the more you order, the more you save. Learn more about prices and discounts

We also have special discounts for schools, youth clubs and charities. So please contact us for a special offer or to discuss how we can design a package to suit your budget and requirements.

The easiest way is to contact us with your requirements and a dedicated account manager will help you through the entire process.

If you wish to order your own, each item with a design/color change must be ordered separately.

Bauer Vapor Flylite Lh Pro Stock Custom Hockey Stick P92m Grip 87 Flex #26

For example, suppose you need to order 3 field hockey sticks of different names, models, and sizes. First you need to develop the first column, select product parameters, etc. Add the product to the cart. You should then go back to the product page and do the same for the other 2 columns.

Best of all, the bulk discount applies to all lanes in the Cart,

If this sounds like a challenge, contact us and our dedicated account managers will be happy to help you build projects, select the right products and fill your order.

You can rest assured that our warranty and hassle-free return policy will cover the event that you are not satisfied with the product delivered to you.

Hockey Stick Custom Hockey Stick Personalized Hockey Stick

But we understand that sometimes you need to see, touch or try a product before committing to a larger order.

We can get a blank sample to your door within a week to ensure you are completely comfortable with the quality before finalizing your order.

Depending on the item and quantity of items you want, such as blank samples, we charge a small non-refundable fee (usually half the price) deducted from your final order total. So if you pay £40 for samples and your final order is £1,000, you’ll only pay £960.

For orders over £2,000 a sample will be prepared as part of the approval process. However, if you require ready-made samples before proceeding, please contact us before placing a regular order through the website, and we will consider paying 50% of the cost of the samples. Thus, e.g. if you pay £100 for print samples and your full-size order is worth £1,000, you’ll only pay £950.

Haca Custom Hockey Stick, Composite

Contact us and one of our service representatives will be happy to arrange to send you a blank or complete sample.


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