Cute Ways To Tell Husband You Re Pregnant

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When I found out that Scarlett and I were pregnant, I was so nervous that I immediately spilled the beans to my husband. (I lost our first pregnancy and couldn’t get pregnant again. My husband was just as anxious and cautiously optimistic as I was, and I knew he’d be thrilled with the news.)

Cute Ways To Tell Husband You Re Pregnant

Almost three years later, I kept it a secret for almost a week – that I was pregnant with my second child! It may not seem like much, but keeping such a secret from your partner or spouse can sometimes feel like you’re about to burst with the news. I almost did. Often.

Pregnancy Reveal, Taste Test

I was so worried about another baby, afraid of another pregnancy, another labor and delivery, and worried about surviving the first few months as new parents without the support of our family. However, reading the results of a pregnancy test changed everything. Sitting on our big, comfortable bed, the nerves that had absorbed the most amazing information immediately turned to joy and many tears.

One of the biggest differences for me with this new pregnancy is the sense of peace that comes with it. When Scarlett and I were pregnant, I felt (or didn’t feel), every doctor visit, every step of the planning process, terrifying. having children; everything was so unfamiliar. This time, I know the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow will be worth every nautical second of those first four months, all the aches and pains, the eagerly awaited tests and lab results.

With that patience, I think I was able to keep such a memorable secret from my husband and make a lovely pregnancy announcement. I’m sure he has an idea. We “tried” and I’ve never been one to be secretive or hide my feelings. But he also had exams and I wanted him to focus on that big hurdle before facing another big player.

. I searched Pinterest for cute pregnancy announcements, but none came up. Breakfast in bed and a sweet announcement that I thought was perfect. So, right after taking my board exams (it passed…yikes!), I checked into the room with a surprise breakfast in bed. vegan cupcakes – for Scarlett to celebrate with us – and coffee. Always coffee.*

How To Tell Your Husband & Family You’re Expecting

I was quick to say, “Really? You’re going to be a dad again!” Mark Let’s talk… I typed the phrase into a Microsoft Word document in fine print, printed it out and put it in an Ikea frame.Dream.

Then, by some miracle, I found the baby hat Scarlett had sent home from the hospital, threw everything on the tray, including the positive pregnancy test, because you know her husband is a man of science and needs proof, and called it “breakfast”. bed”.

And, of course, I wouldn’t let myself eat the cake until I laid bare feet in bed and took a bunch of pictures. You know, blogging life and all.

By the way, Scarlett licked the frosting off both cupcakes, so we only got two moist chocolates and an iced coffee. I think there is a real winner here.

I Shouldn’t Be Telling People I’m Pregnant Yet, But Here’s Why I Am

So here it is: my lovely pregnancy announcement to tell my husband we’re pregnant with our second child.

If you’re expecting little ones of your own or not, what sweet pregnancy announcement are you planning? How did you break the big news to your partner or spouse?

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Creative Ways To Tell Your Husband You’re Pregnant

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If you disable this cookie, we will not be able to save your settings. This means that you must re-enable or disable cookies each time you visit this website. In honor of Valentine’s Friday, I couldn’t resist sharing. Last Valentine’s Day I found out I was expecting my fourth child. My first pregnancy test came back completely blank, so I ended up having to buy another test that came back positive! Since it’s Valentine’s Day, I decided to make a cute little book to surprise my husband with the news. It was my first pregnancy and I surprised my husband with something.

My first pregnancy was a huge surprise and I shared the news over Skype as I wouldn’t see her for a few weeks. The other two, my husband was waiting in the other room, so this was the first pregnancy where I wanted to say something cute to him about another little one joining our family.

I’ve always had ideas like giving her a pink and blue balloon from an “I’m Pregnant” cake and seeing how long it takes her to get the hint, but I’ve never had a chance to make the cute reveal until now. .

Ways Of Surprising Husband With Pregnancy

My husband and I used to keep our pregnancy public until we announced it on social media. We often try to find a cute word and pair it with a picture to reveal our newest addition.

For child 4, I made a little Valentine’s Day fact book with three puzzles/games inside. I set it up with the other gifts I bought for my husband and waited impatiently for him to come home from work and find it.

Every year I decorate a bed box for my husband. I decorated this beer box before I even knew I was expecting, which made the present in my head more interesting. “You’re My Favorite Thing” Decorated Beer Can HERE!!!

To make the trail book, I first folded computer paper and made a mini book.

Pawsome Dog Pregnancy Announcements

Fold the paper in half three times. They will open. Cut a hole along the middle line. Fold back to make book pages.

I wrote on the front pages “Roses are red, violets are blue, I have a surprise, these are the facts:”.

Point 1 was supposed to be difficult because I didn’t want my husband to understand right away. Twelve hands and twelve feet soon represented our family of six. Surprise people because we surprise people with our growing family!

This song is gross Britney Spears – Oops, I did it again, I changed “me” to “we” because it takes two people to have a baby…

Dec 2023 Cute Way To Tell Partner You’re Pregnant

If my husband is confused by the “Oh, we did it again” question…

Hint 3: What do these things have in common? Minivans, Designated Drivers, Your Clothes, Doctors, October (expiration date)

My husband didn’t get the notification after three ticks – he did – I wrote this on the last page “Sorry I’m late, but you have a good point!” I said clearly. That situation needed some humor!

Needless to say, my husband was surprised. He asked me seriously, but

How To Tell Your Husband You’re Pregnant: Creative And Easy Ideas!

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