Design Your Own Greeting Card Online

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6 Best Apps for Creating and Sending Greeting Cards These services automatically send greeting cards to you via snail mail. You can personalize them for clients and friends with logos, photos and more.

Design Your Own Greeting Card Online

Be sure to leave the card at the post office. The best greeting card services and apps will automatically send greetings on your behalf, whether it’s birthday greetings to friends and family or end-of-the-year greetings to clients.

Free Greeting Card Templates

Greetings apps take the manual work out of sending greetings. With these services, you choose the cards you want to send, but you do the hard work of writing, addressing the envelopes, adding postage, and sending it to someone else. These services still allow you to create the cards you want, as you can choose from pre-made cards or design something new using your own photos, logos or other images. You can also write a custom message on the inside of the card, even if you choose one that comes with a message already printed on the front. Many greeting card services give you a schedule for when you want to send cards.

Some greetings apps have options to integrate with the business tools you use. So when Shopify detects that a customer has purchased a high-value item, or when a new customer is entered into QuickBooks Online, it automatically sends cards when certain actions occur. .

Some of these personalized card services will have the staff write your message on the card and handwrite the envelope. Others offer a choice of fonts. Most allow you to add your own photos by putting your image on the cover or give you the option to include a printout of the image you want to share in the envelope.

All of our best app reviews are written by people who have spent most of their lives using, testing, and writing software. We spend dozens of hours researching and testing apps, using each app properly. We never pay to publish our articles from any app or link to any website – we value the trust our readers place in us to provide authentic reviews of the genres and apps we review. For more details on our process, read the full details on how we choose apps to be featured on the blog.

Online Cards For Groups

To test these services, I created an account, designed a card, bought it myself and sent it to myself. During this process I had several questions in mind:

Is it easy to use? How quickly can I design a card, review it, and get it in the mail? We like apps and platforms with a simple and clear process.

How to choose tickets? The variety is great. It’s not ideal to have a yak image on every card, but sometimes a yak card fits the bill.

What can I customize? Pick a card, any card. Then write a note inside. Can you choose the typeface or handwriting style you want to see? Do you want to insert a photo or add a gift to the card? It’s still not great when it comes to customization (who has time for so many options?), but when choosing a greeting card service to use, you want to make sure it offers the right options for your needs.

Personalised Greeting Cards & Invitations Online

How much does it cost? Premium services come with a premium price, and that’s okay. But ultimately the price should be clear. For example, we considered a greeting card and mail service, but removed it from this list due to the reduced price.

Below you’ll find a list of the best greeting card apps and mailing services, with notes on the above criteria. The price below reflects what you can expect for one unique card plus postage. Around $4 seems average. There may be slightly cheaper options, especially when buying cards in bulk, but we’ve simplified the numbers here to make comparative pricing clear.

Cards: FieldCard is a mobile-only greeting card app. The styles of the ready-made cards range from fun to cute. You can create a custom card using your photos and apply filters, then add any message you want. When it comes to the type of card you order and use, some are traditional folding cards and others are flat double-sided cards.

Services: Felt’s signature service is the option to write cards by hand using a pen or your finger on a mobile device. That way, your recipient will see your real handwriting and see some hired hands. For an additional cost, you can fill your envelopes with some bonuses such as confetti or cash. The app has a rotating collection of gifts you can add, from flowers to little trinkets (think bath bombs and temporary tattoos).

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Cards: Signature lets you design custom greeting cards from its mobile app or website. The style of the cards tends to be direct rather than graceful or airy. You’ll find some cards that are colorful and mildly fun, but very few push the boundaries. Signature has designated some of its cards as business and real estate friendly, making them a great choice for sending cards to clients and customers. The site can be slow to load at times, but the screen and interface work well and help you find the cards you need at the price you want to pay. The sample card I ordered came with high quality printing, with neat but compelling handwriting on the inside of the card and on the envelope.

Services: As the name clearly suggests, Calligraphy specializes in hand writing your message on the cards you order. When you customize your cards, you can choose the signature style you want and the date you want the card mailed. For an additional fee, you can also add gift cards.

Signature integrates, meaning you can connect it to other apps you use to automatically send a card when a specific action occurs when a high-value customer buys from your Shopify store.

Cards: Inc is a mobile-only app that lets you buy, customize, and buy greeting cards on the fly. The app features 5 x 7 inch flat cards, most of which you can customize with images and text. Some cards have designs that don’t require an image, but most do. Note the information icon that tells you whether the card you want is matte or glossy.

Diwali Greeting Card Maker Online

The card selection is serious, so don’t turn to Inka when you’re looking for puns or margarita-drinking cartoon animal cards (use Postable for that). Many of the tabs on this list come with color options, allowing you to choose a background color from among several options. The sample card I ordered used a sturdy card and the print quality was superb.

Services: While Ink has a website with a landing page, you must use its mobile app to customize and purchase cards. The interface works well, but can be difficult to navigate if you have mobility issues. I prefer to use the computer when making cards and see the image and design on the full size screen.

In addition to selling individual cards in gloss or matte, Ink also sells card packs. They start at $2 each in sets of 10. Note the shipping fee, which adds another $10 to large orders.

Cards: Of all the greeting card services I’ve tried, Postable has my favorite set of cards. The service has a wide range of designs, silly, cheerful, cute or sincere, allowing you to choose a style and tone that suits the occasion. Some designs allow you to add photos to the cover, while others do not

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