Dorothy Outfit Wizard Of Oz

Dorothy Outfit Wizard Of Oz – A dress worn by Judy Garland could sell for up to $12 million, but a relative of the priest who was given the dress in 1973 says it’s his.

A blue and white gingham dress worn by Judy Garland in the 1939 film is on display. Photograph: Katie Vasquez/AP

Dorothy Outfit Wizard Of Oz

The dramatic story of the Wizard of Oz costume, thought lost for decades, took another turn Monday when a judge halted its planned auction.

Diy Dorothy Costume Wizard Of Oz

One of the blue and white gingham dresses worn by Judy Garland in 1939 for the role of Dorothy was to be auctioned Tuesday in Los Angeles for Hollywood memorabilia, put up for sale by the Catholic University of America. The dress was found in a shoebox during renovations at the school last year.

But U.S. District Judge Paul Gardeffe in Manhattan granted the motion for a preliminary injunction after hearing a lawsuit filed by a relative of Gilbert Hartke’s father, who worked at the university and took the habit in 1973.

Hartke died in 1986; The 81-year-old granddaughter, Barbara Ann Hartke, filed a lawsuit against the school and the auction house earlier this month after media reports said the dress was up for auction.

In his lawsuit, he claimed that as his uncle’s closest living relative, the suit belonged to him. He says it was given to him as a personal gift by actor Mercedes McCambridge.

Wizard Of Oz Dorothy Costume For Babies

According to her lawsuit, the university “has no ownership interest in the suit … there is no documentation showing that the deceased formally or informally donated the suit to the Catholic University.”

In a filing opposing the lawsuit’s injunction request, the school’s attorneys said that as a Dominican priest, Hartke had taken a vow to “never accept gifts in a personal capacity” and therefore the custom cannot be considered part of any heritage.

Catholic university officials said it disappeared for decades after it was given to Hartke, then head of the drama department.

Garland wore several versions of the dress during filming; Auctioneers Bonhams said it was one of two found at a Catholic university that still had the blouse with it, and that Garland wore it in the Wicked Witch of the West Castle scene.

Judy Garland’s Sweat Stained Wizard Of Oz Dress Sells For More Than $1.5m

In a statement, lawyers for the university said: “We look forward to presenting our position in court and the overwhelming evidence opposing Ms. Hartke’s claims during this litigation.” April 25 () – After decades of searching, Dorothy’s dress from the classic American movie “The Wizard of Oz” has been found and will be auctioned next month.

It was donated to the Catholic University of America by actress Mercedes McCambridge in 1973, but has since been lost.

“Fast forward to COVID, and a retired professor was going through some boxes in his office. Lo and behold, there was a dress,” said Helen Hall, director of popular culture at Bonhams auction house in Los Angeles.

[1/3] Pictured is the “Dorothy” dress worn by Judy Garland from The Wizard of Oz which will be auctioned at Bonhams Classic Hollywood: Film & Television Auction in Los Angeles, California, USA on 24 May 2022. In this unidentified press photo. Through Bonhams / Distribution

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The auction house said that MGM Film Studios did not keep track of the dresses from the film, but five of the dresses have appeared since the release of the film in 1939. One was lost in a fire, leaving only four dresses. iconic gingham in blue and white.

The pre-sale auction estimate is $800,000 to $1.2 million. Another version of the dress was sold in 2015 and fetched $1.5 million, the sellers said. Proceeds will go toward creating a new film acting program at the university.

The artwork from the film will be part of Bonhams Classic Hollywood’s biennial sale on May 24 in Los Angeles. Adventure can happen at any time! Look at Dorothy. A second, he spends the day at his aunt’s farm in the heart of Kansas. Seconds later, a whirlwind tornado takes her to a whole new land where she finds herself making all kinds of curious friends while avoiding a cunning witch. He also meets a magician (sort of).

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If your daughter wants to go on an amazing trip with some new friends, or if she loves the Wizard of Oz, this Dorothy dress is a great choice for your little girl. Make sure your new friends dress up as Lion, Tin Man and Scarecrow to complete the iconic group!

Follow us at @funcostumes and tag us with #yesfuncostumes for a chance to have your photo featured here. Please review our privacy policy There’s no place like home and Judy Garland’s dress has just arrived at its rightful residence. Last month, from the iconic blue and white dress Dorothy

For years, it has been rumored at Catholic University in Washington, DC that the head of the institute’s theater program, Father Gilbert Hartke, had been seen wearing Judy Garland’s Dorothy dress, and that the dress was in somewhere on campus. Actress Mercedes McCambridge, who served as artist-in-residence at the university in 1972, gave Hartke the original dress. However, decades of research have proven insufficient, that is until recently.

Dorothy Wizard Of Oz Costume For Girls

Drama department spokesman and operations coordinator Matt Ripa previously searched the drama office for costumes to no avail. However, while cleaning out his space before building renovations, Ripa found a bag of trash on the faculty mailbox.

“In the trash bag was a note to our former president that he found” in his office and should have been moved when the president moved from office…”, Ripa wrote on the blog of the university.” I was curious about what was inside and I opened the trash bag and inside was a shoe box and inside the shoe box was the clothes!! I couldn’t believe it.”

Ripa and her colleagues snapped a few quick photos before returning the dress to the university’s archives. He wrote: “My colleague and I quickly took some gloves, looked at the dress and took a few pictures before putting it in a box and going to the archives. I called one of our faculty members and a former president, who always said the suit existed and that he knew he had found it. I was in the building during the day.”

The checkered dress, which actually consists of two parts: a cotton blouse and an attached pinafore, is one of the most famous costumes in film history. It also has some hidden features. Garland’s name is handwritten on the inside of the dress, according to the Smithsonian, “in the same handwriting that appears on other known dresses.” Additionally, the garment “features a distinctive ‘secret pocket’ where Garland kept his handkerchief.”

The Wizard Of Oz

Garland’s dress will now be carefully stored in the university’s special collection with temperature and humidity control. The blue and white gingham dress isn’t the only piece of Dorothy’s outfit that has gone missing. The iconic ruby ​​slipper was stolen in 2005, the ruby ​​slipper was stolen from the Judy Garland Museum in Minnesota. One of the four identical pairs shown in the film, the shoes were stolen by someone who smashed a shop window. Fortunately, the shoe was returned to the FBI in 2018.

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