Drag Race Slot Car Track

Drag Race Slot Car TrackSlot Drag Racing – When small drag racing is tough, Tough Go is slot car racing.

Remember the slot machines? In the dark ages before simulators, video games and personal computers, there was hardly a boy in America who didn’t race the slot machines. On the living room floor, on the dining room table or in the corner of the garage, the slot track is the closest thing to real competition available to young championship hopefuls. Car magazines ran slot versions and race reports along with full length hot rod articles – until the slot craze died down.

Drag Race Slot Car Track

In today’s brave new world of shrinking economies and low expectations, slot car racing is making a comeback. Of course, it hasn’t completely disappeared. While most business numbers collapsed after the 60s boom, the true believers simply went underground. Basements have become slots’ last refuge, along with spare bedrooms, attics and other off-the-radar spots. Internet forums became underground channels for information, and eBay allowed nerds to feed their addiction.

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Now everything old is new again, and that includes places. Cheap cars and track kits arriving by boat from China are reviving the hobby among nostalgic baby boomers and their offspring. True to its speed-racing roots, CarCraft is associated with straight-line slot racing, but road racing and oval track enthusiasts also get a shot at slot glory.

What’s not to like about the speed of slot machines? A basic car costs about $15, a pair of silicone tires a dollar, and the “fuel” comes from a wall outlet. A complete racing operation can easily fit in a tackle box and a national series can be launched for the cost of first class postage. Granted, there are no nitrogen fumes in the air, no plumes of smoke from tortured tires, no scantily clad trophy girls, and no 2 a.m. cable broadcasts. On the other hand, a budget of $1 million won’t get you through the gates of a professional race track these days, making slot car racing a real bargain for racers on a tight budget.

While speedway coverage used to be a major part of CC’s editorial portfolio, the hustle and bustle of events and the instant gratification of online results have made race coverage redundant. So, in keeping with simpler times, CC is proud to present readers with the inaugural NTRA World Finals, the season finale of the National Lightning Rod Association. The NTRA World Finals, hosted by the folks at Nitroslots.com HO Drag Racing, proved that race cars can be just as fun to drive as real cars (which are actually more expensive, louder toys, come to think of it).

The NTRA World Finals were held at the revived Lions Track Strip in tribute to the legendary track that roared through Long Beach, California until December 1972. The Lions are still in the collective spirit of CC, occupied by former employees. They got their youth wrong and were Detroit’s best and brightest experimenting with the first era of muscle cars. The re-creation of the Lions Track Strip is not a replica of the historic site, but includes many of the elements that made the track so memorable: a tall timing tower and footbridge beyond the starting line, refreshment pits. They sold hot tubs and a V-shaped Lions sign that stood proudly on the side of the San Diego Freeway.

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These cars represent the three classes participating in the NTRA World Finals: Nostalgia Funny Cars (Dodge Chargers), Gassers (Villis Coupe) and Stock (Road Runners). The losers were left in the Cadillac hearse.

The slot machine for NTRA track racing is the venerable Aurora Thunderjet chassis, built by the thousands in Hong Kong. A surprising number of ThunderJets survive from the 60s and 70s, and N.O.S. Chassis and accessories are still available, albeit at 21st century prices. The TJet’s unusual pancake chassis design, with its unique horizontal armature and numerous gears, was cloned and reproduced in modern times by Johnny Lightning and Auto World, making the cars plentiful and affordable. Modern line motorcycle frames from Domi, Mattel and specialist suppliers offer better performance but less nostalgia.

Slot betting classes mimic real-world betting and range from box stock to highly modified. The theory that speed costs money is true for slot car racing, and performance-enhancing modifications add excitement and cost. At slot speeds, the tension is like nitromethane and the car revs faster. At 14V DC, a typical TJet is very fast; At 26 it was a bullet. Armature winding resistance is proportional to displacement: 16 ohm armature in a good 283 small block, 5 ohm arm in a big torquey block, and 1 ohm arm in a high fuel engine. With a short fuse.

NTRA events are conducted by competitors submitting their entries by post, which are processed on their behalf by the host club. Sponsors may not participate in their own contests, avoiding potential conflicts of interest. As driver reaction time, red lights and pit stops often decide the outcome of close races, the fastest car does not always win. Links to Nitroslots.com and some creative web surfing will create many companies, clubs and lines of business that hold slot speed races.

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Previous rounds of the NTRA Championship have been held in Colorado, Florida and Illinois. Fifty-one entries from across the United States competed in the NTRA World Finals in three categories: Stock, Casser and Nostalgia Funny Car (see the Nitroslots website for a complete description of the classes and rules). Being modeling and racing, many of the entries featured period color schemes and were very detailed.

No matter the size of the car, successful drag racing requires thorough preparation, sharp set-up skills and a killer instinct on race day. In short, small bets can be just as beneficial as the real ones – and much cheaper.

Auto World showed an HO acceleration kit and a selection of slightly cartoonish Funny Car and Pro Stock cars. These entry-level cars offer an inexpensive way to test the speed of an automatic. Tuesday, March 16, 2021, slot car racers line up at Mac ‘n Kelly’s Pub and Grill. The car’s fastest drag time was 0.601, with a top speed of 79.28 mph.

Vance Johnson makes an A-Fib Cheeseburger and Chicken Alfredo at Mac ‘n Kelly’s Pub and Grill on Tuesday, March 16, 2021.

Slot Car Drag Racing Videos

Fastest lap times will be posted on Tuesday, March 16, 2021 at the Mac ‘n Kelly’s Pub and Grill sign. His fastest time was 0.601 and his top speed was 79.28 mph.

Slot car racers and parts for sale on Tuesday, March 16, 2021 at Mac’n Kelly’s Pub and Grill.

Tuesday, March 16, 2021, slot car racers line up at Mac ‘n Kelly’s Pub and Grill.

A-Fib cheeseburger with fried egg, onion rings and bacon, seen on Tuesday, March 16, 2021 at Mac’n Kelly’s Pub and Grill.

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Chicken Alfredo with Capers on Tuesday, March 16, 2021 at Mac ‘n Kelly’s Pub and Grill.

IDAHO FALLS — Like many, Scott McGuire and David Kelly were forced to shift gears last year as the COVID-19 pandemic affected life — and business — as we remember.

Two friends and business partners were about to kick into high gear after opening a classic car dealership in Idaho Falls.

“The pandemic has really changed everything,” said McGuire, who uses a Mac. “We’re not a specialty business and it’s hard to close three months after opening,” he said of the dealership. “The economy was going up and down, so we had a long conversation about where to go next.”

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Mac N Kelly’s Pub and Grill opened a new kitchen a few weeks ago after nearly eight months of renovations in the building that once housed the Ramones and Guess Who. The two slot car enthusiasts who operate the only licensed track in eastern Idaho have moved the final pieces of the track into a new restaurant at 1560 Lindsay Blvd. in Idaho Falls, opening the door to the public and their next venture.

“It was a gamble, but we felt we could do it,” said McGuire, who readily acknowledged the support and investment of his wife, Shelly Kelly, and Nichie McGuire. “This place is unique. It’s not just a restaurant, it’s not just a bar. We have special slot systems, darts, billiards and an arcade. It’s a place where the whole family can come and have something to eat and great food.”

“Good food and great atmosphere” and “service” are also hallmarks of the city.

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