Easiest Songs To Learn On Acoustic Guitar

Easiest Songs To Learn On Acoustic Guitar – An acoustic guitar produces an incredible, unadulterated sound that an electric guitar simply cannot reproduce. It’s a personal instrument of choice for many performers because of its versatility and amazing natural sounds that can rock in almost any genre, but are especially suited to blues and country music.

So if you’ve chosen a guitar as your first musical instrument, congratulations! Now it’s important to choose the right songs to start your guitar journey. Luckily, below I have 50 easy guitar songs for beginners that are also fun to play.

Easiest Songs To Learn On Acoustic Guitar

If there’s one song that best defines John Denver’s musical ingenuity, it would be this song from 1971. It’s true that Denver wrote Leaving on a Jet Plane. However, it was Peter, Paul and Mary who first recorded the music that Denver had written. As for singing your own song, it would be Take Me Home.

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For many guitarists, the chords of this country song are too simple. I’ve seen preschoolers play their toy guitars to this song. It shouldn’t be that hard for beginning adult guitarists to learn a few musical tricks. Learning this song is as important as learning to ride a bike. It’s a good way to start your journey as a guitar player.

This is one of the best Lynyrd Skynyrd songs of all time and is over 45 years old. It is extremely popular and you have probably seen many movies and commercials with a part of the song. That’s how catchy this country rock is. Sweet Home Alabama remains an essential tool for any aspiring guitarist.

This song is good material for learning to play guitar with a pick. Using a pick can give a song a very different tone compared to using your fingers. It’s also a good way to train your fingers to be precise when picking. All in all, Sweet Home Alabama is one of my favorite songs with a simple guitar because almost everyone knows it and it’s fun to play.

Blake Shelton has some of the most amazing music out there today. Most of his songs are also very easy to play on guitar. Take, for example, this country song from 2013. Boys ’round Here is just two chords, a pretty basic strumming pattern, and a very easy-to-remember beat. Now it’s easy.

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Want to make this song more colorful? Try playing it with the A and D power chords. The resulting A5 and D5 add a nice touch that should make the song more enjoyable. You can always stick with basic strumming, of course. At the very least, this song will help you get to grips with your guitar.

You’ll love this song’s memorable guitar riff intro. This 1979 rock and roll song is now considered a standard due to its catchy melody, very catchy beat and continued popularity. Music has a very special way of calming the soul. And that’s despite their rock and roll roots. Seger’s raspy vocals and an incredible display of powerful instrumentation are to its credit.

You can have the same feeling. Start with the basic chords of the song. Then you can move on to the progression and strum. To make your hours worth your while, I suggest you master the strumming style of this song. It gives the music the depth and color it needs.

I love the smooth beat of this song. First-time listeners often think the song is blues or even soul. However, Tennessee Whiskey is as country as any song in the genre. It has a waltz rhythm that is perfect for quiet, lazy nights with a bottle of whiskey in hand.

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While the chord pair is ideal for elementary students, I suggest trying to master the intro fingering style. This will give you a different tone, much closer to what you get from playing the piano. Fingerstyle is an excellent guitar playing technique that creates a more beautiful and defined set of notes. This leads to the fact that the song becomes more harmonious and melodic.

Learn to play the harmonica or ask a friend to play this 1972 song on guitar. The harmonica’s rich melodies should greatly complement the beautiful natural sounds of your guitar. And if your friend doesn’t have an accordion or nobody in your class can play, you can just whistle.

You’ll love the smooth acoustic parts of this Neil Young song. The cool thing about this song is that the original version used an acoustic guitar. Besides the fact that the accordion is quite prominent in the opening. As I said, if you don’t have a harmonica, you should be prepared to accompany your guitar with a whistle.

Let’s start this list with this Bruce Springsteen classic from 1984. This song incorporated several electronic textures that we all associate with 1960s rock and roll. You have to admire Springsteen for keeping these core elements at the heart of Born in the USA.

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Playing that Springsteen song shouldn’t be that difficult. After all, there are only two chords to worry about. The song’s fingering requirement isn’t that difficult either. The chord progression is also easy to play. The best part is that you can learn to play one of America’s most famous songs that people sing or still sing today. That should get you started on your guitar adventures.

People love the pulsating synth on this 2011 track from Maroon 5. It has a great mix of drum machine and fast beats that make a very bold statement. Most people like a light and relaxed whistle tune. It’s also a lot of fun.

The actual chords in this song are Bm and Em. However, I know that some people may have problems with the Bm barre chord. If you are one of those people, you can transpose chords for Am and Dm. It must be a lot easier to play that way. Concentrate on the correct fingering pattern to get the song’s rhythm right.

Fans of musical rarities will get their money’s worth. Bruce Springsteen wrote this 1982 song using a bunch of ideas. You get honky-tonk piano, rinky-dink organ, and an explosive tom-tom pattern. You’ll also appreciate the band’s garage guitar that provides the framework for the song.

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This is the song you need if you want to impress your friends with something they might not have heard before. Three chords shouldn’t be a problem for most people. Paying attention to the rhythm of the music will prepare you for the performance. It also has a slow rock tempo that is easy for beginning guitarists to follow. And the strumming technique will never strain your wrists.

Go to any country dance hall and you’ll still hear them playing this 1991 Billy Ray Cyrus song. The song has a very catchy melody and sounds like it was written specifically for line dancing. It would be cruel to think that music is average. This is a chart-topping song and also a Hot 100 entry.

Feel like thrashing? You must try this song. The positive tempo is ideal for playing chords with complete freedom. If you get the basic two chords right, you’ll still be able to produce the kind of rock that cowboys and southerners love.

Be sure to try playing this 1958 rock and roll song on acoustic guitar. Although the song has a folk origin, no one will deny its fantastic beat. The music has a great vibe, it’s very upbeat and fun.

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Beginning guitarists can learn at least two things by playing this song. First, there’s finger style for an intro. Second, the strumming technique will test your finger-wrist coordination. This song’s fast tempo (144 BPM) will test your strumming skills.

You’re not a guitarist if you don’t know how to play this American country classic. I’m obviously kidding, but this is music as timeless as any masterpiece ever written. This 1939 song is one of the most recorded and played. I know very popular musicians who still play this song in their spare time. And if they can find satisfaction in that music, so should you.

Beginners find the relaxed rhythm of the music helpful. The predictable chord progression and the very simple fingering pattern also help people to imagine the joy of playing the guitar. This is a piece worth adding to your repertoire of must-have songs.

Many of you reading this weren’t even born when this song hit the Billboard charts in 1956.

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