Easy Acoustic Songs To Play

Easy Acoustic Songs To Play – In this free lesson for beginners, Dan from Your Guitar Academy will teach you how to play 5 songs you know with 5 basic chords. Download Guitar Pro files to create different sounds from songs like “Hallelujah”, “Save Tonight” or “Say Something”.

Click on the titles to download the Guitar Pro 7 files or click on the zip file to download them all:

Easy Acoustic Songs To Play

These 5 songs use basic chords. You’ll find diagrams, fingerings, and voicing patterns in Guitar Pro files. Here is an example:

Top 8 Easy 3 Chord Guitar Songs For Beginners

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Thomas Duflos has been teaching guitar and bass for over 10 years. He is now responsible for communications and marketing at Arobas Music. His love for guitar and music is one of his main passions. In his spare time, Thomas is a musician and drummer in the band The Foxy Raccoons. An acoustic guitar produces an incredibly distortion-free sound that an electric guitar can’t replicate. It is a personal favorite of many artists because of its versatility and natural sound that can influence almost any genre, but is especially suited to blues and country music.

So, if you’ve chosen an acoustic guitar as your first instrument, congratulations! Choosing the right sound is crucial to starting your acoustic guitar journey. Fortunately, below I have 50 easy acoustic guitar songs for beginners.

If there’s one song that best defines John Denver’s musical creativity, it’s 1971. It’s true that Denver wrote Living on a Jet. However, Peter, Paul, and Mayer recorded the original Denver song. When she comes to sing her own song, she will sing “Take Me Home.”

Play 10 Guitar Songs With 3 Easy Chords

This country tune is too easy for many guitarists. I’ve seen preschoolers play their toy guitars to the tune of this song. Learning chord tricks shouldn’t be too difficult for adult beginner guitarists. Learning this song is as important as learning to ride a bike. This is a great way to start your guitar playing journey.

It’s one of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s greatest songs of all time, and it’s already over 45 years old. It is very popular and you have probably seen many movies and commercials using parts of the song. How catchy is this country rock. Sweet Home Alabama is a must learn for any aspiring guitarist.

This song is perfect material for learning to play the guitar. Picking a guitar can make a song sound very different than fingerpicking. This is a great way to train your fingers to pick correctly. Overall, Sweet Home Alabama is one of my favorite simple acoustic guitar songs because almost everyone knows it and it’s fun to play.

Blake Shelton has some of the best songs out there today. Most of his songs are very easy to play on the guitar. Take this 2013 country song for example. Boys Round has only two chords, a fairly simple chord pattern, and a very easy beat to remember. Now, that’s easy.

Top 100 Best Acoustic Songs Of All Time (2022)

Want to make this song more colorful? Try playing it with A and D power chords. As a result, the A5 and D5 give you a nice twang that makes the piece sound better. Of course, you can always stick with the main song. At least this song will be familiar to your acoustic guitar.

You will fall in love with this song’s catchy guitar riff delivery. This 1979 rock ‘n’ roll song is considered a standard for its catchy melody, catchy groove, and enduring popularity. This song has a strange way of soothing the soul. This is despite its rock and roll roots. Seger’s solid vocals and electrified instrumentation are appreciated.

You may feel the same way. Start with the basics of the vocal chords. Then you can move on to sequences and sounds. In order to make your lessons effective, I suggest mastering the finger patterns of this song. It gives the song the depth and color it needs.

I love the smooth groove of this song. First-time listeners might think this song is blues or even soul. However, Tennessee Whiskey is as country as any other song of its kind. It has a waltz rhythm and is perfect for a quiet, lazy evening with a bottle of whiskey in hand.

Updated Acoustic Guitar Song Lists, 1990 To 2018

Although chord pairs are suitable for elementary school students, mastering fingering is recommended. This will give you a different tone that is closer to what you would get if you were to play the piano. Fingerstyle is a great guitar playing technique that creates more beautiful and distinct notes. It makes the song more harmonious and melodious.

Learn to play the harmonica or have a friend play this 1972 song on their guitar. The rich harmonic tones should complement your guitar’s natural sound to a great extent. If your friend doesn’t have a harmonica or no one in your band knows how to play, you can whistle.

You’ll love the soft acoustic parts of this Neil Young song. The peculiarity of this song is that the original version used an acoustic guitar. This is in addition to the harmonics, which are quite prominent in the intro. Like I said, if you don’t have a harmonica, be prepared to play guitar and whistle.

Let’s start this list with a 1984 Bruce Springsteen classic. The song has various electronic textures that we all associate with 1960s rock and roll. Springsteen is to be commended for retaining these essential elements of Born in the USA.

Easy Beginner Guitar Songs — Lauren Bateman Guitar

Playing this Springsteen song shouldn’t be too difficult. After all, there are only two lives to worry about. The vocal requirements are also not that complicated. Choosing a chord progression is also easy. Best of all, you’ll enjoy learning to play one of America’s most popular tunes that people sang and still sing today. This should start your acoustic guitar playing adventure.

People love this 2011 Maroon 5 song’s amazing synchronicity. It has a great combination of electronic drums and fast beats, and it’s a very bold statement. Most people prefer to walk with a whistle, which is light and free. This is very funny.

The actual chords for this song are Bm and Em. However, I know some people may have issues with the BM Barre Cord. If you are one of those people, you can change the chord to Am and Dm. It should be much easier to play this way. Pay attention to the correct tone pattern to get the groove right.

Fans of musical wonders will find Glory Days to be a delight. Bruce Springsteen wrote this song in 1982 using a number of ideas. You’ll find honky-tonk piano, rinky-dink organ, and booming tom-tom patterns. You’ll also enjoy the garage band guitars that frame the sound.

Alfred’s Easy Guitar Songs Classic Rock: 50 Hits Of The ’60s, ’70s & ’80s

If you want to impress your friends with something they’ve never heard before, this is the song for you. Three chords shouldn’t be a problem for most people. Paying attention to the groove will prepare you for the performance. It also has a slow rock tempo that will be easy for beginner guitarists to follow. And the noisy technique will never strain your wrists.

Walk into any country western dance house and you’ll hear Billy Ray Cyrus’ 1991 song. The song has a very catchy tune and seems like it was written specifically for line dancing. To call the song average would be cruel. It’s the number one song on the Hot 100.

Do you like hammer? You should try this song. Live speed is perfect for killing wild animals. If you got the two main chords right, you should create a type

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