Easy Beatles Songs For Guitar

Easy Beatles Songs For Guitar – You know that you need to know the basics to play guitar music. However, most people, especially beginners, learn best by combining basic lessons with simple guitar songs, and Beatles songs fit the bill. There are many Beatles songs that are easy to learn, but the following nine are our favorites.

We’ve chosen these tracks in particular because they stick to the basics and help solidify the foundation of your playing, making you a better player.

Easy Beatles Songs For Guitar

So brush up on your basic guitar chords and strum and get ready to master the following Beatles songs!

The Beatles: Discography

Even if you haven’t heard the full song, chances are you’ve already heard the title “Yellow Submarine.” The song is pretty famous and what’s even better is a nursery rhyme. If you have children, they may enjoy studying with you, or they may look forward to studying on their own.

It is a children’s song and as such is one of the lightest Beatles guitar songs. You have five chords to play, and there’s a lot of strumming on all six strings, making it feel less like a lesson and more like an actual song.

The five chords you will play are G major, D major, C major, E minor, and A minor. Since you’ve studied the chords, you shouldn’t have much trouble playing them. Remember to start slow and pick up the pace as you get used to it.

I like this song. This is one of my favorite Beatles songs of all time. The fact that the guitar is easy to learn also helps a lot. The intro to the song is close to the fingering you’ve been practicing, so there are no awkward position changes or stretches you’ve barely tried.

Hey Jude The Beatles Sheet Music

In fact, you practice your beginner skills through introductions. But what’s even better is that there are several spots where you can change to solo if you want, and then you can show off your crazy solo skills in addition to your general gaming skills.

You can practice playing along with many other songs by The Beatles. The song is in the key of G major, using six chords: G major, C major, D major, A7, F major, B major. Notably, the heavier F major and B major chords appear in the chorus. Most songs just repeat G,C,D,G,C,D.

This song is one of their most famous songs, and even though it’s a simple Beatles guitar song, it’s more challenging than many others on this list because the intro is in the upper register.

Beginners often have trouble playing the high frets, but this song doesn’t require stretching your fingers over the body of the guitar. So you can do some exercises close to the body.

Easy Beginner Guitar Songs — Lauren Bateman Guitar

But it’s okay if you’re not ready for it. This is just an introduction. The song is in the key of D major and uses six chords: D major, E major, G major, G6, A major, B minor. You can play the rest of these chords on frets one through four. You play it a lot, which makes the composition a good exercise as well.

Next n is one of the most famous Beatles songs because of its hopeful lyrics and upbeat sound. Its message of love reaches almost everyone, even if no one sings the lyrics.

If you’re new to fingerpicking or a technique you’re just starting to learn, you may struggle to get started. do not worry. You can use it to practice your right hand fingering while enjoying the rest of the song.

Perhaps interestingly, despite its simplicity, the chord is not an open chord. Many simple guitar tracks and arrangements use this to make your strumming smoother, but “All You Need Is Love” doesn’t.

Love Me Do Sheet Music

This song has more chords than the others, including A7, B7, D7, A minor, F major, G major, E7, and E minor 7. Learn the song when you know the chords.

This song is so simple that you can use it as the first song you learn. Although the song has a few unusual elements, it has a natural bluesy feel that you’ll love once you learn to play.

The song itself is in the key of E, but if you want to learn simple arrangements, playing in the key of D might suit you better because you only have three chords to worry about. The chords you will use in this song are D major, E minor 7 and A7.

To make it even better, the D major chord is a three-fingered chord, the E minor 7 is an open one-fingered chord, and the A7 is only two-fingered. Everything is on the second and third frets.

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“Don’t Let Me Down” is also a good song to practice playing. Maybe you should consider writing this song first because it’s so simple.

If you want to show off your new guitarist to the audience, “I Saw Her Standing There” should be the song for you. Curiously, the Beatles adapted the song from a 1912 folk song called “17 Come Sunday”. To give the song a strong vibe, Paul McCartney took inspiration from Chuck Berry’s “Talking About You”.

Like many others, this one helps you hone and perfect your strumming skills as well as hand-hand and hand-eye coordination. You also only need to know four chords to play it, namely E7, B7, A7 and C.

Once you get the hang of it, you can practice another armor technique to add more punch to the song. It’s a great party song because it has an upbeat feel to it. People want to dance to it and what’s more fun than fun?

Can’t Buy Me Love Chords Tab And Guitar Lesson Easy Beatles Song

“A Hard Day’s Night” can have up to 12 chords, but many guitarists only play six simple chords to keep the song within reach. Even if six chords seems like too much, remember to start slowly and work your way up to maximum speed.

If you start learning the six basic chords, this song becomes one of those Beatles songs that is easier to play on guitar than it would otherwise be.

However, there is also a more straightforward arrangement that uses only four chords: E7, B7, A7, C major. When you’re comfortable with it, you can start alternating at a faster tempo and put the whole song together.

The tempo of “A Hard Day’s Night” is also much more forgiving than other Beatles songs. “Fast tempo” still means slower than the rest of the piece, which increases the ease of learning the piece.

Easy Beatles Songs To Play On Guitar

Another famous Beatles song, this is another one that you can learn, master and then perform to an audience to show off your new skills.

It was one of the first songs that Ringo Starr actually sang, so when you play that tune, you’re playing a piece of history. You are also playing an extremely simple piece that uses only one chord: E7.

If you know E7 chords and some two-note chords, you can use this song to practice things like bending the strings to change the pitch slightly and moving your fingers in different positions to create blues sounds.

It is one of the first Beatles songs and few people know its history. The song’s lyrics were written long before the Beatles got together. When you play this song, you’re playing a little-known piece of Beatles history.

The Best Easy Guitar Songs To Learn For Beginners

“Love Me Do” is very simple as it only has three chords. The original song is in G major and the verse has only two chords: G major and C major. Working his budding musical magic, John Lennon added a D major chord to the bridge.

If you’re still in the early stages of learning and aren’t quite used to moving and coordinating your hand movements between chords, “Love Me Do” is a great song to practice those things. You will also become more comfortable with the sequence of these three chords as you learn the song.

Since it’s only three chords, you can show off your growing skills to your friends and family sooner than you think. What could be more fun than this?

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