Easy Country Songs To Play On Acoustic Guitar For Beginners

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Learning how to play the guitar is not just about acquiring some skills but it is a journey like no other. Especially if you are interested in the profession, it is sure to change your life for the better. It can be a bit difficult at first especially if you are learning some songs on your own.

Easy Country Songs To Play On Acoustic Guitar For Beginners

Fortunately, we came up with a valuable offer. Before you tear up the fretboard, you should first learn a few simple chords and what type of music is better to start with than country music.

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Here is a list of easy country songs to learn and play on guitar when you are just starting out.

Go grab your guitar as we kick off our first country hits in the guitar series with the hit single, Sixteen Tons. This is one of the easiest old country songs to learn for guitar. Sixty Tons has been performed in various versions by Meryl Travis and Tennessee E. Ford.

Merrill Travis wrote the song in 1946 and Ford re-released his version in 1955 with a western version and Frankie Lane released it in 1956. The song was apparently so popular that it gained notoriety with appropriately famous lines such as “You load….sixteen tons And what will you get? One day, big and deeply in debt.”

It has a dynamic structure that’s easy enough for beginners to play and a chord progression that includes M, G, F, E, C, and Dm. Rhythm and rhythm must lead to the action of rhythm.

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Another famous song that is easy to play on the guitar is Mama by Merle Haggard. This groovy country song is known for its clear and distinct yet simple guitar riffs during the intro and break which is a bit advanced but would be a good challenge for beginners to try out.

Here you will use D, A7, G and Bm guitar chords. Would recommend learning how to group for the first time with this song with a simple guitar that doesn’t hurt. The song focuses on Haggard’s darker side while he was imprisoned and becomes a song of condolence to his mother.

As a country music fan, if you want to learn how to play great songs with ease, Jambalaya by Hank Williams is an easy country song to play on guitar. This song received many hits during its popularity.

The easiest songs on our list with a great melody and easy finger pattern. You wouldn’t even guess their chords are C and G. Yes, you read that right. It is perfect for you as a beginner guitarist. And this rhythm is important for you to master quickly.

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The name is actually inspired by the Cajun jambalaya dish. Why? This is amazing and delicious food.

Who doesn’t love Dolly Parton? To the new generation, she may be famous or rich, but Dolly Parton is the goddess of country music.

The song “Coat of Many Colors” is a sad song about Dolly while her mother sews a coat of rags. Compositionally, this song is easy to play with G, C, D, E, and A.

If you’re the hopeless romantic type, you might like this simple El Paso country ballad by Marty Robbins. The song has been described as a dance floor track that was popular at the time.

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With basic guitar chords and two key sequences from diffrent to refrain, it should be easy enough for beginners to try out. The first progression starts D-Em-A7-D and the rest is G-C-G-D-D7.

This country-themed song was written by Hank Williams and released in 1949. These are some of the most popular country songs of all time. There are claims that Paul Gilley originally wrote the song but sold the song and the rights to it to Hank Williams. Famous artists such as BJ Thomas, Elvis Presley, and Bob Dylan have covered this tradition.

The number of chords in the original song is overwhelming for most guitar beginners. So use simple patterns and simple chords like E, A, and B7. Also, this song has a medium tempo that makes it easy to play on the guitar.

The original I Walk the Line is a Johnny Cash classic and one of his first hit singles. The song is about Critic’s devotion to his first wife despite the trials he faced while touring as a musician. Many artists have covered this song over the years, but this song remains close to the hearts of Peso fans.

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This song is easy to play because it uses guitar chords like A, D, and E. Beginners can play this song with a basic strumming pattern and a little practice. A great option if you’re looking to play some easy country songs on guitar for beginners.

Ring of Fire is best known by Johnny Cash, but his wife June Carter Cash wrote with Meryl Kilgore. The song is about the perils of love and has a unique sound that is recognizable even to music fans from outside the country.

The letters G, C, and D are used in this song. The fast strumming pattern of this song can be challenging for a beginner guitarist. But they can challenge themselves to learn the fast strum of this song with a little practice.

In our list, you will find not only easy to learn country guitar songs, but also familiar ones. It’s clear that songs don’t have to be complicated to be successful and no one embodies that idea better than Johnny Cash’s A Boy Named Sue.

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Modern artist Johnny Cash combines beautiful storytelling with song, and this one tells the story of a boy named Sue and the trials that bring him.

This is a 3-part country song for guitar and you will learn the A, D, and E guitar chords as you play this song. It’s very easy and you’ll be on your way to becoming an accomplished country guitarist in no time.

Julianne’s Dolly Parton is a song about a banker who marries Dolly’s husband with a copy she received from a fan who asked her to write her song. Tell about it

However, it is a timeless trend and artists like Miley Cyrus have done so in recent times. The song is very catchy and has a strong structure that expresses the singer’s thoughts on its subject matter.

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But as always, the guitar is easy to learn because it only combines the M, C, G, and M chords.

Another signature song that transcends its time is the country classic Take Me Home by John Denver. Another popular talent during John Denver’s era was a rock star or should we say a country star.

You’ll move to the keys of G, D, Em, C, F, and D7 with this basic song, so it’s a good idea to practice the basics with the right rhythm to learn guitar chords.

This hit song was released in 1965 and is one of Roger Miller’s most popular songs. The lyrics of this song are about a man who is proud of his tramp personality and does not want to live rich.

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Roger Miller was born in Texas, but this song is about the tramp life he learned while traveling the country. The song won two Grammy Awards in 1965, one for Best Country & Western Recording (Single) and one for Best Country Vocal Performance (Male).

In 1995, a number of well-known artists, such as Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, and Dolly Parton, performed the song live at the CMA Awards in honor of Miller’s induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame.

The chords used in this song are A, D, E, Bb, Eb and F. This song has a medium tempo and it is easy to play on the guitar.

This song was released in 1969 and is one of Merle Haggard’s most famous songs. The song is about a man who doesn’t subscribe to the Vietnam War-era hippie style, and is proud that his home state, Oklahoma, has its own identity.

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American country singer Merle Haggard was born in Oklahoma, so this is an autobiographical song. The song was number one on the Hot Artist chart. Top Human Talent also charted on the Billboard Hot 100.

The chords used here are A, D, Eb, and Bb. This song is mainly about the two chord patterns that make up this song, namely D major and D major. This song has a medium tempo and is easy to play on the guitar.

John Denver’s second song, About Us

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