Easy Songs To Learn On Electric Guitar

Easy Songs To Learn On Electric Guitar – Aspiring rock stars and live band performers should always consider two things as they begin their journey. The first step is to get a good electric guitar that they can get familiar with and play comfortably. The second is choosing the right songs to help you learn the basics of playing the electric guitar.

You can master the hammer, bends, slides and various finger styles. You’ll also need to sharpen your sense of rhythm and a few other fundamentals of playing the electric guitar.

Easy Songs To Learn On Electric Guitar

You can play almost any song on an electric guitar. However, if you are a beginner, it is better to start with simpler songs and slowly progress to more advanced songs. This will give you the confidence you need to master the more complex guitar playing techniques required for other songs.

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Here is a list of fun and easy electric guitar songs for beginners. Even if you don’t make it to the world stage, these songs can definitely become a hit with your family and friends.

Song Summary: AC/DC wrote this song as a tribute to Bon Scott, the band’s former singer. The song is mostly known for the phenomenal guitar riff at the very beginning. Many considered it one of the greatest guitar riffs of all time. The song combines elements of metal and rock to create a song that appeals to anyone and everyone.

The basic chords that make up guitar riffs are A, D, and E. This is a song that’s perfect for beginner electric guitarists. The guitar riff builds to a chorus. All of these riffs may take some time to master, but this song will be super fun to learn and play, and you’ll feel like a rock star with how amazing you sound.

Song Overview: A personal favorite, this song is one of the best songs any beginner electric guitarist can learn. The riff is catchy and timeless at the same time. What’s even more amazing is that the guitar riff is a powerful masterpiece hook. I doubt you’ll be able to master Jimmy’s phenomenal guitar skills after a few practices. However, the opening riff of the song is quite possible to master in a few minutes. And once you’ve done that, learning the rest of the song should be easy.

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This song is one of Led Zeppelin’s best. Rolling Stone magazine ranked the song at number 75 on their list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. BBC Radio 2 recognized the song as having the greatest guitar riff in music history. That’s more than enough reason to add this song to your guitar repertoire.

Song Summary: An incredible track to learn how to play electric guitar and one of the many songs that defined Bob Dylan’s legendary musical career. The song was first released in 1973 and has been sung by many artists, giving it their own magical interpretation. It also testifies to the extraordinary popularity of Dylan’s song. One of the best covers I’ve seen is Guns n’ Roses, which the band released in 1990.

It is very important for beginner guitarists to learn how to play this song. It has one of the most popular reefs on the planet. You will also learn some basic techniques that you will use when playing the electric guitar. There is a combination of tapping and tapping. The movements during baking are not too complicated. And the sound it makes, even if you start slowly, will still be so beautiful.

Song Summary: It’s almost impossible to think of the Red Hot Chili Peppers without them in 1999. hit “Californication”. Of course, the group has many other famous songs. But it was California that caught the attention of many people at the beginning of the new millennium. Personally, I love the tune and its relaxing vibe.

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The song begins with a 12-bar selection of Am and F chords. You can then switch to an easy C-G-Dm-Am pattern and return to the original Am-F chord for 8 full bars. There is also a front chorus cluster pattern. It includes approximately 12 measures. Once you’ve mastered these basics, you should be able to play a guitar solo that covers all 16 bars. This should help you improve your skills as an electric guitarist.

Track Overview: Another selection of simple electric guitar tracks is this 1992. A song by Radiohead. It was not a commercial success at first. But a year later, the band re-released the song and then people started getting good vibes from the song.

Creep has a very easy beat to follow. You’ll never notice that you’re forcing your fingers to move the fretboard at a frantic pace. This is one of those pieces of music that isn’t just for the beginner electric guitarist. It is also a good track to learn and master the basic rhythm. Finger pulling is an important method here. It produces a softer sound than using a pick. Chords are as common as a birthday song. Try learning a few variations to improve the overall melody of the song. After a few days, you will be ready to organize your home.

Track Overview: On this Smashing Pumpkins masterpiece, you’ll appreciate Billy Corgan’s incredible ability to combine pop hooks with great hard rock riffs. Cherub Rock, released in 1993, was nominated for a Grammy for Best Hard Rock Performance. Corgan played the song in standard tuning. However, he played the octave of E at the 7th fret. This track is a great introduction for budding guitarists looking to incorporate classic arena rock and shoegazing into their future work.

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The lapel pattern is easy for beginners. Baking requires some flexibility in your fingers and wrists. It can also be a good idea to introduce a slide between chords. The song is also a teaching tool for practicing basic finger styles. And with beautiful melodies, it’s a song worth playing at large gatherings. This is a great way to surprise your guests. Overall, it’s a simple electric guitar song that’s fun and easy to master.

Song Review: I love the very fun melody of this Ramones song. The punk rock band released this song in 1976, and I still can’t help but tap my foot to the beat every time I hear it played on the air. It has a very simple structure consisting of only three chords to form one pattern. The song is very popular in many sporting and athletic events. The song’s lively beat makes it a great rallying cry for a team playing catch-up.

The song’s 3-chord pattern is also a great track for beginner guitarists. Master the A5, E5, and D5 chords and you’ll be ready to play this piece. The fun thing about playing this song is that you can really hit hard. That’s what we call an energetic rock star performance.

Song Review: Wild Things is one of those songs that sounds great on an acoustic guitar. And if you want to turn it into a show, it’ll sound even better on an electric guitar. This 1966 the song was written by Chip Taylor. But the Troggs weren’t the first to record the song. It was The Wild Ones in 1965. Unfortunately, the original song did not chart. On the other hand, The Troggs’ version went to number one on the Billboard Hot 100. The song is also on Rolling Stone’s list of the greatest songs of all time.

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Like Blitzkrieg Bop, Wild Thing only has a three-chord pattern. Beginners should never have a problem playing a song. No fancy finger techniques are required either. All you need is knowledge of chords and an unbridled desire to play the electric guitar.

Song Review: Keith Richards fans will love this song. It features one of Richard’s most iconic guitar riffs of all time. Personally, I love the rock and soul vibe of the song, which further cemented the band’s place in the rock and roll world. The first time you hear a song, you get the impression that you like it. Give it a few more seconds and the song will grow. Getting that catchy guitar riff out of your head would be nearly impossible.

Great thing about this 1965. the thing about the song is that it’s the most fun and easy beginner electric guitar song anyone can play. If you want to play an iconic riff, all you have to do is focus on one string. You can enjoy playing the song by pressing the strings as much as you want. Multiple turns can also be given. At this point, it would be best to focus on the rhythm.

Track Overview: Deep Purple follows in the footsteps of the legendary Rolling Stones. This English hard rock band is released

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