Easy Songs To Play On The Bass Guitar

Easy Songs To Play On The Bass Guitar – Bass can be exciting at first. There’s so much to learn, new songs, new techniques and a world of cool music theory. But it can also be a lot. There are so many resources available these days. From YouTube tutorials to websites to learn millions of songs. Where do I start?

This is where we get involved. As you progress in your bass guitar journey, it’s important to have interesting study material that matches your skill level. Otherwise, the learning process can be frustrating.

Easy Songs To Play On The Bass Guitar

That’s why we’ve put together 30 of the most popular and easiest bassist songs to learn while having fun, along with video lessons and worksheets to help you out!

Why The Bass Guitar Is An Easy Instrument To Learn

The good thing about Queen is that their songs are not only easy to learn, but also easy to recognize when played to non-musical friends. With over 150 million albums sold worldwide, Queen is the best-selling group (33rd in fact). The rest Bite the Dust single sold nearly 3.5 million copies and went quadruple platinum in several countries.

This is a great song to learn because the main motif is so figurative, making it one of the most famous and easiest bass songs to play. It doesn’t require a lot of technical skill, but is fantastic for helping develop skills like playing staccato (short notes that need to be struck out quickly with the right hand).

The Beatles created some of the most iconic (and successful) songs of all time and had a huge impact on the popular music scene at the time. The classic British rock band is the best-selling band in history, with more than 600 million albums sold worldwide.

Be Together is not difficult in terms of tempo, but is an ideal song for beginners as it incorporates basic techniques such as jumping. You can also get used to covering a good portion of the bass and playing higher notes on the fretboard. This is useful for new musicians, as most beginner musicians like to keep the bass low.

Easy Beginner Guitar Songs That Will Make You A Rockstar

The Detroit, Michigan-born power duo is known for a raw, organic sound that can provide a welcome change from some of today’s more prolific artists. Although technically just a guitarist and drummer, their Seven Nation Army has a clear, distinct bassline that makes learning fun.

This very simple bassline is very easy to play and is mostly a 7 note phrase played on one string. Ideal for beginners when leading a bass song, it doesn’t tax your brain too much, so you can focus on feeling the groove and making sure it’s loud and clear.

Greenday is a legend in the punk rock genre. Some have found commercial success with this style. He has five Grammy Awards and has sold over 75 million albums worldwide. However, as his career progressed, he began writing songs in pop and alternative styles.

Longview has fun prints that are perfect for those looking to start something a little more fun. This is where you choose the keynote and the interval (a fancy name to describe the two different intervals). Here it should be convenient to pick two notes at once when playing the 3rd and 4th strings together. 3rd string plays, 4th string plays the melody.

Easy Guitar Songs For Beginners

Known as the ‘King of Pop’, Michael Jackson is known for his powerful voice, catchy tunes and classic dance moves. But the instrumental aspect of Michael’s music cannot be underestimated. He is accompanied by very talented composers who have composed world-class music scores for his songs.

No song demonstrates this better than Smooth Criminal, where the bass line is crisp, the note picking is superb and the song is delivered in a unique way. It is played at a reasonable pace and requires right-handed skill to keep the tempo up. Don’t be afraid to drop the BPM a bit before the pattern slows down.

Nirvana set the world on fire with their raw, understated style, ushering in the grunge era that followed the spandex and glitter of ’80s glam rock. With contrasting lyrics that separate who we really are from what society expects us to be, the song expends great energy with melancholy.

Musically, the song is decent, with notes (notes that help you go back to the musical scale) to enhance the melancholic feel of the song. Play the 7-6-5 on the A string and hear how much it adds to the mood of the song.

Easy Anime Songs For Electric Guitar (+tabs) ⋆ Chromatic Dreamers

It’s the biggest single from Nirvana’s album Nevermind, which topped charts around the world and has been called one of the biggest songs of all time. The song alone has sold nearly 6 million copies and set a ridiculous record of 1.3 billion YouTube views for the official music video.

The song is very upbeat with an aggressive main riff and chorus, so it’s a great opportunity for beginners to play their hearts out. The song has no technical parts and repetitive parts. So feel free to turn it off, make sure no one else is looking, and run to the bedroom when you’re stuck!

You might think that a band known for performing in the progressive and psychedelic genres wouldn’t be suitable for a beginner’s playlist. But the truth is, Pink Floyd has an impressive catalog of songs to accommodate artists of all skill levels. “Money” is the first single from the hit album Dark Side of the Moon.

This song straddles the line between progressive and blues and is definitely an early song, but keep in mind that it has weird beats like 7/4 and 3/4. So check out this handy visual guide on how to calculate it and don’t forget to turn on your metronome! It’s a great song to learn because it dips your toe into unusual signatures, making it a great song to add to your easy song list later on.

Intermediate Electric Guitar Lessons

A pioneer of reggae and a true personality in music. He inspired millions of fans to be better and more positive people by projecting optimistic and hopeful messages. Although he has passed away, his message and legacy shines through his music and he is more respected as a musician than ever.

This affirming message is delivered through his music, spontaneous grooves and big melodies. So this song is perfect for beginner bass players. The song plays in time and will make you dance rhythmically on the bar. But at the same time, there is nothing to interest you as you progress. Keep your feet on time with faucet!

Alternative rock, pop rock, alternative pop. However you want to define Coldplay, their 25-year career has been a huge commercial success, selling more than 100 million albums worldwide, winning seven Grammy Awards and nine Brit Awards.

Yellow plays at a slow tempo with a very simple progression and is as easy as good old 4/4. You’ll have no trouble mastering this part, so take advantage of the opportunity to improve consistency and make sure you hit all the notes with equal force. Don’t forget to turn on the metronome to keep track of time.

Acoustic Vs Bass Guitar: Which Is Better For Beginners?

He is one of the more recent artists on this list, after his song “Pump Up Kicks” went viral in 2010. The group took a chance and secured a record deal in 2011, and they continued to grow. A chance to work with legendary electronic musician deadmau5.

Pumped Up Kicks is a popular and easy-to-learn bass song that many bassists enjoy learning because of its ease and musical balance. It has a tempo of 128bpm and requires a lot of precision to play, but will give you a great opportunity to put the hammers and strums you’ve been practicing!

James Brown has a unique singing style that has led to a long and successful career spanning more than 50 years. Ranked #7 on Rolling Stone magazine’s list of the greatest musicians of all time.

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