Electrolux Washing Machine And Dryer

Electrolux Washing Machine And Dryer – Trust your wool and silk clothes to the UltimateCare dryer. DelicateCare’s wool and silk cycles carefully adjust temperature and movement to suit the unique properties of these delicate materials. Woolen materials are held flat on the surface of the drum to prevent shrinkage, and silks are gently air-dried at very low temperatures to prevent loss of shape.*

SensiCare reduces wear and tear by protecting your clothes from overdrying. By measuring temperature and humidity, SensiCare adjusts cycle times based on load and fabric type, so items retain their look and feel for longer.

Electrolux Washing Machine And Dryer

The heat pump technology gives the clothes a new look for a long time, and it dries efficiently even at a much lower temperature than normal models. Excellent performance with up to 50% less energy consumption*.

Electrolux Ewf8025dgwa 8kg Ultimatecare 300 Washing Machine

Alternating drum movements prevent clothes from tangling, reduce wrinkles by up to a third compared to cream drying*, so ironing is quick and easy.

Safely dry your valuable wool products with the approved Woolmark cycle. This gentle program combines a low temperature with a very low spin speed to treat “dry-proof” wool garments.

The wool drying cycle of this machine has been approved by the Woolmark company for drying machine washable wool products, provided that the products are washed and dried according to the instructions on the garment label and the manufacturer. from this machine. M0000. In the EU, you can only buy through Harvey Norman Ireland, Harvey Norman Northern Ireland, Harvey Norman Croatian and Harvey Norman Slovenia.

The front washing machine includes optimal steam sterilization. At the end of the wash cycle, the Hygienic Care technology sprays it into the steam bath to remove up to 99.9% of bacteria and allergens. *Steam technology is only 40°C, so it is gentle on fabrics and saves money. Power saving.

Electrolux Eww12753 Front Load Washer Dryer. Best Price In Sydney’s West

The quick wash function responds flexibly to your needs and schedule. The 15-minute wash program efficiently cleans small amounts of clothing or individual clothing. The 39-minute washing program is ideal if you wash dirty clothes every day. If you have regular clothes, choose the 60-minute full drum program.

Cotton, linen, white or colored clothes receive optimal treatment. The Electrolux UltimateCare washing machine allows flexible selection of washing cycles with different heat levels, depending on the type of fabric. You can choose from up to 6 heat settings to ensure your clothes are properly cleaned.

Have you ever noticed that there are items left in the basket after starting the wash cycle? The Electrolux washing machine with the Stop to Add function allows you to add clothes to the drum even after the washing machine has been running for up to 15 minutes.

Feel free to wash your favorite woolen clothes, even if they are marked “hand wash only”, with a Woolmark Electrolux washing machine. The special washing program provides gentle care for wool fabrics by combining a low temperature wash with a slow and gentle spin, for example when washing by hand.

Electrolux Washing Machine Editorial Image. Image Of Clothing

The EcoInverter motor helps the washing machine run smoothly, reduces vibration and saves up to 50% electricity consumption compared to old product lines*.

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We offer a great local shopping experience at over 12 locations in Singapore. Visit your nearest store for product demonstrations and advice on our wide range of products, and rest assured that when you shop at Harvey Norman online, on mobile or in store, you can always contact your local store for help with your purchase. Find the nearest store. Electrolux Professional, in collaboration with RISE, identified and validated the most suitable protocol, which was finalized for the removal of textile pathogens during the washing process.

The intelligent dosing function automatically adds the exact amount of detergent according to the weight of the load. Thanks to this automatic dosing function, the correct amount of detergent, fabric softener and chemicals are dispensed automatically, preventing waste and providing the best results.

All six cells are clearly visible thanks to easy access to the front splitter. Each compartment is reserved for an exact type of chemical: suitable for storing powder or liquid detergent, with a separate compartment for bleaching.

Load your chosen images into your washing machine. The ClarusVibe Line 6000 clothing line has an intuitive and easy-to-use touchscreen interface. You can customize the entire interface with images of your choice to make it even more intuitive for you and your team.

Electrolux Washer Dryer Combo (7kg / 5kg), Tv & Home Appliances, Washing Machines And Dryers On Carousell

Maintain full control over all features and design the customization that best suits you by uploading your favorite images to your designs.

All washing machines and dryers of the Line 6000 series are certified according to international standards of ergonomics and human-centered design.

That means they’re user-tested to ensure operators feel less stress and pressure, so they – and your business – can thrive.

The ClarusVibe version of washing machines and some washer-dryer models have been awarded the prestigious ERGOCERT 4-star rating, the highest existing ergonomic rating.

Electrolux 11kg Front Load Washer With Wifi Connection Ewf1142q7wb Front Load Washer Washer And Dryer Perak,

Ergonomic interventions can reduce work-related musculoskeletal disorders by 59% and reduce the number of sick days by an average of 75%

The core of every machine: choose from two powerful brains, ClarusVibe or CompassPro, each best in class.

ClarusVibe control, the latest and most efficient interface, guarantees an intuitive experience and smooth interaction, as well as an intelligent and easy way to control the washing process.

With OneE Connected, you can achieve excellent performance with Electrolux Professional solutions. This will maximize your profits and accelerate your return on investment. All Line 6000 machines are ready to connect.

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Zoom in on the current status of any Line 6000 washer or dryer from anywhere and anytime to check various consumption parameters. Smart use. With OneE Connected, you can see which of your devices are working and which are not, so you can balance and optimize your process.

With Electrolux Professional OneE Connected, you can minimize consumption and optimize the efficiency of your business. Intelligent configuration. Now you have all the information you need to grow your business and start more jobs or add new machines as your business grows.

Remote speed diagnosis from anywhere: product code, serial number and any error code to increase accuracy. OneE Connected ensures maximum uptime while reducing the hassle of unexpected breakdowns. For more benefits, subscribe to Essentia’s service contract.

Track the health of your washers and dryers, even across multiple locations, with direct comparison graphs in a single snapshot. Track actual processing time, operator wait time, and total work time. The result will help you organize your team and optimize the workflow by avoiding dead time.

Bulky] Electrolux Eww1142q7wb Washer Dryer Washing Machine And Dryer Combo 11kg/7kg

Both are fully professional models in a compact size. With their small space requirement, they fit even in demanding places, ensuring optimal results.

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