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Harvey Norman’s three-in-one e-waste recycling bin on the doorstep can take ICT equipment, light bulbs and batteries. (Photo: Vanessa Lim)

Electronic Recycling Center For Cash

Singapore: About 60,000 tonnes of electronic waste and e-waste (e-waste) are thrown away by households and companies every year. This is equivalent to every Singaporean throwing away 70 mobile phones every year.

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Although there are no official figures on how much e-waste is recycled, these items – which may contain harmful substances such as heavy metals – are often flushed down the drain and left in landfills, creating health and environmental problems.

To address the rise in e-waste, Singapore will regulate the handling of certain types of e-waste from Friday (July 1). It puts the burden of managing the affairs of companies to supply the Singapore market.

This includes information and communication technology (ICT) devices such as mobile phones and computers, as well as consumer electronics such as refrigerators and personal computers.

They are regulated based on the amount of waste they produce and the impact they have on the environment, according to the NEA.

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From July 1, more than 300 e-waste recycling bins will be installed at various locations such as city centres, malls and malls. Quarterly collection will also take place in residential areas, while city councils will provide bulk disposal services for large household items.

The list of bin locations will be available from July 1 on the ALBA website, the ALBA STEP UP Sustainability mobile application and the NEA website.

If you purchase a new product to replace an existing product, you can request a one-time free return for the same product from your retailer by downloading the new item. This means where you purchased the item or brand of product.

Retailers with an area of ​​300 square meters or more are required to provide store collection services.

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All processed e-waste will be collected by ALBA e-waste, the National Environment Agency (NEA) operator of the producer responsibility scheme. The items will be sent to licensed e-waste recyclers who will ensure that all data stored on the data pages is permanently deleted or destroyed before the item is ready for disposal. Work for reuse or recycling.

ALBA will establish a data management system to monitor and report the amount of e-waste collected to NEA.

Manufacturers supplying regulated electrical and electronic products to supply platforms are required to participate in the Producer Responsibility Scheme (PRS) and fund the collection and storage of e-waste.

The amount they pay varies based on the percentage of their market supply and the weight of e-waste sent for collection and treatment by ALBA.

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The higher the manufacturer’s price, the higher the fees compared to other program items.

Manufacturers must join a producer responsibility scheme if they make it available on a platform, regardless of the platform they use to do so.

This doesn’t just apply to companies that buy things, but import and produce them.

Although the new system covers a wide range of electronic devices and electronic products, some items such as ink cartridges are not included in NEA’s list of regulated e-waste.

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Some companies, including Epson and Canon, have set up their own initiatives to collect used toner and ink cartridges for recycling.

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A 3-in-1 recycling bin for ICT equipment, bags and lamps is available at Harvey Norman Millennium Walk. (Photo: Nepal)

SINGAPORE: More than 300 electronic and electronic waste (e-waste) recycling bins will be installed in public places across Singapore from July 1, the National Environment Agency (NEA) said.

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The move is part of NEA’s e-waste Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) initiative, which began on Friday (June 4).

Members of the public can earn points that can be redeemed for vouchers when they recycle their e-waste in these bins.

Dairy Farm Group and Harvey Norman stores have four e-waste recycling bins available for people to drop off their ICT.

Acceptable types of e-waste include printers, computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, network devices, set-top boxes and desktop monitors), light bulbs and automated portables for recycling.

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“According to the Resource Sustainability Act, retailers operating stores with an area of ​​300 square meters or more must arrange store collection services for the type of electrical and electronic products they sell,” NEA said.

“These sellers will also provide their customers with free return services for similar products at the end of their life on a like-for-like basis.”

“Rejected products will be provided with a new product regardless of brand and where the product was originally purchased,” the agency said.

Galloway Township Municipal Government

With the launch of the authority’s EPR e-waste scheme on July 1, bins will be placed in public places like town centres, shopping malls, government buildings, housing societies, community centres, shopping malls and shops.

A 2-in-1 box for recycling batteries and light bulbs has been installed at Cold Storage Kalang Leisure Park. (Photo: Nepal)

The Authority is working with these organizations to ensure a smooth transition to the IPR program on July 1.

The list of bin locations will be available from July 1 on the ALBA website, the ALBA STEP UP Sustainability mobile app and the NEA website.

Ecycling Home Page

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ALBA E-Waste Smart Recycling, a designated NEA producer responsibility scheme operator sends e-waste collected from consumers to licensed e-waste processors for recycling.

These e-waste recycling devices ensure that all data stored on the data storage devices is permanently deleted and destroyed before the machine is ready for reuse or recycling.

ALBA will also undertake organized collection in residential areas, work with municipalities to dispose of large quantities of e-waste, and conduct door-to-door collection for a fee.

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In addition, it will conduct promotional programs to raise public awareness and develop a proper e-waste recycling mindset among Singaporeans and establish recycling programs, electronics and electrical appliances and community giveaways to promote a culture of repair and reuse. in singapore.

We know that switching browsers can be a hassle, but we want your CNA experience to be as fast, secure, and efficient as possible. That’s equivalent to throwing away about 70 cell phones per person in Singapore! This number is expected to continue with spending power and new technologies displacing old ones.

E-waste refers to electrical and electronic waste such as computers, laptops, mobile phones and televisions. Although they can often be trained, repaired and reused, they are often thrown away. E-waste contains not only valuables like silver and gold but also harmful substances like cadmium and lead which can harm our environment and health if not properly maintained.

When e-waste is thrown away or disposed of, it causes loss of resources and carbon emissions that contribute to global warming and climate change. E-waste contains small amounts of heavy metals that can pose a risk to the environment and health. Therefore, recycling our e-waste will reduce the amount of heavy metals in the incineration ash.

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An e-waste management system based on Singapore’s existing e-waste disposal practices will be implemented by 2021.

Under the IPR framework, covered appliances and electronic devices must take responsibility for the collection and proper management of e-waste. These manufacturers are companies that manufacture or install electronic equipment and electrical appliances to supply the domestic market.

For example, manufacturers must ensure that their products are recycled by meeting end-of-life e-waste collection targets and separating e-waste into new materials.

While retailers are the touch points for consumers, an e-waste management system will also connect retailers to provide convenient collection options to consumers.

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Some of the types of e-waste covered by the IPR include information and communication technology (ICT), solar photovoltaic panels, packaging and lighting, and some household items.

When manufacturers are responsible for the “end of life” of their products, they will put more effort into designing products that are easy to recycle or come up with new circular business models to replace them with their waste.

Tackling e-waste starts with how we use our resources. Start by asking yourself first

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