Field Of Dreams If You Build It He Will Come

Field Of Dreams If You Build It He Will Come – There are two ways to look at life in difficult times: pain or opportunity. Don’t believe me? Then, trust Jesus and Kevin Costner.

In Matthew 25:14-30, Jesus tells the story of a farmer who gave talents (money) to his three servants in his absence. He gave the first servant five talents, and he used them to return ten talents. The second worker is given two talents, which they invest and double their money. But the third servant who received the one talent buried the money in fear and returned only what was given to him. The natives are ashamed that he did not use his gifts.

Field Of Dreams If You Build It He Will Come

Jesus’ lesson from this parable (among many) is that you must bury the gifts that God has given you. But there is another important side to this story: the exception. Like the third employee who buried his talent, fear is no excuse. We may be out of a job, grieving the death of a loved one, sitting in a chemotherapy chair, or facing the prospect of living through a long, hard winter in a global pandemic, but we still have responsibilities. We do something with our gifts. Given.

If You Build It: 30 Years Of Field Of Dreams (2021)

Which brings us to the second piece of evidence: Kevin Costner, who played Ray Kinsella in the film

Kinsella’s farm in Iowa is in crisis, and in this dangerous situation he has two options (as we see in the picture): sell the farm to the bank – take the farm or his family and turn it into something else. – Baseball Diamond in the Cornfield, Field of Dreams.

Ray chose the latter – taking what he had and building it up for more – as a mysterious voice from the courtyard whispered three lessons to him.

The voice’s first words are “to ease his pain,” which for Ray refers to looking at his horror to ease the pain of his dead father. This lesson seems counterintuitive because it’s easy to think that when we’re hurting, we should focus on our own pain. However, the best way to ease our own suffering is to take our eyes off ourselves and use our gifts to ease the suffering of others.

English @ The Movies: If You Build It, He Will Come

The second class that gives voice is “clap”. Like Ray and his farm, we are in crisis—our lives have been turned upside down by COVID-19, our schools and children are struggling, wildfires are raging, and racial conflict is on the rise. But even at worst, we still have a long way to go to fully realize our gifts. Hebrews 12:1 says, “We must run with patience the race that is set before us.”

The third and final lesson is a phrase we are all familiar with: “If you build it, it will come.” In the film, that means building a baseball diamond where old-time players, including his father, will return. But what does this mean for us?

What it means to my dear friend. Pastor Ned Lenhart is the father of a beautiful and talented young daughter who also has Down syndrome. When he auditioned for the high school choir, he was told there was no place. Ned and his wife, Jill, later took that pain and turned it into their dream stage by forming Hearts of Harmony, an adaptation center for children with special needs in the Wisconsin community.

No matter what problem you’re facing right now, know that there is a way to turn your pain into action. Walk the long way. Alleviates human suffering. Share your talents regardless of your circumstances. If you build it, they will surely come. Iowa farmer Ray Kinsella is inspired by a voice that doesn’t take things lightly to make dreams come true. The promise: “Build it, it will come.” Ray defies all logic and puts his family at financial risk. With the support of his wife, Ray begins the daunting task of transforming an ordinary rice field into a dream come true.

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“But the kingdom of heaven is like a householder who went out early in the morning to hire workers for his vineyard. When he and the laborer agreed to receive each a coin, he sent him into the vineyard. Matthew 20:1-2

In search of insight into the meaning and purpose of this insane work, Ray “captured” the lone consultant writer and took him to Iowa. As soon as Ray’s pitch turns to baseball, it starts to happen. Shoeless Joe Jackson and seven other Chicago players were suspended for throwing in the 1919 World Series. One night after a performance, Shoeless Joe invited the writer to join them for a “guest”. Ray is upset that the writer was hired instead. . . After all, he made the pitch. . . All risks assumed!

Ray Kinsella: I did everything. I listened to the voices, did what they said, and never questioned what was inside me.

When he got his wages, he complained to the landlord, saying, “It’s only been an hour’s work, and you’ve put us through the day’s toil and the heat.” “But,” said he to one of them, “my friend, I will do you no harm.” Don’t you agree with me for a penny? . . . Am I not allowed to do what I want with what I have? Or are you mocking my generosity? Matthew 20:11-13, 15

If You Build It…”. Another Inning, Another Game, Another…

Jesus teaches us a valuable lesson. Whatever work God calls us to, we should never ask, “What’s in it?” We should not think so. If our hearts are filled with false hopes, selfish interests, and comparisons with others – rewards become our motivation. All of this is contrary to Jesus’ teaching: “If you want to be great in the kingdom of God, be a servant of all.” Don’t reward, find a rewarder. Appreciate your presence and the purposeful work you are called to do.

We never know when the most important moments in life will happen. And then I thought, “Well, one more day.” I didn’t realize it was the only day. – Dr. Archibald “Moonlight” Graham, Professional Baseball Player Getting paid on time is every small business owner’s dream. However, many business owners assume that they know how and when their customers want to pay. Sometimes, it doesn’t. If you build relationships with your customers and make it easy for them to pay you on time, they will.

? The main character (an Iowa worker played by Kevin Costner) hears a voice in the cornfield one day. “If you build it, they will come,” he says. Costner heeded the voice, cut his crop, and made a baseball diamond in the middle of the field. He built it… and “they” will come.

If you build a system that pays on time, “they” (paying customers) will come. I have been in the financial world for over 25 years and I believe that many people want to pay off their debt. I believe that you can get paid on time by being efficient and when you want to pay and making it easy for people to pay you.

Field Of Dreams (towa, 1989). Rolled, Very Fine+. Japanese B2

I will receive my monthly bill by email the same day. I can pay with two mouse clicks. It’s very simple and I pay it every month.

Payment terms must be clearly communicated to the client prior to completion of the work and then confirmed at the time of payment. Create a contract to outline your payment terms, even if it’s simple. It’s not enough to make a schedule to pay your bills. Customer must book in advance. 32 years ago, James Earl Jones played Terrence Mann in “Field of Dreams” and gave his “The People Are Coming” speech.

“…they come to Iowa for reasons they don’t understand…and they go out to bars and sit in their shirts all afternoon. They find that they have reserved seats in one of the main rows, where they sit like children cheering on their heroes. They watch the game and it’s like being immersed in magic…” – (screenplay by Phil Alden Robinson, 1989)

Today, more than 8,000 people (more than twice the population of Dyersville, Iowa) descend on the first game at MLB Field of Dreams. They sit and watch

Field Of Dreams In Dyersville, Iowa, Finally Gets First Official Major League Baseball Game

Heroes – Aaron Judge and the rest of the Red Hot Yankees battle it out with classic and vintage jerseys from former Yankee Lance Lynn and the Chicago White Cats.

Originally scheduled for 2020 but canceled due to the global pandemic, there will be a 2021 homecoming game between the New York Yankees and the Chicago White Cats.

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