Free Online Cleopatra Slot Machine

Free Online Cleopatra Slot Machine – Cleopatra II online slot multipliers go as high as 50x, so the volatility of this game is high. The sphinx symbol triggers the multiplier feature, which starts at 1x and increases by 1x with each subsequent spin. The wagering limit is also up to $10,000 per turn, so high rollers are moving to this online slot.

Play free Cleopatra Slot Games Online at Cleopatra theme is used by small and large casino game developers. For example, you can find Cleopatra and Cleopatra II games in the IGT collection, Cleopatra’s Secret created by SkillOnNet, Cleopatra Coins by Rival, Cleopatra Grace by EGT and others.

Free Online Cleopatra Slot Machine

IGT slots are very quick to set up, you choose the number of paylines to play, choose the coin size and you are good to go. Cleo 2 slot machine has a maximum of 20 lines and you can play up to 5 coins per spin. You will be able to play from just 20p per spin and up.

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When five Cleopatra II game symbols appear on the same payline, the top prize is 10,000 coins. Four Cleopatra symbols trigger a jackpot of 1000 coins, three symbols trigger 100 coins and two symbols trigger 10 coins.

The Cleopatra symbol is also wild, so it fills in many winning combinations when it appears. Three different gold symbols (cat, bird and Ra) top prize of 500 coins if 5 appear together on the same line. All three pay for 3+ symbols on the same payline.

The Sphinx acts as a scatter symbol for the bonus game. For 3 you will win 3x the total number of spins and 15 free spins, 4 you will get 10x bet and 18 free spins and 5 you will get 200x the total bet and 20 free spins.

The winnings from playing cards are small in comparison, although it will keep the bankroll while you wait for the feature to trigger.

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Before starting the free play bonus game, the middle screen appears. It shows 3 classic symbols from Ancient Egypt – the scarab beetle, the ankh sign, and the Eye of Horus symbol. Choose one of these and say how many spins you get. The number of Sphinx symbols that trigger the game also determines the number of spins.

The winning multiplier is the best part of the bonus game. The first spin has a standard hold, but increases by 1 for each subsequent spin. The final round of your bonus tends to include multipliers of 15x or even 20x. So later in the bonus game when big money happens.

When you think of figures from the history books of ancient Egypt, one of the first people that comes to mind is the beautiful Cleopatra who reigned for 21 years, and IGT (International Gaming Technology) is obviously a big fan of her , as he has brought us. . Cleopatra slot machine – but this time the Queen of the Nile is back for players to lead to even more riches!

Cleopatra Plus Video Slot is a great example of online slot gaming as you can choose your God to appear more often and you will be tasked with gathering followers as you try to progress through eight levels to unlock bonus features and important treasures in your research. rise to the throne and rule the palace.

Cleopatra Us Casino Slot

The same structure of 5 reels with 3 rows of symbols is kept from the original Cleopatra slot, but the number of lines has been increased to a fixed 40 winning lines. If this line amount does not cost to play for real cash, you can still play for free here, without the need to download and still experience the thrill of gaining power.

The incredible landscape will amaze you as you gaze upon the majestic pyramids as darkness falls as the deity of your choice watches over the scrolls along with the pharaoh who shows you your level and how many followers you have you need to climb them. .

The sound effects are just as impressive as the visuals as the beat of the song matches the reels and Cleopatra’s beautiful voice is featured when she welcomes you to the stunning bonus game and says something like “the wonders of the city await”.

As you would expect, Cleopatra dominates the reels of this free Cleopatra Plus slot game as a Wild Compared symbol (a stack of 2, 3, 6 and 10), it has the power to change everything but the Scatter symbol (follower) and double. in the win it changes, however, a host of special Egyptian gods are also arranged on each reel to help claim more respect. These include Aset, Bastet and Hathor, while reaching the fourth level will also unlock Amun, Ra and Amunis.

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The gamification aspect of Cleopatra Plus is on full display when you receive three or more of the follower symbols (there are single, double and triple versions) when you unlock the amazing free spins feature where you are tasked with placing your followers on a map.

The locations you can choose from are Alexandria, the Nile Valley, or the Pyramids of Giza, but you still need to gather enough followers to send your followers to a specific location.

The first level is called “Selected by Asset” and with this you send your followers to Alexandria. The second level is titled “Heart of Assets” and allows you to send followers to the Nile Valley when you collect between 50 and 119. You will unlock additional Scatter symbols on the fifth reel and you can place more followers on the map when you reach the third level (120 to 199 followers) called “Asset Bodlon”, the other three gods (Amun, Ra and Amunis) are unlocked when you reach the fourth level ( 200 to 349 followers) called “Beautiful Wish Asset”.

The fifth level is called “Eternal Asset Power” and is achieved when you collect 350 to 599 followers with an extra scatter unlocked on the fifth reel and two more followers placed on the card. The last spin multiplier is unlocked during the sixth level called “Eternal Light of the Estate” when you claim a large multiplier bonus in the last free spin, the Pyramid of Giza is unlocked when you you collect 900 to 1,249 followers in the seventh level called “The golden face of the Asset”, when the eighth and final level is accessed after you collect 1,250 or more followers while taking a super spin that never can’t manage to win big!

Riches Of Cleopatra

It’s one of the voices you’ll hear every time you start the amazing bonus game and you can’t fail to prove yourself a winner with rich prizes up for grabs.

It may sound complicated, but everything becomes clear quickly after the first time. With stunning design, a great base game to beat, the fact that you can choose from up to six gods, and an amazing bonus game that sees you gather followers in your quest to rule the palace as Cleopatra’s heir, there is no denying this. one. one of the best casino slots i’ve seen in a long time!

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