Game Of Thrones Episodes 9

Game Of Thrones Episodes 9 – From the very beginning, George R.R. Martin’s film adaptation has created a unique tradition. Every year, episode 9, the penultimate episode, is the climax of the season. While most series end in a finale to hold viewers over for the next season, HBO’s series breaks the “best for last” rule. And it works great.

It was in episode 9 that Ned Stark was killed, the Purple Wedding took place, or Daenerys rode a dragon for the first time. Suffice it to say, it’s a reunion marked by handshakes and meet-and-greets that fans look forward to every year, but with great trepidation (is my favorite character going to die?).

Game Of Thrones Episodes 9

Placement of Dance of Dragons in fifth place is disappointing. This is a favorite part of some fans, but it definitely needs a last resort. And despite the excitement that we will soon see a dragon on screen, this episode 9 seems less interesting than what the series has given us so far.

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The final scene is technically successful. The special effects make Drogon really believable. And seeing him bring Sons of Harp to life will definitely be fun. This is the first time we’ve seen Drogon actually work, and we have confirmation in the form of the firepower of Daenerys’ “babies” who later grow to large sizes.

But this section 9 cannot be transferred to others for several reasons. First, because it’s not the most impressive CGI we’ve ever seen on the show. Then because the scene lacked tension. Daenerys is one of those characters that we know isn’t going away anytime soon (it wouldn’t make any sense in the story) and we know that she will be saved one way or another. And if we have never seen a dragon in battle, we know from their “birth” that they will act at one point or another.

A Dance of Dragons is not even the most important episode of this season 5: it is clearly inferior to the previous episode, “Hardhome”, with the attack of the White Walkers and their hordes and the unforgettable confrontation between the Night King and Jon Snow. .

Blackwater is the “first” chapter. The first episode to take place entirely in one location (Port Real), the first major on-screen battle

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, the first budget break approved by HBO (the war originally took place off-screen). With the added bonus of writing by George R.R. Martin, all the ingredients are there for an epic finish.

Stannis Baratheon threw all his forces to capture Port Real. Failure seems inevitable. Imprisoned with the other ladies of the court, Cersei gets drunk and warns Sansa that Stannis’ soldiers will rape them. We later see her “kill” Tommen with poison.

Outside, Joffrey takes out the chickens and throws Le Limier in the towel (“To hell with the Kingsguard. To hell with the city. To hell with the king”). Fortunately, Tyrion, then the Hand of the King, turned the odds against the odds by sending a Grecian diety ship to destroy Stannis’s fleet in fireworks as much as possible. But Tyrion was wounded in the face by Ser Mendon (who was supposed to be by his side), and when he returned to him, his father, Tywin Lannister, who had reached the end of the war, had already won the battle. .

Brilliantly written and directed (by Neil Marshall), Blackwater was a slap in the face and a major breakthrough in the Game of Thrones storyline that would lead to the downfall of Tyrion, his family, and the inevitable downfall of Stannis.

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Giants riding mammoths fall on the wall. So we can sum up the orgasmic aspect of this episode, which the fantasy branch of fans of the series especially liked. The legendary defensive wall of Westeros, the fabled construction of which we are regularly told 8000 years ago after the Long Night, has finally been tested.

Watchers on the Wall reveals the leadership qualities of Jon Snow, who leads the defense atop the wall, and the leadership of Allizer Thorne, who keeps the Night’s Watch happy as clockwork. Two scenes in particular feature ghosts: the sacrifice of members of the Night’s Watch making their wishes known as a giant runs right at them in a tunnel, and the death of Ygritte, who is killed by Ollie (the kid will pay the bastard later) when he hesitates to shoot Jon Snow with an arrow.

Masterfully directed by Neil Marshall, this episode evokes something like Blackwater somewhere, a particularly effective immersion that makes us forget we’re watching TV.

It is very predictable. The first set it so high that you shouldn’t miss it. Knowing this pressure, the show had the good idea to entrust the production to the experienced Miguel Sapochnik, who signed the outstanding “Hardhome” (so far the best episode of season 5, we repeat), and his ending is also trusted. Season 6

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At least Sapochnyk answered. Contrary to expectations, the episode does not focus solely on the confrontation between Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton. Before that, we got the first attack from Daenerys’ three dragons, which prevented the slavers from attacking Meereen. A perfect snack.

If the outcome of the battle wasn’t surprising (we knew Littlefinger would come to the rescue and Ramsay would pay in the end), his execution exceeded our expectations.

, we follow Jon Snow through a fight in a sequence worthy of Alfonso Cuaron (see video below), then we gasp with the hero as he nearly drowns and stumbles among the corpses, and it’s like Helm’s Guffre in The Lord of the Rings . , when Gandalf lands on the Rohirrim. Except mischievous Littlefinger plays savior instead. We’ll remember three deaths from the episode: brutal Rickon, heroic Wun-Wun, and Ramsay’s orgasm, eaten by his dogs.

It’s no coincidence that HBO is betting on other Emmys in this episode, celebrated by the public and critics.

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He capitalized on his success, blew the budget and gave us a fight scene that we’ve never seen on television. And for a very long time in the cinema.

Some screw up because it’s not in our heads. We guess. The famous “Red Wedding” is obviously his iconic scene

. We’re in season 3, the series has become a phenomenon, and social media will amplify the horror of this event, which already traumatized readers of the books years ago.

This murder is even worse than the individual Robb Stark books. In the series, he is seen telling Robb that he wants to name his son Eddard after his father. “King of the North” in the sky. Soon the Frey lead a deadly Imperial division. House Stark betrayed by a love interest. Lord and the army, they all go there (except for Arya, who thankfully arrives a little late). The Machiavellian plan of Tywin Lannister and Walder Frey is coming to life.

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Aside from the final carnage and Michelle Fairlie’s excellent performance as Catelyn Stark, the whole setting is top-notch: the setting, the atmosphere, the gruff Walder Frey who ratchets up the pressure by accusing Robb of breaking his oath. the music will start. It’s great, but not enough to be the best episode 9 of GoT.

Two-thirds of the way through the book, but I missed it. So, the book is finished, and only this part remains to be written. When I wrote this, I wanted to kill my two children. I try to give readers the feeling that they have experienced the events of the book. Just as you would mourn the death of a friend, you should also mourn the death of a fictional character. That should do something for you. If someone dies and you’re eating popcorn again, that’s an experience, right?

You have been warned, we killed off the main character after only nine episodes, no one is safe

In front of our screen, like Arya for the most part, we do not believe. Eddard Stark is a hero, a symbol of courage, a loving father, a brave warrior, he will restore order in Port Real, save the Lannisters from deception. When he found himself in front of the crowd and

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