George Thorogood Bad To The Bone Live

George Thorogood Bad To The Bone Live – Harmful for bones! George Thoragood and the Destroyers celebrate 45 years of classic rock Prisoners at the Ridgefield Playhouse.

George Thorogood & The Destroyers will celebrate 45 years of classic rock on Saturday, September 25 at 8:00 p.m.

George Thorogood Bad To The Bone Live

Celebrate Take No Prisoners’ 45th anniversary with a signature evening of classic rock: ‘I’ll Drink Alone’, ‘A Bourbon, a Scotch, a Beer’, ‘Move’, ‘Who You Love’ and ‘Bare’. Bone” as well as some simple hits. !

George Thorogood Live At Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre

Since 1976, George Thoragood and The Destroyers have sold more than 15 million albums, created a catalog of hits and played more than 8,000 thrilling concerts. They broke 50-date/50-state tour records, performed at Live Aid and SNL, and dominated radio, MTV and the stage for more than two generations. Through it all, one of the forefathers of blues rock has been one of the most enduring and enduring emotional figures in pop culture history. Being George Thorogood and the Destroyers has been great for the past 45 years. It’s Good to Be Bad Tour: 45 Years of Rock Prove More Than Ever Why Gratitude: What’s Open and Closed for Thanksgiving | Season of Thanksgiving | The best time to hit the trails is to safely shed the fat from the Grocery Store Hours party

George Thoragood, one of the Chesapeake Bay area’s most successful artists, spoke with Jason Fraley ahead of his band The Delaware Destroyers’ show at Wolf Trap later this month.

George Thoragood is one of the most successful artists to come out of the Chesapeake Bay area with memorable blues-rock hits with his band The Delaware Destroyers.

This month, on August 12, Wolf Trap will appear on the bill with Joan Jett and the Black Hearts.

Live In Boston 1982: The Complete Concert By George Thorogood And The Destroyers: Cds & Vinyl

“I wonder how good it would be to share the stage with me?” Thoragood said. “I’m looking forward to it. I have never met this woman. … She’s a big baseball, Baltimore Orioles fan … It’s always fun to play with someone in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.”

“I had two older brothers,” Thoragood said. “My older brother bought a lot of singles and records and put them on the radio. So when rock and roll started in 1956, our family was touched. Chief among them was Elvis Presley. I’m not that young. Knew Rock and Roll was New… Then The Beatles, The Stones came on, so I got into that at the start of the party.

“I played as a solo artist for a while and I wasn’t very good at it,” Thoragood said. There was a lot of motivation. I meant to start a band one day.

“I came back to Delaware to see my sister get married,” Thoragood said. “It was a party and Jeff Simons picked up the drums and I picked up the electric guitar and we were just jamming and he started talking. He had this unique ability to follow me on the guitar.

George Thorogood Bad To The Bone

“Jeff, we’re going to start a band like these guys,” Thoragood said. “He promptly quit his job, dropped out of college, bought a drum kit, bought a Volkswagen, gassed it up, took every eight-track tape of rock ‘n’ roll and blues, and came home with it all. About this beer, he knocked on the door and said: “Come, come!”

Thus, the Delaware Destroyers were born in 1973, when Thoragood gained notoriety for his unique style of playing guitar using fingers and toes instead of conventional guitar picks.

“I was lucky enough to see Brainy McGee, John Hammond and Fred McDowell play with their fingers like I did,” Thoragood said. “I had a massive attack and my fingers kept bleeding so I had to take these mediators on my fingers, so it was an acoustic blues style that I liked Freddie King with an electric guitar. Like what Lockwood said, “You remind me of John Lee Hooker. You play right because you’re wrong.

“I had an album called John Lee Hooker: Live at the Cafe O’Go Go backed by the Muddy Waters Band,” Thoragood said. … People were dancing, and 90% of them were women dancing to the song, so I thought, “Ah ha! We are talking now.”

This Is George Thorogood & The Destroyers

“Jeff, I said this is the first song we’re going to learn,” Thoragood said. “Women are leading the way. Who discovered Elvis Presley? Women. Who discovered the Beatles? Women. So when I see chicks singing “One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer,” I’m like, “That’s the first song. We’re going to learn.’… Fortunately, it’s still going strong for us.

From Hank Williams’ “Move It On Over” (1978) to “Who Do You Love?” Because Dudley. He quickly developed a knack for covering other popular tunes. (1978) regularly hit the FM airwaves.

“Rounder Records approached me to do this song,” Thoragood said. “I didn’t really like doing it because a lot of people had done covers before… I said, ‘This song’s been done to death,’ and Rounder Records said, ‘You only had seven songs on the record. would argue with the president of your record company? And there was Seth.

“In our area, ‘bad’ meant runoff, cold,” Thoragood said. “I thought the prepositions would be great when I said there are a lot of words that go with ‘Blowin’ in the Wind’, ‘Gone with the Wind’ and ‘Bones.’… “The name is so cute. We did” “Write a song called ‘Bad to the Bones,’” he writes, “and we might as well.

George Thorogood & The Destroyers Announce Australian Tour

“Stuttering,” Roger Daltrey wrote in 2015. In 1965 he was talking about the “g-g-g-generation” and about 10 years later [Bachman Turner Overdrive] said, “b-b-b-b-bo, you ain’t seen nothing yet.” I thought the market was right to bring something similar to this song every 10 years.

“We were turned down by Muddy Water,” Thoragood said. “His manager said, ‘Muddy Waters would never cut a blues song written by a white man.’ They liked the song, but we took it from Bodley, who didn’t have a record deal. We put Dudley in the video.

“We were trying to do a country song, I was really into country at the time, I was listening to a country station in LA, and we wanted George Jones to do it.” Thoragood said. “The record company said, ‘We didn’t hire you to write songs for other people. We want you to do that.” So we went crazy and took another disruptive approach.

In the following decade, “Haircut” (1993) became a hit not only in the USA, but also in Canada, Australia and New Zealand. As he went global, Thoragood never forgot where he was from, visiting Delaware, Maryland and the District of Columbia.

Georgethorogood Bad To The Bone.mp4 On Vimeo

There’s even a famous photo of him leaving a gig at the door of the Georgetown Cellar, still with his guitar, across the street to Desperado to switch places with The Nighthawks.

“That was something the Nighthawks came up with,” Thoragood said. “He worked across the street at Desperado’s, we worked at the Cellar Door. …All my Nighthawks girlfriends and wives were staring at me in our clubhouse! That’s what was wrong with [Jimmy] Thackeray, he was jealous of her! See what I mean? And all his women.” We parted ways.

Both clubs no longer exist, but they are happy to see the venues open a year and a half after the pandemic closed. How is Thoragood fighting Covid-19?

“I’m very close to home,” Thoragood said. “Honestly, I’m a homebody, so I have a lot going on. I learned to play the guitar, started working out, a few other things, but nothing to do when I’m not on the road.

Born To Be Bad (remastered)

Jason Fraley, who The Washington Post credits with “the ability to name every Best Picture winner ever,” started out as a writer for Morning Drive.

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