How Do You Earn Money From Blogging

How Do You Earn Money From Blogging – On this page I want to take you through the process of how to make money blogging. This is perfect for those who already have a blog, but if you don’t, I recommend checking out our guide to starting a blog (this is step 1).

I started blogging on impulse one day in 2002 after seeing another blog and being fascinated by the medium. Little did I know at the time that what I was doing would eventually lead to a complete change in my career and that years later I would be earning a full-time income.

How Do You Earn Money From Blogging

I had no experience or profile in the online space, no technical ability, and had done very little in the way of communicating through the written word when speaking in public.

How To Make Money Blogging

I didn’t make money from my first blog for about 18 months (I didn’t know you shouldn’t try) and when I started making money from it, the first income was only a few dollars a week. – But gradually my income went from part-time income to full-time income and beyond.

I often wonder how to make money blogging, so in this article I wanted to lay out some basic steps that I see most bloggers go through to make a living from blogging.

Sounds easy doesn’t it! At some point the process is simple, but you need to know in advance that there are many at each stage, and below I will give you some tips on each, including some further reading.

To make money blogging you need to have a blog. While this is pretty obvious, it’s a blocker for many pre-bloggers who come up with the idea of ​​blogging with little or no technical background.

Make Money Blogging

If that’s you, don’t worry! That was my story too and most bloggers feel a little overwhelmed by the process of starting their blog.

If you need help, I recommend checking out my article on how to start a blog where I go through the steps to get you up and running. It’s really not as hard as you think!

A blog is not a blog without content, so once you set up your blog you should focus on creating useful content. What you choose to create depends somewhat on the topic you choose to write about (on that note, the most successful bloggers focus their blog pretty much on the niche or demographic they’re writing about).

The key to creating content is to make it as useful as possible. Focusing on creating content that changes people’s lives in some way is something that people value most and helps people feel known, loved and trusted, which is very important if you want to make money later. From your blog.

Quick & Proven Ways To Make Money From Blogging

There are thousands of articles and podcast episodes on how to create content. Check out our latest in the Content section of our blog and podcast. Also check out some of these popular articles on different aspects of content creation.

When you create more useful content, it becomes easier to focus more and spend more time creating your blog. Many bloggers have a “build it and they’ll get into the mood” with their blog, but this is a bit of a trap.

If you want to make money from your blog you don’t need to focus on building a good blog but also start downloading and promoting your blog.

There are many ways to experiment and grow your blog audience that I’ve written about in previous blog posts and talked about in podcasts (I’ll share more reading and listening below), but it’s important to remember to go into all of these strategies. . You shouldn’t just be looking for “traffic”, but “readers”.

How To Make Money Blogging (the Practical Guide For 2022)

Start by thinking carefully about the type of readers you want to read your blog. You may want to create this reader avatar (sometimes called a reader persona or profile) to help you determine who you’re trying to attract.

Once you know who you expect to read your blog, ask yourself where these types of people are already online. Start by listing where they can collect:

Each of these places you can already gather readers has the opportunity to develop a presence by leaving great comments, creating guest posts, or being helpful and answering questions.

With this list of blogs, spotlights, podcasts, social media accounts you’ll have some great places to hang out and create value.

Can You Make Money Blogging?

Build a presence, add value, build relationships – don’t engage in spammy practices.

Check out our latest posts and podcasts on how to get readers in the Get Readers section of the podcast and blog. Here are some other links to view the content:

With a constant focus on creating great content and driving readers to your blog, you’ll start to notice people visiting your blog and engaging with your content.

Respond to comments, reach out to these readers personally, and do your best to keep them coming back again and again by creating a “sticky blog.”

How Do Blogs Make Money (10 Proven Ways)

Take care of the readers you already have and you will find that they will spread the word about your blog and help your blog to be read more widely.

5. Start monetizing your readers in one or more income streams

Well, the first four steps to starting a blog, creating content, getting readers, and creating engagement with those readers are the most important foundations you need to get going before you can generate long-term income for your blog.

It cannot be denied that what we are dealing with is a lot of work but if you do it well you will position yourself well and give yourself every chance of making money with your blog.

How To Make Money Blogging

With these foundations you are now ready to try to make money from your blog, but since you have your blog set up, you have content and you are attracting readers, the money will not come automatically. the flow

I have written many articles here on the topic of blogging for money and some below suggest further reading on the topic, but first let me share a few introductory words on this topic.

The biggest misconception bloggers have about monetizing blogs is that they have to do it in one of a few ways. The truth is, there are many ways to make money blogging.

A few years ago I sat down and decided to list all the ways bloggers can monetize their blogs and created this “money map” (click to enlarge).

How To Make Money By Blogging: 5 Profitable Ways(with Proofs)

As you can see, there are quite a few options bloggers have to monetize their blog.

Don’t worry, while this map can be quite overwhelming at first glance, there are a few main “groups” of income streams that you’ll want to focus on instead of all those specific ones.

This is where many bloggers start. In many ways, this blog monetization model is no different than how you sell magazine or newspaper ads. As your traffic and brand grows, you may find that advertisers are willing to pay to gain exposure to your audience.

Ad networks (like Google AdSense) act as intermediaries when you need decent traffic to make a direct deal with an advertiser and allow small publishers to post ads on their blogs. This is where many bloggers start (I did too).

How To Make Money Blogging For Beginners (2022): Step By Step Guide

A recent reader survey found that affiliate marketing is the most common form of income our readers have.

To put it more simply: when you link to a product for sale on another site (take Amazon, for example) and someone follows your link and ends up buying that product, you earn a commission on the sale.

There’s more, but this is another great place to start and monetize your blog, as it’s easy to sign up for an affiliate program, and if you have an engaged audience, you’ll get them to follow your product recommendations.

Although there are not many bloggers, I have noticed an increase in the number of bloggers who make money by doing events.

How Long Does It Take To Make Money Blogging? One Year Or Less!

These range from large conferences and events to smaller gatherings like our conference, which hosts hundreds of bloggers each year.

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