How High Should I Hang My Curtains

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How High Should I Hang My Curtains

Earlier this week, my friend Marco Polo let me out of her new home. She took me from room to room and showed me everything they did and wanted. As she walked into her daughter’s room, she stopped: “Look at the curtains. Did we do something wrong? It looks strange compared to the window.” Of course, the curtains were hung over the window. Just to close the window. The window was closed and there was no breathing on the sides or top. This is a common mistake and not entirely your fault. Most box stores only sell curtains that are no longer than 84 inches, which means you won’t have room to hang any taller. I always take extra time to order online. (I linked my full list at the bottom of this post!) So I was able to hang our curtains taller and wider than our windows. It really helps your windows (and space) look bigger. And who wouldn’t want to do that? !

Decor Psa: Hang Curtains High & Wide

You can also use this trick to center an uncentered window or make a short room look bigger. Curtains. Have. Strength! For 8′ ceilings I usually order 95-96′ curtains, for 9′ ceilings I go for 108′. floor You can always cover the curtains or use masking tape. Avoid high water curtains at all costs. It won’t do any favors to your space if your curtains are 6-12 inches above the floor. To be on the safe side (for example, you could have a heater under the base where the curtains meet) I’d choose a roman shade. sharp

Let’s explore the curtain path memory and see how we hang curtains in certain areas of our projects.

As you can see, curtains can be added or combined with colors. Sometimes we add 4 panels for an extra luxurious look. Or add transparent or blackout openings, or customize (such as our wardrobe) to get just the right vibe. We matched the curtains to the shades in several photos. But I can’t layer it enough. (These bamboo sticks are my favorite here.)

When you buy a fishing rod Make sure you choose a length that is long enough to extend beyond both sides of the window. If there is space, I like to let the inside of the curtain cover just the curtain.

How To Hang Curtains In A Corner Window

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How To Fix Poorly Hung Curtains

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We have a long relationship with DIY and love making projects happen even if you don’t want to tear down a wall. You can instantly improve any space in your home. Read more Read more Read more 02 01 03

How To Hem Curtains

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Awesome Tips On How To Hang Curtain And Drapery Like A Designer

Welcome to our online community. Where we’ve posted about DIY homes, styles, renovations and homes since ’09 renovating #clj moderncottage. of us in Idaho and headed to Raleigh North Carolina For a new adventure #cljfam #cljtransformations One of the most important room decorations are curtains! They have the ability to soften the look of a room. Create the illusion of higher ceilings. create a focal point and expand the width of the wall But it can also be rolled back if not properly installed. Although I will always encourage you to do what you love the most. May I suggest some curtain suggestions –

Do not place curtain rods on window sills. This will draw the eye down and make your ceiling feel shorter.

For a standard 8-foot ceiling, place the bar about 1-3 inches below the ceiling or crown. If you have high ceilings (9-10 feet) and the windows are far below the ceiling. Place your wood about 8-12 inches above the window sill. This gives the illusion of a taller ceiling and creates a wider feeling in the room.

Don’t use thin lines. that pushes the curtain to cover most of the windows when retracted

How To Get Curtains To Hang Straight (how To Train Curtains)

Set the beam 8-12 inches wider than the threshold so that when the sunshade is open cover the edge of the door only This does three things—allowing more light into the room. make the window look bigger and helps your curtains hang neatly without squeezing to either side.

Use curtains that touch the floor. Your curtains should be 1/2 inch above the floor, kissing the floor, or the floor basin. For 8-foot ceilings, I recommend a standard 96-inch curtain. You can then adjust it up and down or bottom up as needed.

If there is enough space Use panels on both sides of the window. This creates symmetry and balance in the room.

Use four panels per window for a richer look. It also gives the illusion of wider windows and walls.

How To Easily Hang Curtains, According To A Pro

Shop your favorite curtains and curtain rods below. And keep scrolling for a quick overview of the advice I mentioned above.

Want to learn more about curtains? Take fun quizzes Check out how much you know about different styles of curtains!

Wondering which type of window covering is best for your problematic window? this is for you

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How To Hang Curtains The Right Way

Blocks 31-60, curtains, position, dos, dos, dos, dos, don’ts, height, width, length, living room, illustrations, curtain guide, railings Curtains, Curtains, Blue Curtains, Velvet Curtains, Tips, Design Tips , Blog, Blog 721 Comments Are you planning to redecorate and need help choosing and hanging your curtains? If yes, you’ve come to the right place. The size of the curtain and the hanging height will make a difference. We’ve done the research to give you everything you need to know about hanging curtains and how to achieve the look you want.

For low ceilings It is recommended to hang curtains 3-6 inches above the window sill for rooms with high ceilings. Hang the curtains 8 inches above the window frame.

You might be wondering how long your curtains should be.

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