How Long Should Tax Records Be Kept

How Long Should Tax Records Be Kept – Tax season is in full swing. We have completed preparing 1099s for clients and are gathering records to send to our clients’ tax accountants. In the spirit of the season, we’ve created an infographic guide that you can print out and keep on your desk. This guide helps you determine which tax records to keep, how long to keep them, and the best ways to keep them. To kick off 2017, follow this guide to help keep your tax records organized and safe for the coming year.

If you have questions about taxes, the IRS has helpful information on its website. Check out Tax Assistant’s interactive online tool for answers to frequently asked tax law questions. Note that the deadline for filing federal taxes is Tuesday, 2017. April 18

How Long Should Tax Records Be Kept

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How Long Do You Need To Keep Corporate Tax Records?

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Tax Records: What To Keep And For How Long??

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How Long To Keep Business Tax Records And Receipts

Remember that the IRS recommends keeping tax-related records for at least six years. If an error is suspected, an audit can be carried out six years after your application, and if this happens, proof of your purchases will be required.

Determining how long to keep financial records depends on several factors, including the type of record and whether it is a personal or business document. Whether you keep records for a month or 10 years, best accounting practices call for keeping your records electronically (paperless if possible) and always backing up your files by storing them in the cloud. Mazuma’s accounting experts help clients store and manage important financial information in a secure online portal, so information is never lost and easily accessible.

Below is a detailed summary of how long you should keep financial records, from least to longest.

The key to successful record keeping is organization. Create a monthly system that works, and you’ll be more likely to stick with it. For example, write down the type of expense on each receipt and put it in a separate file each month. Until you receive your monthly statements, you’ll want to keep your utility bill receipts, bank statements, and deposit slips. When you have time to review the reports, you can remove the receipts.

Which Documents To Keep Or Shred

In case of disputes, identity theft or fraud, you will need proof of payments and any financial business activity. Therefore, create a file of banking and investment records for all personal and business accounts.

You may be wondering how long you should keep bank statements. be careful. This can be useful if you are claiming a bad debt loss or deduction.

Why should you keep some things forever? Some documents do not have an expiration date, such as birth certificates and social security cards. Also, these documents can be proof of identity. For documents like car titles or other purchases, keep the related documents for as long as you own the items.

Keep important personal documents such as birth certificates, passports and marriage certificates in a safe place such as a home safe, fire container or bank vault.

How Long To Keep Tax Records {plus How To Organize Old Tax Returns In Your Home Filing System}

Documents such as tax returns, receipts, bank statements or payslips can also be kept in a safe or locked file at home. Store electronic documents in a password-protected folder on your desktop or another secure location.

Mazuma helps its customers store and manage important financial information in a secure online accounting portal. In addition to completing accounting and taxes, we provide easy access to tax returns and other important business documents.

It may be tempting to toss your old financial records in the trash. However, if these documents contain sensitive personal information such as any account or social security numbers, you should destroy them first. This reduces the risk of identity theft.

Knowing how long to keep your financial records is important because it will help you stay organized. This is especially important if you are a business owner because you want to have everything on hand in case you are audited or have to go to court. Record keeping can help you prepare accurate financial statements and tax returns, stay compliant, access important reports, apply for loans, and plan for your future.

How Long Should I Keep Tax Records & Underlying Accounting Documents Per Nepal’s Income Tax?

Need help managing your business’s financial records? At Mazuma, we can help you with business accounting and taxation. We’ll manage your books year-round to keep you organized and maximize your tax savings, all for a low monthly fee. Contact us today!

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Mazuma is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) firm based in Orem, Utah and a member of AICPA. We offer professional accounting services to businesses and individuals with a focus on small business accounting and taxation. In our daily lives, we have reasons to keep records like documents, transcripts, and receipts. Which begs the question of which things to keep and which to discard? If you doubt the importance of information, don’t throw it out the window.

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