How Much Do Personal Trainers Get Paid Per Hour

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How Much Do Personal Trainers Get Paid Per Hour

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Personal Trainer Statistics, Facts, And Trends

I took my first CrossFit class in 2013. Before, you wouldn’t think I was athletic, let alone getting to know me from tough CrossFit workouts.

Jim and I weren’t (and still aren’t) friends. I went in and looked at the equipment and was immediately stunned by all the options and mostly how clumsy I was. But everything changed when I tried CrossFit.

An experienced trainer and coach plans my workouts, tells me how to do it, and holds me accountable for showing that I love going to the gym.

Personal trainers play an invaluable role in the health and wellness of people like me who naturally dislike working out. If you’re passionate about helping people change their relationship with the gym, it’s time to consider becoming a personal trainer.

How Does A Pt Help Me On My Fitness Journey?

Personal trainers teach people how to exercise effectively and safely for them. They can also provide information and resources on nutrition, weight management and wellness. This is an excellent career for those who want to work full-time or part-time.

It’s not enough to get a certificate and teach someone to lift or yawn. Danny James, the performance coach who defined your success, says if you want to be a good personal trainer, you need to be passionate about helping people.

“We want so much excellence in education that we often forget the ‘personal’ part. We are concerned with the ‘people’ business and you should care about helping people succeed.” said James. “Give people an experience and they’ll come back and bring their friends.”

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for personal trainers in 2019 was $40,390 per year, or $19.42 per hour. The bottom 10% of fitness trainers earn around $21,000, while the top 10% earn more than $75,000.

Why Do Online Personal Trainers Find It Hard To Get Clients? — The Sustainable Training Method

Most work in gyms, but personal trainers may also work in private fitness centers, provide in-home services or train entirely online. Top personal trainers on Instagram can make tens of thousands of dollars for a single sponsored post on the platform.

Even if you’re looking for part-time education, personal training can be a profitable side job that you can easily work into on your full-time schedule.

You can also earn passive income online. Chantal Steele of NASM CPT earns about $1,000 a month from fitness blog Ironwild Fitness, ad revenue, and digital product sales.

Becoming a personal trainer is a simple process, but it can seem daunting at first. There are dozens of certifications, specialties and career paths to choose from. But you can cut the noise, choose the path that’s right for you, and learn how to become an online personal trainer in just four steps.

Local Seo Guide For Personal Trainers

As a personal trainer, you don’t have to limit yourself to doing group fitness classes at your local gym if that’s not what you want to do. You can train people in person, online, at your home, at your clients’ homes, or wherever you can get your equipment.

Do some research on the services offered by instructors in your area and abroad so you can differentiate yourself and find a training method that appeals to you.

While your first thought is “I’ll work for whoever pays me”, you’ll find that this mentality quickly leads to burnout.

Specializing in some type of training or client will allow you to hone your skills in that area, target your marketing, and charge more than an immersive instructor. James earns more than $7,000 a month by engaging almost exclusively with athletes, particularly athletics.

Easy Ways Personal Trainers Can Make Money Online

Check out this post shared on Instagram by Danny James

Do not limit yourself when choosing a place. From police officers and cosplayers to people with chronic illnesses, there are successful trainers in every lifestyle and industry. Identify what is unique about you and how you can use it to serve others.

Learning how to become a certified personal trainer is not difficult. Once you have decided what you want to do and who you want to work with, you can choose the qualification that suits you best. Most certifications require you to be at least 18 years old, CPR certified, and pass an exam.

The cost of these tests can range from $99 to $800. The two most popular certifications from the American Council on Exercise and the National Academy of Sports Medicine are $600 and $800 respectively. Both are public certifications, so if you want to specialize a bit more, it’s better to skip it. Instead, get one specific to your industry or look for additional specialized certifications.

Fitness Trainers Seek Income During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Once you have targeted your services and certifications, you are ready to target your niche. There are many ways to market your small business, but you don’t have to do all of them. Pick one or two that work best for you and master them before branching out.

Some popular marketing strategies for personal trainers include content marketing through a blog, podcast, or YouTube channel. Social media channels like Instagram and TikTok are great places to showcase your exercise and nutrition plans. Coaches who want to start with local clients can try Google and Facebook ads that target people living in a specific area.

If you’re making money beyond personal training, there are many ways to grow your personal training business and use your skills to earn passive income.

In addition to in-person and online training, you can also sell general or customized exercise and nutrition plans that people can follow on their own.

Personal Trainer Salary Guide

“There are people who feel more comfortable alone in the gym and just want guidance. I’ve created a template for these people to follow each month to make my job easier,” James said. “You get a little extra income every month with very little effort.”

Selling fitness plans meant that when the epidemic hit, James could easily start his business by offering more unique fitness templates.

Maybe you have a fitness plan that fits your target customer niche or a business model that other personal trainers can follow and see success in their niche. You can build a digital course around your expertise and earn passive income.

All you need is an online teaching platform like Teachable or Intellectual and your iPhone to record your presentations.

How Much Do Personal Trainers Make In 2022?

If you enjoy individual training lessons, you can book them and connect them to an optional training membership. You will have an advantage because popular sports subscriptions like Peloton or Daily Burn can offer a small membership community that lacks friendships.

By differentiating yourself from mainstream workout apps, you can attract members willing to pay a premium price for more personalized features.

Check out this post shared on Instagram by Tammy 🐚 (@tammyhembrow).

If you have a health or fitness product that you use and recommend, consider becoming an affiliate. Many companies have some type of affiliate or referral program that pays for business referrals.

How Much Money Can A Personal Trainer Make In Australia?

The best way to become an affiliate is to contact companies directly. If they don’t have a direct program, you can sign up for Amazon’s affiliate program or visit affiliate banks like or FlexOffers when they sell a product.

You can take your love of health and fitness products one step further by downloading it. Dropshipping is a method of retail selling in which the seller does not have to process the product directly. The customer makes a purchase, then the seller sends a notification to the third-party warehouse and ships the product directly from the warehouse to the customer.

If you offer special products to your customers, you can leave them out.

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