How To Earn Scene Points

How To Earn Scene Points – It’s not often that change in the world of travel garners mainstream media headlines, but that’s not surprising because, unfortunately, almost everyone still believes that their spending pays off quickly. Obviously this isn’t the case, but that doesn’t mean Empire (Sobeys and other banners) transitioning from AIR MILES to Scene+ is uninteresting.

Here are the details… including the 2 very positive aspects of this change that have nothing to do with the Scene+ program itself.

How To Earn Scene Points

By the way, the change will happen until “early 2023” for Sobeys and Voilà by Sobeys (a delivery service you can try for less with the current discount in the Amex Offers program) and other Empire banners ( Safeway, Foodland, Foodland & Co-op Commissioning, FreshCo, Chalo! FreshCo, Thrifty Foods, IGA, IGA Extra, Les Marchés Tradition, Rachelle Béry, Lawtons Drugs, Needs Convenience, and the pharmacy and spirits departments of these banners) will also move to Scene+ starting August 2022 in Atlantic. Canada.

Scene Points Now At Sobeys, Safeway, Freshco, Chalo! Freshco, Iga West, Needs Convenience.

We can’t take our mission of helping you travel more for less seriously without starting with something really valuable.

The 1 AIR MILES award mile for every $20 is definitely not the best grocery shopping tip if you want to maximize your rewards, which only returns you an incredibly horrible ≈ 0.525%.

So it is extremely useful to buy groceries from grocery stores that accept Amex cards. We’re talking 2X to 7X more value, which is pretty significant!

The card that the vast majority of people use to shop gives maybe 3%, 2%, or 1% (and let’s not even talk about people throwing money down the drain when paying with debit card, and unfortunately there are still many 😬 ). It’s so much less!

Sobeys Chain Switches From Air Miles To Scene+

The American Express Cobalt Card is actually by far the best tool to make money faster. Quite simply, it is the best card among the ≈ 200 Canadian cards.

≈ $744 Welcome Bonus Scale: 30,000 points (≈ $450) Earn on lowest spend: 30,000 points (≈ $450) Card fees: deductible (-$156)

Conditions of Participation. Editorial opinion only. Amex is not responsible for maintaining the content of this website. Click “Apply Now” for the latest information.

To give a specific example, with just $1,200 in purchases, I earn award flights (short-haul, of course) on Aeroplan or Avios with my Cobalt American Express Card, my favorite of my many cards. Even with a card that gives 2%, most people would only get a $24 reward with a regular card, unfortunately still ignoring airline rewards programs that offer much more value.

What’s The Best Use Of Scene+ (formerly Scotia Rewards) When Travelling The World On Miles And Points?

With only $833 in groceries, I get a free night in several great destinations like Bali if you prefer hotels. Much better than getting $16 (2%) cash back like most people get, right?

Even if you want basic travel credit that applies to all travel expenses or even cash back, $1,000 in groceries will earn you $50 instead of just $20 or $10.

Not to mention, you’ll also earn 5x points on Gas, Amazon, Clothing, Hardware, Netflix, etc. only by purchasing gift cards at the grocery store (and the 5x point rate applies to restaurants and delivery as well as grocery stores).

And these 3 examples don’t even take into account the current American Express Cobalt Card welcome bonus, which gives you an additional 2,500 points per month for up to 12 months as long as you spend at least $500 with your card (ie equivalent to ≈ 15 % or at least 10% on $500 worth of groceries per month).

Scene+ Advertising Offers For Restaurant Locations That Don’t Even Exist

For those who don’t want to switch cards for more than double the free rides they get with the American Express Cobalt Card, moving from the AIR MILES rewards program to the Scene+ rewards program might seem like a big deal for Sobeys .

But that doesn’t change much, because obviously you don’t earn rewards quickly with regular purchases, but with welcome bonuses.

These are the most basic basics in the world of travel, but unfortunately there are still many people who believe that earning an AIR MILES award mile if they spend $20 will earn them rewards.

In comparison, the BMO AIR MILES World Elite MasterCard gives 2,325 welcome bonus miles and the American Express AIR MILES Platinum credit card gives 2,300 miles (and these are the worst welcome bonuses of these cards ever, or pretty much) : Welcome bonuses are key!

Freshco. Flyer • Weekly Eflyer • From Thursday, December 22, 2022

I’ll explain even more since this is literally the most important thing you need to understand: you have to spend $46,000 on groceries at Sobeys to earn 2,300 AIR MILES award miles the slow, horrible way that everyone else is using… Instead you can just apply for a card and get the same 2,300 miles (to unlock the welcome bonus, spend $1,500 which is 30 times faster)!

If you remember one thing, EVERYONE who accumulates a lot of points has to do so with welcome bonuses, not with their regular purchases! Quiet.

But hey, even though it’s terribly slow, grocery store rewards are still free rewards. Of course you have to take it too!

Basically, for many people, the Scene+ program is better than AIR MILES because each point is still worth 1¢ for the trip, it’s a simple round number conversion. We know people like it!

Die Cut Window Scene Card

And Scene+ points can be used to cover all travel costs, regardless of which website you book on. At least if you’re a Scotiabank customer (I’ll get to that later, but with the Scotia SCENE Visa Card you can even be a free customer, with no annual fee, but only $50 get it instead of $250). Or Scene+ points have a fixed value directly through the Scotia Travel Portal.

(You can use Scene+ points for other things, but as with all rewards programs, you get the most value when you use them to travel. And we’re a site on a mission to help you travel more for less. I don’t tell them to lose points for other useless things!)

We’ll be prioritizing Scene+ for our next guide to the Ultimate Rewards program very soon (after Aeroplan, which is out this weekend and those already released on HSBC Rewards, Avios and Marriott Bonvoy).

We will have to see what the win rate will be at Sobeys with the Scene+ program; Without this information it is obviously impossible to assess whether the change is positive or not. The details have not yet been announced.

Safeway Current Flyer 01/05

This is another very basic thing that many don’t understand: you really need to know the earning rates to be able to compare awards (and remember that each award type has a different value too, so 1 AIR MILE ≠ 1 view + point )!

This is a premium of ≈ 0.525% as most people use AIR MILES in less valuable ways such as

Let’s say whether the change is good or not really depends on this data! It can go from 100% less than today to ≈ 80% more than today!

But it doesn’t look good, at least in my interpretation. The Scene+ website accompanying the Sobeys supplement states that customers will earn points “through weekly flyers and daily in-store and online product offers,” not on every purchase as is currently the case with AIR MILES.

Scene+] Scene+ Redeem For A $100 Gift Card And Earn 1,000 Scene+ Points

Why could basic pay drop to 0%? Empire/Sobeys’ main national competitor (and only one – Metro is only present in Ontario and Quebec) is Loblaw. Your PC Optimum program earns 0 points per dollar on food; You only earn from specific promotions and products.

(Of course, Sobeys also has special offers and bonuses on some products right now, and they may improve… Again, this needs to be seen to judge the move to Scene+ as a whole. But with Empire/ Sobeys become co-owners of Scene+, they have access to more data to personalize offers).

Since Scene+ points are worth 1¢ per point, it would otherwise be easy for Sobeys to give 1 Scene+ point for every $2 of purchases to keep the rewards rate close to the current rate.

After all, Metro is Empire/Sobeys’ only other major competitor. In Ontario, Metro uses AIR MILES and pays the same amount ≈ 0.525%. In Quebec, Metro & Moi’s internal program essentially sets 0.8% as the base rate.

National Steps Challenge™

So maybe Sobeys could give 1 point per dollar and almost double the reward rate to 1% to beat Metro! It would be surprising, but not impossible.

This could happen if they want to truly innovate and differentiate themselves with their rewards program. Make such a big move from AIR MILES to Scene+ by participating in Scene+

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