How To Make Money On Soundcloud

How To Make Money On Soundcloud – In 2018 SoundCloud, a platform used by millions of independent musicians, announced its live funding program called SoundCloud Premier.

The program itself isn’t new, but until now it was only available in invite beta mode. Since then, all eligible artists can use it.

How To Make Money On Soundcloud

While the Prime Program opens up new opportunities and makes it easier than ever to make money on SoundCloud in 2022, it has significant limitations.

Artist Subscriptions Faqs

To be eligible, you must be a SoundCloud Pro or Pro Unlimited subscriber. Your songs must be 100% original and have earned at least $500 in the past month from countries where SoundCloud subscriptions and ads are available.

In other words, even if your songs are played millions of times per month, you won’t be able to rank and monetize your music if the audience comes from countries that aren’t on the list.

SoundCloud Premier’s payment system is based on how much SoundCloud earns from ads and royalties. If SoundCloud makes good money, you get more. If their income goes down, so will yours.

That means, if your music makes $1000, SoundCloud will keep 45%, but you’ll get the rest, which is $550.

How To Source Royalty Free Music On Soundcloud

Popular artists who have an established platform can make more money by selling their music in other ways, but for new musicians, the money from SoundCloud Premiere might not be worth it.

Thousands of independent artists use SoundCloud not only to promote themselves and grow their base, but also as a channel between their music and the outside world to sell it. . By adding links to your SoundCloud account, you can direct your fans to your online store where they can purchase their favorite songs.

Although Premier’s program requires qualifications and only works in certain countries, this financing method is available to everyone. Also, artists don’t have to share profits with SoundCloud.

Artists have been using this method for a long time before the Prime Minister announced the plan, and it works. Cole Harrison aka The Count is a successful producer with over 25,000 followers on SoundCloud. The artist uses SoundCloud to share his music, as well as promote the tracks and remixes he offers for sale in his store.

Soundcloud Review: The Platform For All

Selfie is an e-commerce platform known for its straightforward and integrated marketing content (more on that later!) With Selfie, you can market your channels in minutes.

Go to and create your store. To do this, all you need is an email address and a password. Selfie has 3 subscription plans available and a 14-day free trial to feel good about Selfie and then you can choose the plan that suits you best.

Once logged in, you can add a product for sale. Start by looking for the PRODUCTS section. Select “Digital Products” and click “Add New Product”.

List your product (a song, album, sample, drum set, or whatever you want to sell) and add product details, including name, description, and price. Finally, upload the first product image and click “Save Product”.

What Is Soundcloud’s Business Model?

Since you’re starting your own online music store, you want to be specific. Fortunately, selfie stores are completely customizable. Explore the Store Editor and make your store look the way you want it to represent your brand.

Now, before promoting your listing, you need to make sure that you accept payments. There are two options: PayPal and Stripe (for card payments).

To accept payments through PayPal, go to “Payment Options” and enter the email address you use for PayPal.

To accept card payments, you must first create a Stripe account, then connect to Selfie. Read how to create a Stripe account and get API keys for your Selfie Store here.

Premier Monetization Faqs

Once your product is added and you can accept payments, the next step is to promote your listing on SoundCloud.

There are three places on your SoundCloud account where you can add links to drive traffic to your Selfie Store:

Linking to your profile is a common and effective way to drive traffic to a website. Linking is good: If people like what they hear, you can take your work directly to your store for sale.

When uploading a new song, paste the product link in the “Description” window. You can add a link to pre-loaded tracks. To do this, open the path and click “Edit”.

How To Make Money On Soundcloud?

An affiliate link is a button placed below the channels in your list. When listeners click, they are taken to another site, such as Selfie, where they can purchase that particular track.

Remember! To use the link to buy options, you must be a Pro Unlimited user. The plan will start at €8.25 per month if billed annually.

When uploading a new song, go to the “Metadata” section and add a purchase link to your product, as well as the title of your purchase order. Feel free to experiment with different marketing communication names, such as buy, get, or purchase, to see what resonates best with your audience.

You can add affiliate links to preloaded channels at any time. Do this by opening the path and clicking “Edit”. Then update the metadata.

How To Download Music From Soundcloud

A link in your bio is for the audience interested in you as an artist who opened your profile to see you. People who are eager to know more about you can be your best fans. This way, your bio link can get the highest conversion rate – try it and see!

Swumbeats, an artist with over 90,000 fans on SoundCloud, uses his life to not only promote his game and products, but also to drive fans to his Sellfy store, where he Sells boxes and samples.

Go to your profile information and click “Edit”. Add the link to your bio section and click “Save Changes”.

SoundCloud is a great way to promote your store and sell products. In fact, data shows that SoundCloud listeners are 62 percent more likely to purchase what an artist sells than those on other platforms. However, that doesn’t mean you should give up on social media and other marketing methods.

How To Make Money On Soundcloud

With more than 175 million visits per month, SoundCloud is one of the largest music services in the world.

But instead of putting all your eggs in the SoundCloud basket, look at it as one of your music exposure options. In addition to promoting your tracks on SoundCloud, you can also sell your work on Instagram and YouTube.

Apart from uploading his work on Soundcloud, the artist uses Instagram as another way to promote and gain visibility for his work. OZ uses this to connect with its audience, but also to promote the battery that can be purchased in its selfie store:

In other words, by using multiple social media platforms at the same time, you can reach a wider audience and gain more visibility. This, in turn, will help you make more money from your music.

Soundcloud Go: An Audacious Answer To Spotify That’s Dying To Stand Out

Another way to increase your sales is to use different marketing methods. Selfie offers built-in tools to help users increase their sales, including:

Discounts are a great way to entice potential customers to make a purchase. A discount or promotional offer may be just what your customers need to close the deal if they choose not to make a purchase. Special offers and promotions are also a way to satisfy customers and increase their loyalty.

Upselling is a marketing strategy that encourages a customer to purchase an additional product compared to what is in their cart. For example, if a customer buys one from your album, you can offer them to buy another from the same album. Statistics show that 60-70% of consumers say yes if offered to buy an additional product.

Personalized and thoughtful emails are probably one of the most effective ways to connect with your customers. People who subscribe to your newsletter have shown an interest in you and the music you sell, so these people can become your most valuable audience. Artists use this feature to inform followers about new product launches, product updates and sales.

Make Money With Soundcloud

Introducing some newcomers at a price you’re willing to pay is another way to promote your music. Of course, there will always be people who will use this model without returning anything. But you’ll also find some die-hard fans who are willing to pay more, so buy!

We live in an era of personalized products and print on demand. In fact, having your own products has become a cornerstone of successful marketing and a way to showcase the true meaning of your music.

With Selfie’s print-on-demand, you can easily create and sell custom clothing, home decor, and accessories to showcase your albums, songs, skins, and more. With the same easy setup, analysis and promotion tools you already know.

When it’s over.

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