How To Play Apache On The Guitar

How To Play Apache On The Guitar – VOX Amplification brings new life to two iconic guitar designs from the 1960s with the release of the Teardrop and Phantom Apache travel guitars.

Unfortunately, the fundraising campaign launched late last month for the Unlimited Travel Guitar with built-in speakers failed, but don’t worry, VOX amplification helps with its cool retro styling. The company has delved into the past to bring two of the most iconic guitar designs to the modern travel/practice instrument. The iconic VOX Teardrop and Phantom are reborn as the Apache series, each with two speakers, built-in effects and rhythm samples, and the ability to interface with your favorite tunes via direct input from an external MP3 or CD player.

How To Play Apache On The Guitar

As the Rolling Stones celebrate 50 years in music, VOX Amplification dusted off plans for the Teardrop, a guitar icon that will forever be associated with Brian Jones (member and guitarist shortly before his death in July 1969). Another great look from last year is being resurrected for the new Apache Touring Series, but what ties my Synapse to the Phantom is the iconic 1980s Fuzztones head and crossover VOX logo.

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Both guitars feature a maple neck with a 22-wood fingerboard. 66 samples, including 6 extended song samples, are enhanced with onboard effects and 2 channels of amplification, built-in tuner and rhythm generator. The final tempo can be selected between 40 and 240 beats per minute.

The player selects tone, volume and effects using a chicken-head VOX control knob, and output is to two 3-inch speakers (4 ohms each) between the single-coil pickups on the bridge and neck. The amplifier output is 0.7W RMS delivered into 8 ohms.

The Apache Travel Guitar is powered by a 6 AA size battery and is said to provide up to 26 hours of continuous playback. Plugging some headphones into the 3.5mm jack will mute the speaker and have an auxiliary input that allows you to plug in your MP3 player with an external device. The guitar also has a 6.4mm output for connecting to an external amplifier.

Availability hasn’t been revealed yet, but VOX says each model will cost US$299.99. Each model is available in 4 colors.

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Check out the demo video below from VOX for a quick look at the key features of this amazing travel guitar.

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If you are not automatically redirected to the download page, log in to the email where you placed your order, follow the link in the email and click “Download Site Music”! It has a simple and complete form. You can download Apache Fingerstyle apps here. If you’re new to playing fingerstyle guitar, we recommend starting with the simplest version.

All versions come with video tutorials to help you learn the songs. Below is a how to play video tutorial with some helpful tips to help you learn the song.

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