How To Play Sudoku Step By Step For Beginners

How To Play Sudoku Step By Step For Beginners – A beginner level column row scanning technique is not enough to solve this Level 2 Sudoku game. You will now learn a new technique.

After doing a few steps to complete this game with row column scan, you suddenly find that you can’t continue any further.

How To Play Sudoku Step By Step For Beginners

This is the point where we need to develop new techniques for finding valid cells based on the new logic of pattern analysis.

How To Solve Sudoku? Techniques And Tricks To Solve Sudoku Puzzle

As you try to solve increasingly difficult sudoku problems, you must develop and apply more sophisticated pattern analysis techniques.

We will leave the options open to create your own technique to complete the game. You can complete the game yourself and check the solutions given at the end of the session. If you get stuck, check out our step-by-step solution process.

A rough measure of the difficulty of a sudoku game is the number of empty cells on the game board. In all our previous games, the entry level, if you notice, the number of empty cells is at most 45 to 47. The second difficulty level in this game is that the number of empty cells is 51, a large number.

This means you can easily create a scan pattern and not wait for multiple friendly numbers to identify valid cells. You have to work smarter and use more complex techniques to find valid cells.

Sudoku Hints To Solve Sudoku Puzzles Logically

, you can return to Session 1 and Session 2 playing Beginner Sudoku game or Session 1 Secondary Sudoku game.

A sudoku game board with 81 square cells is equipped with a number of cells filled with valid numbers from 1 to 9.

The basic rule of Sudoku is that the numbers 1 to 9 cannot be used more than once in a row, column or grid of 9 cells.

At each step, when we find a valid cell that can hold only one digit, we identify the cell by completing the row number (R1 to R9) and column number (C1 to C9), name the digits, and name it. Row Analysis Information column (or nothing if the cell contains a blank space in a row, column, or square of 9 cells).

Can Someone Dumb This Down For Me Please? I Don’t Understand Why R2c3 Being Possibly A 9 Removes Candidate 9 From R7c1

If we use a new technique to detect valid cells, we will state the type of technique and describe it in more detail if necessary. We’ll add a note every now and then.

The goal at each step is to find a cell that holds only one digit. This is called a valid cell.

This is the only number you can enter into the cell following the rules of the game.

As before, the most important goal is how to know which cell can hold only one digit of the numbers 1 to 9.

Plus Interesting Facts About Sudoku (did You Know …?)

We use the basic techniques of column-row sweep or horizontal-vertical cross scan. We have used secular techniques as far as possible.

We use the concept of a profitable region as a column or row or square of 9 cells with a large number of digits so that the number of possible digits to fill the empty cells in that region is very less. Other competitors. Finding only one digit per cell is the highest. We have also used numbers with secondary occurrences in the charts i.e. numbers that are favorable to us.

For a winning number that appears in at most 7 of the 9 cells in the total table, it is usually easier to find the remaining two valid cells for this preferred number by sweeping through the rows, as this eliminates larger numbers. A part of the table does not occur in most areas.

Let’s show the game board again for convenience. The following is a sudoku game that we have to solve.

Best Sudoku Books To Enhance Your Sudoku Puzzle Solving Skills

Our strategy will be to find valid cells by scanning the row column, and if that doesn’t work, use a more sophisticated technique. When encountering new techniques for the first time we stop and explain how they work.

The first steps are easy and can be found by scanning our first three valid cells. This is the fourth valid cell we have with the hybrid DSA scan, but is easy to find. After this quick success, we checked all the digits for possible valid cells by scanning, to no avail.

Start valid cell R4C2 8, scan C1, C3 — R8C8 8, scan R7, R9 — R1C7 8, R2, R3, C8 — R9C7 3, scan C7 for DSA [3, 5, 7] Repeat, scan R4, R7 for 3 – hybrid technique, DSA in column and scan in row.

In our game, the area of ​​interest is the C7 column. In its three empty cells, only three digits are possible, 3, 5 and 7. These three images were created

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And intersecting sequences to see if any of the intersecting sequences contain two or three digits. If so, the third digit can be placed in the appropriate cell. This is a normal DSA.

But this time, we scan two rows with 3 to remove two empty cells intersecting R7C7 and R5C7 for 3 in C7 (both with 3), leaving only one cell R9C7 for 3 in C7.

In a part of our advantage in column C7, R7C7 5, DSA [5, 7] Scan R7 — R4C7 7 — R5C1 7, Scan R4, R6 — R7C9 9, Scan R9 — R6C8 6, Scan C9 — R9C3 5, Scan C1, C2 — R3C3 7 DSA has C3, scan hybrid 7 has R1, R6 has only R3C3 for 7 C3 — R2C9 7, scan R3, C8 — R1C3 4 has C3, R1 has 2 scans, DSA [2 , 4] in C3 — R6C3 2 — R9C2 7, scan R7, R8, in 7 — R6C1 3, scan R4 — R4C1 1.

R9C6 is 2 in R9, because R9C8 is 2 in the cycle (1, 4) of R9C8 and R9C9 ​​is in the lower right 9 cells of the big square, in the array DSA[2, 1, 4] R9 has only 2 for R9C6.

Upgrade Your Skills In Sudoku: Medium And Hard Sudoku Solving Tips With Sample Videos

A sequence of numbers appears in only 2 or 3 cells in a row, column or square of 9 cells. In this case, the cycle (1, 4) is only possible on the two empty cells in the lower right 9-cell box, since these are the remaining cells and the remaining digits in the 9-cell box. But since these two cells are in the R9 row, the third empty cell in the R9 row can only take the remaining 2 digits in the C9 row.

Loops are most useful in rows or columns. If a cycle appears in the 9-cell grid but is not in a column or row, the analysis will not immediately return results.

Now let’s introduce loops of length 3 (4, 5, 8) in cells R4C9, R5C9 and R6C9 in column C9. These are the three blank cells in the middle of the right 9 cell grid and the remaining digits (4, 5, 8). These are the only three digits that can and should appear in these three cells.

So there is no other cell in this C9 column and none of these numbers will appear. It is enclosed in these three cells. It looks like these numbers already appear in three cells. We don’t know in which cell the three digits will appear.

How To Play Sudoku {rules & Guide To Solving A Puzzle}

R9C8 4, cycle in column C9 (4, 5, 8) 4 in C9 — R9C9 ​​1 — R3C9 3, cycle (4, 5, 8) blocks cells R9C9 ​​in C9, this procedure cells 3 The remaining empty cells that can only come — R2C8 1, Scan R1, R3 — R6C5 1, Scan R4, R5, C6 — R7C4 1, Scan R8, C5 — R6C6 4 , C6 in C6 and DSA [3 , 4, 5 , 6 ] scan.

R6C9 8 — R5C9 5 DSA cancel — R4C9 4 — R5C5 8, scan C4, C6, R4, 8 in — R2 C6 3, [2, 3, 5, 6, 9] Large and unexpected DSA square 9 Cells up — R5C6 6, DSA [5, 6] in C6, scan R5 — R3C6 5 — R5C4 3 — R1C4 6, DSA [2, 9, 6] in C4. A cycle (2.5) is formed from R4C4 and R4C5.

Next R1C8 5, scan R3 — R3C8 9 — R3C1 6, scan R1, R2 — R3C5 2 — R7C2 6, scan C1, R8 — R2C2 2, scan R1.

Next R2C5 9 — R4C5 5, DSA Cancel — R4C4 2 — R8C4 5 — R1C2 3, Scan C1 — R1C1 9 — R8C2 9 — R7C1 2, Scan R8 — R8C1 4 — R7C5 4 — – R8C5 3. Done. The game is solved.

Solving Sudoku Using A Simple Search Algorithm

We are not trying to improve. So we feel that these complex games are solved by following the easy path.

We leave you here with a new game for you to finish. We will present solutions and more in the next session

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