How To Play Thunderstruck On Guitar

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When you listen to Thunderstruck by AC/DC, the lead guitar part grabs your attention and doesn’t really let go. Because of this, the rhythm guitar part is forgotten. But Malcolm’s beat on this song (and almost every other AC/DC classic) is amazing and shouldn’t be ignored. So in this lesson, Ayla and Kent are here to break down both guitar parts from Thunderstruck!

How To Play Thunderstruck On Guitar

This is the part of the song that you probably think of when you think of this song. The entire piece is played on the easy B string. Basically you play a fret note and then play the open B string over and over for the riff. It is played quickly so it is important that you start playing slowly.

Ac/dc’s Iconic Thunderstruck Originated As One Of Angus Young’s Acoustic Guitar Warmup Licks

One trick to get the thing down faster is to use a hammer and pull heads, but Angus totally opts for the other option. Using this picking technique, each note delivers the same attack necessary to nail the Angus sound.

The two main techniques used for Malcolm’s role are clapping and power chording. These are great basic guitar techniques for all styles and genres of music. The challenge with this guitar part is getting the drum pattern down. This is not a common pattern used by guitarists so it may take some practice to get it down. Try singing or taping the beat first to internalize it before you try to drum it.

When you get to the course, you have to walk up the power cords a bit. You can do this with your thumb or fingers depending on what feels most comfortable. And when you get that part down, you know most of the song.

From here, try to focus on the beats and main parts of your favorite songs. It will give you a new level of appreciation for music!

Brian Johnson Recalls The Making Of Ac/dc’s

Kent Shores / Lesson Why Malcolm Young is the best guitarist in AC/DC Angus Young is probably the first name you think of when you think of AC/DC guitar. But a strong argument can be made that Malcolm Young’s guitar playing was just as important. Rhythm guitar is an essential part of their music and Malcolm was a master at creating solid rock […]

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Chinese Teen’s Acoustic Ac/dc ‘thunderstruck’ Cover Will Blow You Away

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For a printable guitar sheet, or a downloadable PDF sheet for AC/DC – Thunderstruck, check out my listing on

This is the backing track video for Thunderstruck, with the main rhythm and my solo tracks removed. This AC/DC cover recording will make the lesson easier and still allow you to read the guitar tab. For even more control, check out the isolated Thunderstruck tracks below.

Thunderstruck Inspired Malcolm Young Style Hybrid …

All guitar tones for this Thunderstruck lesson were created using the IK Multimedia Amplitube. I tried to match the notes of the solo and the rhythm section from the AC/DC recording as closely as I could. If you haven’t already, download Amplitube and try again.

There are drums, bass and other backing tracks to jam as long as Thunderstruck. I’ve also included all my distant guitar tracks if you want to hear what’s going on. Remotes are usually very hard to find online and can be very helpful in cracking one tricky tab.

Join Patrick Dwyer (Mr. Tabs) as he teaches you how to play guitar the way he learned – while playing along to his favorite rock riffs and singles. Patrick has been a dedicated teacher for over 10 years and posts no-nonsense guitar tab videos every week. If you want to challenge your nervous hand, this is the song for you! The famous opening riff is very difficult to play and perform as it requires a very consistent fretting hand, making legato lines up and down the neck. Thomas slowly goes through this, along with the rest of the song and the solo.

The opening riff, which is very cool, is two single string arpeggios and then a cool passage on the B string with the B mixolydian scale. Here are those arpeggios and scales:

Parents Hand 10 Year Old Daughter Guitar—she Then Crushes This Ac/dc Classic!

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There are many riffs throughout the song that Tomas tells you in the lyrics. It can be a little confusing when they come up, but the chords we’re using are shown here, and the good news is that only

Tómas takes the time to explain why the song is in the key of A mixolydian rather than A major. The song originally uses chords in the key of D major (D, G and A), but since the song revolves around A, it becomes a Mixolydian mode in the D major scale. If this confuses you, you might want to check out this great tutorial on the modes: https://www./courses/the-modes-part-one.

As with most AC/DC singles, we’re using the major and minor pentatonic, just like we do in blues music! As Thomas walks you through, we’re using sizes across the neck, so it’s best to show you all the sizes in the neck of each key. Use Angus Young Licks to see how to combine the two beautifully!

Thunderstruck Guitar Lesson

Ready to move on? Remember to go through each lesson in this module first – then try the next module…

Songs don’t get much better than this! Huge open chord riffs, great vocals and a great guitar track or two! Ollie will walk you through how to play every part of this song, from the intro arpeggios to the epic guitar solo. Enjoy! Here you will find the Thunderstruck Guitar Tab from AC/DC. The accompanying guitar tab is a close-up of the song, and with various versions scattered around the internet, this version is the closest to the original.

AC/DC is an Australian rock band founded in Sydney in 1973 by Scottish brothers Malcolm and Angus Young. Their music has been described as hard rock, blues rock and heavy metal; However, the band themselves describe their music simply as “rock and roll”.

AC/DC went through several line-up changes before their debut album, High Voltage, was released in 1975. The line-up later stabilized around the Young Brothers, singer Bon Scott, drummer Phil Rudd and bassist Mark Evans. . Cliff Williams replaced Evans in 1977 for the Powerage album. In February 1980, just months after recording the Highway to Hell album, lead singer and co-writer Bon Scott died of alcohol poisoning.

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The group considered disbanding but stayed together and Scott was replaced by Brian Johnson. Later that year, the band released their first album with Johnson, Back in Black, which they dedicated to Scott’s memory. The album brought them to new heights of success and became one of their best selling albums.

The band’s next debut album, For These About to Rock We Salute You, was their first album to reach number one in the US. The band appointed Phil Rudd as drummer in 1983 and Simon Wright held his position until he left in 1989 and was replaced by Chris Slade. The band experienced a major boom in the early 1990s with the release of The Razor’s Edge.

Phil Rudd returned in 1994 and contributed to the band’s 1995 album Ballbreaker. The band’s 2008 studio album Black Ice was their second best-selling album.

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