How To Tune Gears On A Mountain Bike

How To Tune Gears On A Mountain Bike – The different types of derailleurs all have minor differences, but the basic components are the same. In this section, we’ll show you how to improve your energy. Tighten your screws, tighten your gear cables and make sure your gear is working properly and efficiently.

1. This method is best performed with the bicycle suspended or held in a working position so that the pedals and wheels can rotate freely forward. Before repair, check the car derailleur for signs of excessive wear on the cart/jockey wheel and make sure the mechanism is not bent.

How To Tune Gears On A Mountain Bike

2. To limit the movement of the rear derailleur so that it does not turn into the active chain, use the top screw (H) on the back of the derailleur housing. Turning the screw forward moves the upper wheel to the left and turning it backward moves it to the right. Replace the automotive derailleur in the small sprocket and adjust until the baseline of the top jockey wheel is in line with the small sprocket. (Figure 1)

Troubleshooting Common Rear Derailleur Shifting Problems On A Bike

3. A low setting prevents the chain from going through the larger sprocket and causes the chain to jump into the rear sprocket. Turn the lower limit screw (L) clockwise to move the upper jockey wheel to the right and counterclockwise to move it to the left. Replace the car derailleur in the large cog and adjust the screws until the baseline of the top jockey wheel is in the large cog. (Figure 2)

4. B-screw sets the distance between the upper wheel and the small gears. Small distances make a big difference. To adjust, turn the B screw clockwise to raise the jockey wheel and counterclockwise to drop it. With the small chain on the front and the large sprocket on the back, adjust the screw so that the top sprocket is as close to the sprocket as possible, without touching each other. (Figure 3)

6. To adjust the tension of the derailleur cable, shift the chain to the center ring at the front and the small sprocket at the rear, and try shifting to the second sprocket. If not, turn the adjustment knob on the derailleur counterclockwise to keep the chain extended (Figure 4). If it shifts and tries to engage the third cog, turn the adjuster clockwise to loosen the cable tension. If it works between one and two, check the switch to another force and adjust the adjuster if necessary.

7. After installing the new inner tube, you will notice that it stretches and loses tension after the first use. You will notice that the gears get a little out of sync and start to hesitate or overload. Fix this; you’ll need to remove slack from the cable using the shifter’s barrel, or repeat step 4. This works the same for the rear derailleur changes. If there is a lot of loose play and it cannot be taken out using the barrel adjustment, you will need to use the car derailleur armature. Using a 5 mm Allen key, loosen the bolt securing the cable and pull the cable using a pair of cable pullers.

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8. When the rope is trained, hold the anchor firmly. Now test the gears to make sure they shift smoothly and correctly. If the conflict does not occur, repeat step 6.

Whether you want to choose the right equipment or find the best location, we have experts to help. Just nine runs. Is it easier? BOX Launches Prime 9 Drivetrain 26 An affordable, well-matched 1x drivetrain in the industry.

Box has worked hard over the past few years to continue to grow as a legitimate driving force in the cycling industry. Competing in the World Championship with the Polygon UR team with a 7-speed DH drivetrain and an affordable yet capable 11-speed system, the BOX has proven it is out of the game. Today the brand, created by famous BMX racer, Toby Henderson, has launched their new Prime 9 mountain bike driver. Focused on light, durability and availability, the Prime 9 range with 11-50t cassettes can be found in the top of the range Box One P9 X-Wide group (cassette, derailleur, shifter and chain) for $626 with eye unibody capture 11- 50t cassette, up to BOX Three Prime 9 X-Wide group just $199.

BOX sent us the Prime 9 X-Wide Dual Lens for testing. Retail price is $269 for the cassette, derailleur, shifter and chain. BOX says this is the strongest team in their drive. We drove the nine-speed for five weeks to get a first-hand impression and see if the “less is more” approach had any merit.

Best Value Mountain Bike Upgrades

This is the first time our testers got their hands on the BOX train. We’ve seen things on the market and out of the “box” (get it?), the Prime 9 drivetrain is a great fit and finish. In terms of price, compatibility and gear range, the BOX Two Prime 9 X-Wide system is a direct competitor to the SRAM NX Eagle drivetrain, but with less power. They both use standard freehub body interfaces and run 11-50t cassettes. The BOX team has held its own in terms of aesthetics and presentation compared to the NX.

Upgrading the drivetrain is about as easy as it gets. The BOX includes instructions for determining chain length and setting up a derailleur that is standard for anyone building their own bike. The results of working on our bike 10 years ago came to mind when we packed a large 9-speed cassette with a retaining ring for a “normal” Shimano HG freehub. Thanks to the cassette and hub interface, the BOX Prime 9 1x drivetrain is specifically designed for mounting on many budget or old mountain bikes with front derailleur drivetrains. However, riders doing a 1x drivetrain upgrade should be sure to get a raceless single-speed chainring for the cranks as their front derailleur is headed for the scrap yard. The 9-speed BOX chain works with today’s new narrow/wide chain, so the options are simple and open while no chain tools are required.

All three are powered by fast, race-ready Race Face Turbine SL wheels with high-grip Vault hubs. This wheelset is one of our favorites for fast, rolling singletrack in the Boise area. Power is transferred from the BOX drivetrain to Vault hubs via lightweight Carbon Race Face Next SL cranks and front chainring. The tough, light cranks combined with the latest Race Face Vault hubs and Turbine SL wheels mean we can see just how tough this BOX 9-speed is.

Remember how we talked about installing a cassette? Well, it can’t be ignored that we were surprised by the weight of the BOX Two Prime 9 X-Wide cassette. It has an 11-50 ton transmission with only nine gauges, but weighs more than 600 grams. BOX is not shy and says 650g. Our measurements showed 624g and we would like to leave 26g at the BOX office. The SRAM NX Eagle cassette weighs 615g, but with 12 speeds, we’d like to see how three speeds would be just as useful as a 12-speed system.

How To Fix Bike Creaks & Squeaks

During the setup we can say that shifting is easier with the 9-speed setup compared to the 12-speed setup. The 12-speed design isn’t rocket science, but it takes some patience and fine tuning to get the required changes in the cassette set. Once the screws were installed and the cables routed to the BOX system, it took two taps on the shifter and we were called. The 9-speed cassette is noticeably thinner than the 12-speed cassette, making the bike’s chainline less tight, especially in the 50-ton sprocket. BOX says this reduces wear on the components in the body, as the chain and sprockets collide with less friction.

The BOX cassette is made of hardened steel and the brand claims that it is their best cassette. When we checked the BOX website, we found the same cassette they used in their 9-speed e-bike drivetrain. In fact, bar the many changes we received, the entire BOX 2 Prime 9 X-Wide drivetrain is the same as their BOX Two e-bike drivetrain. Now we understand that the cassette and system are designed for a specific torque. E-bikes cause a lot of stress for drivers, so much so that BOX uses a one-click shifter in their e-bike drivetrain. A lot of downsizing (in simple force) is known to pull the chain and bend the cassette when the car gets power, so the BOX is big, ugly and stupid. We must be the model

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