How To Use Shein Points

How To Use Shein Points – I’ve placed a few SHEIN orders over the past few months and I’m here as a skeptic turned believer!

Maybe you’ve seen SHEIN ads in your social media news feed and wondered what all the fuss was about. Here’s what I’ve learned and how I manage to find great clothes at great prices.

How To Use Shein Points

I am here to say that the quality of clothes is what it looks like and I believe in the phrase “You get what you pay for”.

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1. First, my suggestion is to search by clothing. Go ahead with some idea of ​​what you want. This makes it easy and you won’t be overwhelmed with the huge range of clothing options.

2. Find something you like? Add it to your cart and leave it there. If you download the app, your cart will be constantly updated. So no need to worry about your cart being empty after checkout. (Hallelujah)!

3. Prices are constantly dropping, so be careful and check your cart periodically to see if the prices of the items in your cart have dropped.

Here are some red flags I want to share with you to make sure you are getting the best quality products.

How To Get Shein Points For Free

See the picture above? Low quality images are something to behold. Think about it…if you were trying to sell something…wouldn’t you post the best picture to make sure you paint the most complete picture that convinces the customer that the item is needed?

My advice: stay away from low image quality stuff. (Image I posted above X).

I’m at an age where I’m not alone in buying something I can’t wear to work. You can easily filter thousands of clothes at SHEIN by style.

It makes things so much easier when I shop. I usually wear work clothes, light and sometimes casual.

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One thing I love most about this app is the process of reviewing each outfit before purchasing.

I recently bought this red coat and again I have suspected this site for a long time so I wanted to see the legitimacy of this item. Because it “looks nice” but does it really…?

This led me to the reviews where I could read many people’s thoughts. Also, I can see people’s pictures of the item and see how true to size the item is before I place the order.

See the image below. For this particular coat, I wasn’t sure what size to buy. I like my coats to be a little bigger, so I went with a medium to be on the safe side.

Shein Discount Code

Top Tip – If you spend $60 or more, you never pay full price for your order! what did you say!?

Check out the image below for savings codes and always check the home screen before exiting!

Fun fact that you earn SHEIN points every time you shop. Depending on the outfit, you may earn more points.

You earn points by checking in every day. You can also earn points by reviewing purchased clothes, putting together outfits for events, fitting in for live sessions, and taking photos of yourself in the review outfit.

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If you notice the image below, I have points to apply to my next purchase. Many times I just redeem my points for purchases.

I love SHEIN and have had a positive experience so far and I believe it is because I have shared with you before.

For any of you in doubt, check it out with this guide to make sure you have a positive experience and add some pieces to your wardrobe at a great price! SHEIN is an online store for shopping a huge collection of clothes. What makes SHEIN unique and different from other clothing brands is its frequent coupon offers, bonus point programs, and SHEIN’s free trial program that saves you a lot of money. SHEIN offers points for every action taken by the user and these points can be converted into cash on your next SHEIN purchase. People might be wondering how to earn free SHEIN points. To use SHEIN effectively and save more, you can use the points you earn. Points can also be earned manually by performing several actions. If you want to take advantage of SHEIN points and earn free points yourself, then you’ve come to the right article. In this article, you will learn how to earn free SHEIN points for free. So, let’s get started!

The main use of SHEIN points is to reduce the price of products by up to 70%. This does not include postage, taxes or insurance bills. Earning points is a simple process and the user has to perform certain actions to earn points. These points are offered by the SHEIN Bonus Points Program. Read more to learn more and get an idea of ​​how to earn free SHEIN points.

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Follow the methods in this article to earn free SHEIN points. First of all, you must have a SHEIN account to access the website, the user’s activities are recorded on the website only after logging into the website. Often, stores and retailers offer sales and deals when a user creates an account and logs in. SHEIN does this when you first sign up, you will get a 10% coupon, 100 bonus points that expire after 4 months, and many other offers. This would be a good first method of getting free points at SHEIN.

Once you sign up, you’ll receive frequent updates and offers that are currently active on SHEIN. To create a free SHEIN account, follow the steps below to create a free account.

3. Enter relevant information such as email address, password, confirm password, style selection and click the Read, I accept the privacy and cookie terms and conditions check box.

4. Click on the register button to complete the registration, after registration you need to confirm the registration on your email id.

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Another way to earn points is to attend SHEIN Live Shows that are scheduled every week. The live feed will show all new arrivals in the store and stream videos of each outfit. Points for visiting the show during the live stream will be awarded randomly. The points earned this way are huge as you can earn up to 400 points which is an effective way to earn SHEIN points for free.

This method is different from all other methods, you need to create photos wearing SHEIN clothes and accessories from the site and earn bonus points, these points will be selected by SHIEN editorial team. This process is done by participating in competitions. You get 5 points for every screenshot in SHEIN clothing.

Each day there will be SHEIN activities within specific time limits. Activity varies from time to time. Users who win the activity will receive bonus points from SHEIN. This method will help you earn free points at SHEIN.

For those who want to get SHEIN points for free in the app can use this method. In addition to bonus points, the SHEIN app for Android and iOS offers even more offers that you can use to earn more offers and SHEIN bonus points.

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If you have installed the SHEIN online store app on your mobile device, you can earn daily points by checking into the app every day. To do it,

1. Make sure you are already signed in to the app and open the app from the home screen.

Another method of earning points is to provide a written review of the product after purchasing it. So you can earn points by writing reviews and comments. The number of points you earn depends on the specific needs of your comments. Written reviews must be a minimum of 20 words and a maximum of 1000 words.

Usually the number of points earned is 10-20, but if a written comment or review is considered good, you can earn an additional 50 points. Let’s take a look at how to leave a review on the SHEIN platform.

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The SHEIN Free Trial Program is a program introduced by SHIEN that allows users to wear clothes for free. In order to receive bonus points for participating in the SHEIN free trial, you must meet certain requirements. SHEIN distributors must be selected for this program, feedback must be submitted within 10 days of receiving the item after selection. Failure to do so will result in you being excluded from the SHEIN Free Trial Program. So, participating in SHEIN’s free trial program will get you clothes as well as free points. So to apply follow the steps below

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