How To Whiten Teeth With Turmeric

How To Whiten Teeth With Turmeric – Turmeric Teeth Whitening: Not three words you usually hear together. In fact, I had never heard of turmeric for teeth whitening until I started watching TikTok videos about bathing with turmeric or mixing it with coconut oil for whiter teeth. So of course I had to check it out!

Turmeric is a spice known for its orange color. You know right? A popular fabric dye article, how can orange teeth be whitened? Turmeric has been used as a spice and medicinal herb in places like India for thousands of years, but is not routinely used in dentistry for teeth whitening. Since we have already established that neither oil nor coconut oil whitens teeth, let’s just focus on teeth whitening with turmeric. You know I love research, so I’m going to dig into the literature on this and find out if it’s scientifically proven to whiten teeth.

How To Whiten Teeth With Turmeric

In the dental literature I have found, turmeric is simply referred to as “may” or “cood”. “Shown” or “proven” is not used. In fact, the American Dental Association goes so far as to say that there is no scientific evidence that turmeric whitens teeth.

Homemade Teeth Whitening Recipe Made Out Of Coconut Oil, Turmeric And Baking Soda

In fact, the only mention of using turmeric for dental purposes is for antimicrobial purposes, which have nothing to do with teeth whitening.

I tried it myself and told smart people that brushing with turmeric turned my teeth yellow-orange instead of white. Since we know it’s used to dye clothes, it’s no surprise that my gums changed color in the process.

No. Teeth whitening with turmeric is ineffective and does not work. Why bother with orange peel when you can use a cheap one from the supermarket?

No. Even according to the ADA, there is no evidence that turmeric can whiten your teeth or even remove the edges of stains. The only remote concept I can come up with is that brushing helps remove plaque from the teeth. But so is toothpaste. If you have visible dark deposits that need to be cleaned, it’s not teeth whitening or tartar, it’s an oral health problem.

My Magic Mud Whitening Tooth Powder Peppermint 40g With Turmeric & Cacao

I would actually worry about the orange stain sinking in around the white turmeric fillings or veneers. If this happens, your teeth will look orange or yellow instead of white.

Now that we’ve established that turmeric is not a teeth whitening product, what about using it for other oral care purposes?

While turmeric may not whiten teeth, it can improve gum health in other ways. For example, there are people who have used turmeric for its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiseptic and antimicrobial properties. Hypothetically speaking, brushing or rinsing with a turmeric-based product may “help” gingivitis and/or gum disease when combined with other home care activities. But there is zero data to suggest teeth whitening during the procedure.

If you’ve ever had aggressive periodontal disease, your dentist may have prescribed a strong mouthwash called “chlorhexidine.” In fact, there is a scientific study that shows that rinsing with turmeric can be just as effective as using this prescription mouthwash. Again, this is for purposes related to bleeding associated with gingivitis and gum disease and will not change the color of your teeth. Although it’s a fun fact of the day, chlorhexidine can stain your teeth if you use it for a long time.

Charcoal & Turmeric Whitening Toothpaste

Many medical journals cite the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric. The fact is that it is used to treat cancer and diabetes. However, the cellular effects of spices are usually ingested rather than rubbed directly into something.

So it seems like it’s a supplement that you can take in pill or food form for every possible benefit.

The biggest risk of teeth whitening with turmeric is yellowing of the gums. Trust me because I’ve tried it. If you have composite braces or same-day dental braces, you also risk staining your dental work (and who wants to walk around with yellow teeth?!) It can actually burn your tongue and gums if you’re sensitive. It also runs the risk of some of the color of what you’re wearing dripping onto your clothes.

As for abrasion, you always have to worry about subtle scratches and scuffs – like if you’re washing with baking soda – but there’s still not a lot of information out there that says turmeric is ‘bad’. For your enamel or not.

Turmeric + Charcoal Whitening Tooth Powder

View It’s cheaper and faster to buy and use something like whitening strips at the store. They work well and provide proven results that leave you guessing. Why bother rubbing yellow powder on your teeth every day when you don’t know if it will work or not, when whitening strips can make your teeth noticeably whiter in a week or two? If you want to use turmeric for your teeth, keep in mind that research only suggests that it’s good for the gums and not the enamel.

Turmeric is a spice known to turn clothes orange and has anti-inflammatory properties. People have used it as a holistic medicine for centuries. But there is no evidence that turmeric whitens teeth. In fact, most research only talks about ingesting turmeric for anti-inflammatory purposes, not rubbing it on the gums. If you want whiter teeth, use only whitening products that already have the ADA seal of approval and you will be more than happy with the results.

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The process of teeth whitening with turmeric is 100% natural, with no side effects after use. This can be very confusing for some people as turmeric stains things it comes in contact with such as clothes, plastic, nails etc. Teeth change color as a result of diet, they absorb colored liquids, for example tea, coffee. Over time, the enamel also thins, exposing the inner layer, called dentin, which appears darker, giving the tooth its color.

Turmeric contains a compound called curcumin. This ingredient has antibiotic, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that relieve dental diseases such as gingivitis and toothaches. It also relieves sensitive teeth. Turmeric, when mixed with other ingredients, removes plaque, which is responsible for tooth decay as it builds up. In addition to using turmeric in powder form, in some parts of the world, turmeric root is chewed with a sprig of neem to clean the gums, teeth, and entire mouth.

This is also good for cavity pain (cavity can be caused by food sticking to the tooth for a long time and causing bacterial infection in the tooth. This disrupts the minerals in the tooth.

How To Use Turmeric When Wanting Healthy Gums

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