How To Win In Russian Roulette

How To Win In Russian Roulette – The rules are simple. All it takes is a revolver, some cartridges, and one or more players. The revolver is cocked, the cartridge is loaded, and the cylinder rotates. The players then take turns holding the circles on their heads and pulling the trigger. Depending on the rules, the cylinder can be returned after each game or left as it is. The game continues until one player is eliminated or loses his mind. This is Russian roulette, a deadly game of chance with a dark side, known in countless images in popular culture as a pastime for desperate, desperate people who have nothing to live for. In fact, however, most of the victims of Russian roulette are ordinary people, who try to recreate what they saw in the movies or on television and eventually end in disaster. But where did the idea of ​​Russian Roulette come from in the first place and how many people play this most dangerous game?

In the chapter, the novel’s main character, Pechorin, tells the story of Lieutenant Vlych, a Cossack officer who is involved in a debate about fate and destiny. Believing that a person’s death is predetermined and irreversible, Welch pulls a pistol from the wall, puts it in front of the pen, puts it on his head and pulls the trigger. When the gun failed to fire, his friends concluded that it had been fired. But when Vollich brought the weapon up again and aimed at the wall, this time he missed. A few hours later, Wollich’s death was confirmed when he was cut down by a drunken soldier chasing a runaway pig.

How To Win In Russian Roulette

The familiar form of Russian roulette had to wait for the development of modern modern equipment. The most common origin given to Russian roulette is among the Tsarist forces in 1917, when according to one account:

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His officers who realized that they had not only lost honor, wealth, family and country, but were humiliated in front of their friends in the armed forces, an officer suddenly pulled his hands, everywhere, on the table, in a restaurant. . When meeting friends, take it in the form of a cardboard cylinder, roll the cylinder, put it back in place, put your head on it and pull the trigger.

However, there are several problems with this account. First, the service revolver currently in use by the Russian military, the M1895 Nagant, is unique in having a mechanism that can roll the cylinder before each shot, creating a solid gas between the cylinder and the barrel. This feature makes it impossible for the cylinder to spin freely as required to play Russian Roulette. But the real problem is that the previous reference is not a historical account, but a short story from 1937 written by the Swiss-American adventure writer George Sardis. I was previously published.

A copy of a letter from Sergeant Hugo Feldheim of the French Foreign Legion to his lieutenant, seeking advice on how to cover up the suicide of fellow officer Sergeant Berkowski. Berkovsky, a gambling addict, introduced Feldheim to the titular game, which he picked up while serving in the Russian army during World War I. Looking for more excitement, Berkowski played the game increasingly, which eventually led to his death.

This story is the first famous description of Russian roulette, and the first time it is referred to by that name. However, since Sardis has some research notes, it is not known if this description is based on the original accounts or if he made it up recently. Evidence pointing to the latter includes the aforementioned incompatibility with the Russian Nagant Revolver and the fact that the Sardis description of the game had five cartridges loaded instead of just one – giving it 1 6 chances of survival. Foolish players are ready to accept it.

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However, there is historical evidence that Russian authors introduced a weapon-based game in the 1920s, following the example of the French Foreign Legion. In his 1991 history of the Legion, author Douglas Porch wrote:

“The Russian army may have been poor soldiers, but they are credited with changing the culture of the army after the war – the game of “Coco”. Safety was very low, and the rules required a large number of selected troops, with his comrades. arranged themselves on the walls of a dark room, and one of the brigade returned to the room, and said, Coco, who seemed to be at the same time making a strong escape while his friends took a signal to launch their attacks in the general direction .

But whatever the truth of the Sardis story, its impact on the American popular mind was immediate and lasting. On January 8, 1938, less than a year after its publication, Thomas H. Markley Jr. Killed himself playing Russian roulette to celebrate his 21st birthday in Austin, Texas. It was the first in a long line of similar incidents that claimed the lives of many people over the following decades, including R&B musician Johnny Ace in 1954 and actor Jon-Eric Hexham in 1984. On September 3, 1976, Finnish magician Aimo Leikas made a popular Russian action. The process involved loading the revolver with a box of mixed live and non-standard ammunition, with Lecas allegedly using psychic powers to select only the caliber rounds. Lekas ​​has been doing this without incident for more than a year, but on that fateful day he suddenly chose a live round and killed himself with people watching live.

In the most famous scene of the film, three American soldiers, played by Robert De Niro, Christopher Walken and John Savage, capture the Vietnamese and force them to play Russian roulette to entertain their guards. Losing experience, Walken’s character, Corporal Nick Shevotarevich, turns to playing Russian roulette for money, which ultimately leads to his death. In addition to horrifying viewers, the film caused a great deal of controversy regarding the depiction of Vietnam’s treatment of American POWs, with many pointing out that there is no evidence of the horrific scenes shown. However, in a review of the film, Roger Ebert defended the use of Russian roulette as an artistic choice:

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“It’s the organizing symbol of the film: everything you believe about popularity, about intentional violence, how it affects the health of those who are forced to play, war in general. It’s a wonderful symbol because, within the context In the context of this story, it makes a theoretical account of war unnecessary.

Copycat causes a significant change in suicide. According to psychologist Thomas Radecki and author Paul Simon, between 1978 and 1989, a total of 35 deaths in the United States were directly attributable to Russian roulette games.

And the trend continues to this day, with one of the most recent Russian roulette deaths occurring on January 24, 2019. The incident involved two St. Louis police officers. Louis, Caitlin Alex and Nathaniel Hendren, who were playing a game of Russian Poker. , where players aim weapons at each other instead of themselves. During the second round the weapon went off, killing Officer Caitlin.

Of course, it is impossible to know the exact number of deaths in Russian roulette, as one game often ends in suicide, and living players often hide the cause of death. It is not known who will attract the deadly lust in this game.

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It is on the left side of Area 2. The player can enter it by going to Area 2, then going straight to the left until they reach a “jump” rock with an arrow pointing down. Do not paint. Under the rock is the entrance to the cave. The Roulette door is to the left of the exit hole.

The man in the hat appears to be running the show, handing out 50 mags to the crazy or hopeful to take a chance.

The player first sees the place when Brad was kidnapped and brought here by the man with the hat and his skirt. The man’s dialogue is straightforward: Brad will choose which party member will “play” the roulette or the finished game.

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This time Brad was forced to play roulette until he won 3 times. Losing all your party members results in a game over.

After Brad has successfully completed the first three steps

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