How To Win Mega Millions Jackpot

How To Win Mega Millions Jackpot – Kevin and Stephanie Blake pose after winning the $21 million Mega Millions jackpot for the October Friday drawing. 13, 2017. (Matt Durr | )

LANSING, MI — Winning the Mega Millions jackpot sounds like a dream come true, but with that win can come a number of difficult situations because suddenly you’re a celebrity and everyone knows how much money there is from the ‘Lost Cousin’ . that you haven’t seen since you were 10, the friend with the “can’t miss” business opportunity, going public as the latest lottery jackpot winner can be daunting.

How To Win Mega Millions Jackpot

With Friday night’s Mega Millions jackpot already worth an estimated $1.1 billion, players may want to think about how they can stay out of the spotlight if they’re the lucky jackpot winner.

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In Michigan, state law requires that the identity of multistate lottery jackpot winners, such as Mega Millions and Powerball, be disclosed and does not allow a trust to claim the prize to keep the winner’s name secret. Winners of lottery games in the state, such as Lotto 47 and Fantasy 5, do not need to show ID to claim their prize.

But when the $1.05 billion Mega Millions jackpot was won in Michigan last year, the Wolverine FLL Lottery Club winners found a way to hide their identities despite winning a near-record jackpot. Winners claimed their prize as a state-registered lottery club, meaning only one member of the club must be publicly identified to claim the prize. This person is the public member of the club, but the identity of the other members can remain anonymous.

The rules for joining a lottery club also allow the club to create a club and add members at any time, meaning you can wait until the draw is over to form your club, pick the members you want and then claim a winner of a billion dollars and only one. the club member must be publicly recognized.

In the case of the Wolverine FLL Lottery Club, the public member is Kurt D. Panouses, Esq. a Florida attorney whose website lists many stories about him representing lottery winners in Florida. Before announcing the club’s win, Lottery spokesman Jake Harris said the Lottery contacted Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel’s office to see if there was a problem with the pool drawing.

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“It was something we discussed with the attorney general’s office,” Harris said in March 2021. “They came back and said it was legal and within the rules. It was something that was reviewed.”

After the audit, the club was able to continue and the Panuses claimed the money on behalf of the club.

Earlier this week, Harris confirmed that there is no change in the law and lottery clubs are still taking their prize just like the Wolverine FLL lottery club did.

To form a lottery club, members must inform the Lottery of their plans to form, confirm group membership and create a name. Once the group is approved, you can start claiming prizes on behalf of the members. A club can have only two members and there are no conditions for the equal distribution of prizes between members.

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This means that if a club hires a lawyer like Panuses to represent them, the club can determine how much money the lawyer gets from the winnings, and the other members can divide the money among themselves as they see fit. Clubs can also establish formal rules and regulations that dictate how money is distributed to avoid conflicts over what each person is entitled to.

The State will also receive the taxes you owe on the winnings before distributing the money to the club. If any of the members have liabilities with the state, such as back taxes or other debts, these liabilities will also be deducted by the state from the total prize money.

Mandatory income tax withholdings are approximately 24% for federal tax and 4.25% for Michigan state tax.

House Bill 4218 was introduced by state Rep. Pat Outman, R-Six Lakes, last February and would allow multistate lottery winners to remain anonymous. The bill was passed by the House on May 19, 2021 and sent to the Senate, but no further action was taken on the bill.

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“Everyone who plays these types of lottery games hopes to win big, and if they do, it should be a time of celebration, not stress,” Outman said in a statement. “Some other states allow winners to remain anonymous, and in my opinion, it’s time for Michigan to allow that option as well.”

For the latest Michigan Lottery news, check out the official Michigan Lottery website, which also provides more information about instant tickets, sweepstakes and other lottery games.

The last Michigan players to win the Mega Millions or Powerball jackpot was the Wolverine FLL lottery club that won a $1.05 billion jackpot in March 2021. With their winnings, the group plans to give back to the community.

And while they were lucky winners, bettors would be wise to check their tickets right away because a million-dollar winner sold at Warren last year went unclaimed. The money was allocated to the State School Aid Fund.

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If you purchase a product or register an account through one of the links on our site, we may receive compensation. The odds of winning Friday’s $1.28 billion Mega Millions are astronomical, and the odds of winning a smaller lottery prize are also pretty low. , but as a lottery ad from the 1980s put it, “you have to be in it to win it.”

The overall odds of at least breaking even after buying a $2 Mega Millions ticket are 24 to 1.

For starters, there are two sets of Mega Millions balls. Five white balls are drawn from a drum containing 70 balls. Then draw the single golden Mega Ball from the second reel of 25 balls.

Players can increase the amount of their prizes by spending an extra dollar on the Megaplier option to win two, three, four or, in rare cases, five times more. However, the Megaplier only applies to non-jackpot prizes.

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Friday’s $1.2 billion jackpot has a cash potential of $648.2 million and is tied for the third largest in US lottery history. behind the $1.586 million prize shared by three lucky winners – in California, Florida and Tennessee – on January 13, 2016, and the $1.537 million claimed by a ticket holder in South Carolina for the drawing on 23 October 2018.

The odds of your ticket matching just the golden Mega Ball are 37 to 1. With $2 tickets, you’ll get your money back.

It’s a 1 in 693 chance of buying a ticket containing two numbers and the Mega Ball, but the payout is $10.

If your ticket matches three of the five white balls, you still win $10. The odds of hitting three numbers but no Powerball are better than matching two numbers with the Mega Ball: 606 to 1.

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The good news is that the prize amount has reached three digits: $200. Less encouraging is that the odds of buying a ticket that matches three numbers with the Mega Ball are 14,547 to 1.

A ticket that matches four numbers, but not the Mega Ball, is one matching number away from winning serious money, but you’ll only get $500. However, it’s a 1 in 38,792 shot to get lucky. New Jersey lottery officials said 199 tickets for Tuesday’s drawing matched four numbers. Seven purchases with the Megaplier option multiply prizes to $1,500.

The prize increases to $10,000 if you manage to win at odds of 931,001 to 1 and match four numbers with the Mega Ball.

Seven third-prize tickets were sold in New Jersey for Tuesday’s drawing: six for $10,000 and one for $30,000.

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Life-changing cash starts at this award level. All you have to do to win at least $1 million is to match the numbers of the five drawn white balls, but not the Big Ball. Good luck beating the odds of 12,607,306 to 1, though.

Two New Jersey lottery players beat the odds in Tuesday’s drawing — one in Tenafly and one in Point Pleasant — and won $1 million each.

A lottery player’s dream is to hit the jackpot. The odds of buying a ticket that matches all five numbers and Mega Millions are 302, 575, 350 to 1.

If the only winning ticket nationwide is sold in New Jersey and the person chooses the cash option, they will win approximately $440,776,000 after federal and state taxes are deducted.

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The last time a New Jersey player hit the Mega Millions jackpot was on July 24, 2020, when someone who bought a ticket in Bayonne won $123.

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